It was quiet.

Even the creaking of the hardwood floor under his boots was nearly silent as he stepped into the two bedroom cabin style house and took a quick but cautious look around the small area inside the door, and gently, silently closed it behind him. Everything was dark, the inky blackness wrapping around him like a protective cloak, as he looked down at the little table next to his right hip at the little blue bowl with a broken strand of white pearls and a small set of keys in it.

Ah, so she's home. He thought as he moved stealthily down the hall to the bedroom at the end where he would find Aya, a young human female that he and his bros had taken a keen interest in, curled up sound asleep on her side under the mint and emerald green blanket that was wrapped around her waist.

Not that it mattered much if she was home or not- He'd wiled away many an hour just sitting on her couch, or laying on his back on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. At least until he heard the distinct sounds of a key sliding home in the front door's lock. At which point he'd leave the house via the window and then he'd return later for his normal nocturnal activities.

Stepping into Aya's room, his red eye automatically zeroed in on the female.

She was laying on her back on the bed wearing a black tank top that clung to her breasts like a second skin, her porcelain skin flushed a soft pink, her mid-back length red hair spread out around her head like a curtain of blood red silk. Her pale pink lips were parted slightly and she had one arm tossed over her stomach and the other up over her head.

Smiling faintly at how innocent she looked in her sleep, he reached out almost absently and grasped the blanket covering her and pulled it up over her body so that she wouldn't take a chill. Then knelt down next to the bed and picked up the small soft leather boots she often wore, and moved them away from the bed so that she wouldn't trip on them when she woke up in the morning.

Then shifted his attention to the small stack of books piled inbetween the bed and the small table next to it. There were seven books this time. All of them themed to centered around a romance of some kind. Which led him to believe that she had something missing in her life.

And that was perhaps why he found himself here in her home every night. Especially when he was normally so respectful of other people's bounderies.

But this female was a special case. Even his bros had thought so the day they had met.

At just ninteen years of age, still just a child by martian standards. She lived alone in the house that her recently dead mother had left to her before her death. She worked nights at only god knew where. Doing god knew what- and had an air of... something...about her that was unnatrual for a young woman her age.

In fact it had been that air, the way she held herself with her spine straight, and her head up- that had drawn the attention of himself and his bros when they had first met her a month ago. When she had come to the garage to get her car fixed.

He could recall it being a slow day for them and all of them had been had perked up instantly at the prospect of work.

Yet the moment she had stepped out of her car, they had more or less managed to zero in on the presence hanging over her head like a cloud and had decided to help Charley out with the car, while trying to find out more about her.

It hadn't been easy.

Lord knew that his girl was a tight lipped little thing, wary of everything and everyone around her.

Yet they had finally managed to find out her name and where she lived. After that, they had started riding by her place to check on things and more often than not found her arguing with a guy with spiked black hair and chiseled features wearing a black leather jacket and pants with matching leather biker boots.

Then there were times when they went by her place and the front door was wide open.

The first time they had seen the door open they had come to a screetching stop in the middle of the street, and ditched their bikes, and run to see if she was okay. Only to find her laying either asleep or unconscious just in the doorway, frowning in puzzlment the three wound up scratching their heads, and wondering what she was doing there before daring to enter her home to put her to bed.

After that it had become a daily routine for them to ride over to her place at some point or another, and to sit with her and just visit. Wanting to establish a bond with her of some kind.

Which had in a sorts spawned his sudden urge to use his military skills for breaking and entering, to infiltrate her home.

It had been so easy the first time, he hadn't even had to use the picks he kept on him.

The door had been unlocked- which had both concerned and angered him because he suddenly had a thousand different scenarios going through his mind. Was Aya alright? He wondered as he had pushed the door open. Had she been attacked coming home from work? Was she even alive? Or would he find some gruesome crime scene?

He'd systematically gone through the house, checking the rooms without touching anything- he knew how picky humans were about crime scenes- and by the time he had reached the master bedroom, he had been so twitchy that he had wanted to call Throttle in to help. However he had squashed the urge, feeling that if something had happened to Aya, if he found her wounded or worse- he at least wanted to give her her dignity before calling for help.

It was no less than a lady deserved after all.

Taking a shakey breath, he had pushed open the bedroom door and paused in the doorway with his heart in his throat and...blinked. Just blinked. His mind not really registering what he was seeing.

There, curled up in a fetal position on the bed, had been Aya. Her face had been pale, her hair taking on the appearance of blood red fire in the wane light. But she had been alive. And he had been so relieved that his legs had given out and he had found himself sprawled on her bedroom floor, just watching her while she slept.

He never did figure out why the sound of his ass hitting the floor never woke her up.

Leaning over her, he brushed a few strands of hair from her cheek exciting a small murmmer from her as she turned her head and made a soft sighing sound, causing him to smile faintly as he thought of how much he loved this woman.