Aya slept for the next few hours, slightly slouched over in her chair before her slouched over posture finally drove Throttle crazy enough for him to remove her from her napping place and put her on the small couch where Modo had been sitting. Watching her with his one eye until Throttle forced him to move.

Now he was sitting in the spot she'd been napping in, his large hands resting on the arms of the chair, his fingers lightly stroking the fabric as he continued to stare at the human's face, unblinkingly while Throttle walked around the room silently.

Occasionally casting questioning glances at the grey furred giant.

It was sometime after two thirty when Aya's cordless phone rang, startling the two mice in the livingroom, and waking Aya from her nap with a muttered oath. Getting up quickly she made her way over to where the phone was, and picked it up.

"Mn. Hello?" She said as she answered the phone and looked around the room to find that both Throttle and Modo were staring at her. Obviously wondering who was calling and why.

"Aya-gal, are you alright? Did you get home safely?"

It was Mike Anderson, one of the bouncers that worked at the club. Aya sighed and used her free hand to push some of her red hair back from her face. "Hey, Mike. Yeah, yeah, I'm okay. I got home safely. Thanks for asking."

"That's good. I was worried-" Both mice cocked their heads as they listened. "Since that guy has already been in here five times today asking for your address so that he can find you." Modo let out an annoyed sound as Throttle crossed his arms over his chest and waited for the conversation to continue. "He's been telling everyone that you're lovers!"

There was a loud rumbling sound from somewhere to her left and she turned her head just in time to see Throttle jump a few pieces of furniture and stop by the chair Modo was sitting in.

Staring wide eyed in shock and confusion, she took in the murderous expression that was on Modo's face as the other mouse put his hands on the bigger male's shoulders and was pushing down in an effort to keep him from getting up out of his seat. Putting her hand over the mouth piece she asked, "Modo are you okay?"

And got a furious growl in response as the two males stared at her.

"He's fine, Aya. Go ahead with you're call." Throttle said evenly as Modo started to push him out of the way and wound up with the smaller male sitting in his lap, his arms and tail being used to restrain him as Aya frowned at them and went back to talking.

"Well we aren't lovers. In fact I wouldn't give him the time of day. He's disgusting."

"I know that girl, but everyone else here might not. Most of our girls aren't known for being as innocent as you are- So most people think you're just being a cock tease or playing hard to get."


"So for the time being, I'd suggest that you stay home. I know that you need the money to make ends meet, but we'll worry about that later. Right now your safety is more important."

Sighing, her shoulders slumping a little bit Aya looked across the room at the window. Her dark red hair hiding her expression as she said, "Alright Mike. I'll stay home until we can figure out something else."

"Now don't be letting this get you down, it isn't for forever."

"Yeah. I know."

"That's my gal. I have to go now. Someone is busting the place up-"

"Bye Mike. Be careful not to get hurt."

"Same to you little girl." A second later the line went dead and Throttle released Modo with a sigh, missing the look of painful retaliation on the elder's face as he stood up and dumped him into the floor then stepped over him and walked over to their human and wrapped an arm around her slender shoulders. Trying to comfort her as he took the cell from her numb fingers.



"Are you okay?" Modo asked in a concerned tone. She tipped her head back to look up at him and faked a smile.

"I'm fine. You guys want to hang around for lunch?"

Taken aback by her forced smile and words, Modo looked back at Throttle unsure of how to respond. Throttle however knew and understood what Aya was doing and though he knew it wasn't good to hold things in, he decided to let things slide just this once and smiled pleasantly as he said. "It's funny that you mentioned lunch, Vinny is in the kitchen right now trying to whip something up for us."

"Really? That's great!"

"Yeah. And I'll do whatever dishes are dirtied so you can take it easy since you still look a bit under the wheather."

"Okay. Hey how about once the dishes are done we all sit down to watch some movies?"

"Sounds like a plan sweetheart." Throttle said as he walked over to where Aya and Modo stood and ruffled the girl's hair affectionately as he gave Modo an, 'You're falling down on your job, man' sort of look.