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„So rare that I'm the only one"


Waking up every morning of the past five weeks in a rocking bed, in a rocking room, is not good. Is quite disturbing and frustrating, actually, especially when you are me.

I couldn't get used to sleeping in the same conditions for like… the past 40 nights. Every morning I was jumping out of my not-so- comfortable bed, like it was a cockroach in the sheets and almost every time I was hitting my head of something. And this morning was no exception.

I was holding a wet cloth on my forehead while I was trying to walk straight and answer with calm to all the questions and weird looks coming from everywhere.

That is the price I have to pay for being the Commander's daughter.

When I got into that big room with a big table that has a strange navy-way name, everyone knew about my little incident and apparently, my dad knew too, cuz he looked at me funny when I sat beside him for breakfast. A good think about being the Commander's daughter, I could eat anything! Even dishes that names I couldn't pronounce!

"I see you had a disturbing night, I hope is not one my lieutenants fault."

"DAD! I shouted from my spot, I don't need help making a fool of myself, thank you very much!"

I couldn't hide my blush as other people of high ranks started laughing or giggling.

"Hei, you know I wouldn't be mad if..."

"Ok, I got it! I just turned eighteen, dad. Don't tell me you want to see me married."


"Not going to happen, dad."

And with this statement, I grabbed something from my plate and stormed out of the room and headed for the deck. I was in great need of fresh air. It turned out that I took an apple and something baked. I will survive 'till lunch.

But enough with boring events. I am the daughter of Bumi, the United Forces Commander and I travel with him because I wanted something new, adventures and fun. Too bad I had none of these. Life in the fire nation was good, too good actually, but it was routine.

My dad, the oldest son of avatar Aang, is a non-bender, oh well, I have enough for both of us. My name is Ama, and I am a rarebender. So rare, that I am the first and probably, the last.

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