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Chapter 16

"Bolin I swear, if you tickle me again I will hit you! Hard!"

He was in front of me, moving his fingers closer to my stomach and I was trying to protect myself with a pillow.

"Stop it!" I was laughing only at the thought of being tickled. He was wearing a mischievous smirk on that face of his and his eyes were sparkling. I raised my foot and placed it on his abs.

"Stop right there!"

"Aww, poor girl is afraid of my talented fingers?"

Of course that my mind thought of something else and my checks started to burn. Soon a little bit of red appeared in his checks as well.

"And people say men have a dirty mind." He told me while smirking again.

"Yea, well, the way you said it..."

He moved my leg with his hand and came closer.

"The way I said it?" His voice was strong, demanding and I was under his spell.

"Yea, talented fingers..."

"Why did you think of that?" What kind of questions were these? I was looking up at him, but he was avoiding looking into my eyes. "You want me to do something else with my fingers?"

Damn, his voice was filled with lust, sexy. I didn't know what to say or to do, so I stayed there with a dumb look. I was sure that I was blushing a crimson red. But did I wanted him to do something else with his talented fingers?

He pined me against the wall and slowly kissed my neck. I closed my eyes and shivered under his touch. One of his hands was resting on my butt, while the other one cupped my left breast, and I was wearing only a white, cotton, sleeveless shirt and blue shorts. My pajamas.

We were home alone. Somehow that made me blush even more. We were still at the Air Temple, Tenzin and his family was out for dinner, just like Korra and Mako, and Asami decided to take over her family business and was in the city, so we were alone. No one could hear me moaning...or screaming. I shook my head forcibly to make those pictures disappear, but a burning sensation burst between my tights. Bolin was placing small kisses on my jaw and then bit my earlobe.

His hot breath on my neck was giving me goosebumbs and a little moan escaped my lips. I placed both of my hands at the back of his neck and my fingers started playing with his soft hair. He touched my lips with his thumb while looking me straight in the eyes, then kissed me passionately. His tongue traced my upper lip, begging for entrance. I parted my lips a little and his tongue found mine. His both hands were now firmly placed on my butt and my tights were so close to his. I wanted to feel him.

He squeezed my butt and I pulled out his hair, then, he pushed me with his hands so now I was against him. And I could feel the bulge in his pants. I was breathing hard, but he liked to tease me. I broke the kiss and placed my lips on his ear.



"I want you." He chuckled.

"You are really impatient."

I was, but the heat of his body was intoxicating. Then, one of his hands slipped under my shirt, cupped my breast and started to play with my nipple.

I arched my back, the pleasure was so intense! His other hand slipped under my shorts and touched me thru my panties. Damn! A moan escaped my lips and that made him want more. He gave aside the panties, parted my folds and with his middle finger touched my wet spot. At that I moaned loudly and bit into his shoulder.

He was teasing me again, rubbing my clit.

"Bo, please... "

He knew what I wanted. He kissed me again and looked me in the eyes looking for any sign of doubt. My lips trembled, no sound getting out. But I knew he understood. His hand remained in my pants, while the other one was trying to get rid of my shirt.

He bit one of my nipples and his finger entered me. Damn he has a big finger. He was moving it slowly to make me adjust, and then he put a second finger. At that time the moans were coming one after another.

If his fingers were giving me so much pleasure, I don't want to imagine...actually I do.


"Shh…" He got his hand out of my pants and proceeded to get them off, and then he got off his shirt and loosened his belt and opened the zipper.

There I was naked, in front of him, waiting. His pants slipped down and I tried not to look. Tried. To say that he was big was not necessary.

"Spread your legs." Hmm, that voice.

I did exactly as he told me and his hands grabbed my legs. Now I was against the wall with a full-of-lust Bolin between my legs. He kissed me and rubbed my clit again, then placed himself at my entrance.

"If it hurts, don't hesitate to bite into my shoulder."

He slowly started to enter me and I started to feel pain. I did as he said and bit into his shoulder. He was gentle, but the pain was something normal. Soon, the pain faded away and he started move faster and deeper. Pleasure was all I could feel now. He brought me to a numb state, where I saw a white light and I screamed his name.

Do I have to say how the night went?



"I love you."

"I love you too big guy."

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