The name rang in his head, but he really didnt want it to. She was beautifull, yes, that was true. Smart, a proper lady, good at the household.

Yet, when he met her, no spark was to be felt within him. It was more like the opposite.

When Victor played the piono in front of her, she said she didnt like music, saying it was improper and much too passionate for a young lady.

Victor was dumfounded at her statement, who didnt like music? It was rediculous to say the least.

When he had showed her his butterfly paintings and sketches, she had asked him this question:

" Were you half blind when you had painted this? "

That moment was it, his breaking point. He realized he didnt like her. It was final. She hated music, which he had insulted him in his art, from which he was very passionate about.


" If she is the person Im to be married, Id rather skip the wedding altogether" I said unknowingly.

" Victor!, how dare you say something like that!"

My eyes widened and my face flushed in embarassment at being having caught at saying such a statement outloud.

I bowed my head apolegetically. "I do apoligize mother, slip of the tounge. Im of ill mood today, but I assure you. It will pass." My voice sounded hollow, almost dead.

I tried more sincerly this time, " Im sorry mother"

She gave me a dissaproving look, glaring daggers at me.

" Be sure to never show such dicourtesy again." Her tone was one of finality and slight threat.

" Yes" I said obediantly.

I looked over to my father who had said nothing throughout the entire exchange. He simply looked bored, devoid of any emotion. Almost dead.

Somehow at the thought of this, a bubble of mirth began to rise up at my chest and I allowed myself a small laugh, yet this only earned me another dissaproving glance from my mother.

I gave my attention away to the open window, something I did often in rides such as this.

A few fall leaves blew by and a beautiful butterfly flew past.

I smiled at this, feeling quite content. There was an old saying that, if you followed a butterfly, it would eventually lead you to your to true love.

But I was sure nothing that wonderful would ever happen to me.