Day 1

Victor POV

I felt a sudden chill run down my spine, and I could feel my mothers icy glare burn into me.

"Stop smiling to yourself Victor, its a sign of absent mindedness. It is disgraceful to daydream so casually amongst company"

I sigh " Yes, of course "

She let out a puff of breath, only returning to watching my movements once more.

" Watching me so that you may point out my faults agin, mother? " I wondered to myself. Making sure I only thought it this time.

Ever since I was little, I was constantly trying to impress my parents. Especially trying to improve my standings with my mother. Yet nothing I ever did seemed to go smoothly as I had hoped. You see, I am terribly clumsy, always falling my own twoo feet. I was an embarassment to the Van Dort name, I could always see that so clearly from my mothers expression. Though I never did stop trying to get their approval.

I thought about the safety of my room and my study, and I instantly felt better. The company of books was much better suited for a person like me, than that of the company of people.

As I continued to ponder what book I would read next, a flicker of movement caught my attention.

Outside the window was the silhoutte of a girl. Her back was to me, so I couldnt fathom her face. Yet she had the longest brown hair I had ever seen. She let it flow freely, swaying gracefully in the wind, unlike most girls I knew that were accustomed to tying it in a neat bun upon their heads. She was wearing a long white dress, it somehow resembled a wedding dress. She wore no sleeves, so her bare shoulders were vicible. Of what I could see of her skin, I thought her to be quite fair and radiant. Her skin wasnt pale or extremely white, like most of the people in town. " Is she really from here? " I thought.

As I continued to gaze at her, she turned around and met my awestrucked eyes. She had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen in my entire life.