We Were Destined

Time apart, was wasted time,

But control was necessary for she was dear

Her silent calls for me continue to climb

Completely alone like a solemn tear

Friends became brothers

No secrets, no lies

Adopted by the pack mother

Still captivated by her brown eyes

I knew the bond my kind could share

One look at her and she's all you'll see

All ties to the world could not compare

To the goddess before you, who completes you perfectly

I already knew she was mine

To open my eyes to the brightness of the sun

My addiction to her, even before, a sign

I already knew, she was the one

The time had come

To accept the magic and look at her again

No longer alone and numb

I would mend her heart and stop the pain

A gleeful smile upon my lips

Rushing to where we would meet

Her brown her swaying, curling at the tips

She slowly turns in order to greet

Heart breaking, shattering, what cruel joke is this

Her eyes hold no magic, no light

No complete cosmic bliss

My wolf enraged begins to fight

The binds of control it began to bite

All happiness drained

I thought I had won

Without the pull anything would be strained

She would always belong to the cold one

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