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"Please," Maura purred as she stood in a stunning red evening gown in her usual work attire, loose fitting black dress pants, a cotton button down blouse with a white undershirt, and a formal black jacket.

"Don't mind if I do," Jane huskily said as she approached the shorter woman.

Maura bit her bottom lip as she smirked. Her eyes wandered from Jane's eyes down to the brunette's waist. She focused on Jane's belt buckle and her breath hitched.

"Ha," Jane appreciatively laughed in a low, smoky one. "Imagine what you'll do when the pants come off."

Maura couldn't help but laugh while she blushed and attempted to avert her eyes. She couldn't resist staring at the alluring detective, though.

"Maura," Jane continued to use her smoky voice.

Maura had fallen victim to biting her lower lip as she slowly tried to memorize Jane's features from her toes all the way up to her long, raven-colored curls.

"Hm," she asked as she snapped out of her Jane Rizzoli induced haze and locked eyes with the other woman.

"Enjoying the view is fun, but tasting and touching is satisfying. Feel free to kiss me at any time."

As Jane grinned, her eyes radiated decadent desire and perilous passion.

Maura released her bottom lip as it parted from the top. She took small, deliberate steps toward Jane. He appeared hesitant, though both of them knew she wanted it.

Maura licked her lips as she took another step closer. Jane looked her up and down as she waited for the shorter woman to take the final step that would close the gap between them.

When there was absolutely no space between them, Jane gripped Maura's waist and forced the doctor to lean into her. Jane pressed her lips against Maura's and kissed her slowly. Her heart beat faster as she felt weightless the moment their lips made contact.

Even as they separated they kept their eyes closed as they tried to deal with the overwhelming passion in just the one kiss.

"Wow," Jane breathlessly spoke as she started to open her yes.

"You should try it with tongues," Maura said as she intently stared into Jane's eyes.

Maura hooked a hand around Jane's neck, her fingertips pressed against the base of it, as she pulled her body flat against the brunette.

The moment their lips touched again, Jane heard a baby cry in the distance.

Jane pulled away from Maura and frowned. Maura let go of her and appeared hurt as she worried about the other woman.

"Do you hear that," Jane asked as she turned her back on Maura and tried to locate the origin of the noise.

"No, but obviously there's something bothering you. What is it? What's wrong?"

The baby continued to cry.

"Sounds like someone crying. ...A baby."

"Jane, you don't have a baby. Stop being ridiculous," Maura placed a hand on Jane's shoulder.

"This doesn't make any sense," Jane furrowed her brow.

"Jane," Maura calmly said with an alluring tone as she turned Jane around to face her.

Jane looked less puzzled as she allowed herself to get lost in Maura's hazel eyes.

"Kiss me again," Maura grinned.

The baby cried louder and caused Jane to sigh out of frustration. Jane looked between Maura and their surroundings, utterly perplexed.

"Kiss me, Jane," Maura repeated. "You know you want to."

Jane opened her mouth to speak, but the baby's cries turned into wails and she couldn't seem to ignore it.

Jane groaned as she scrunched up her face with disdain. She opened her eyes and rejoined reality as Avery unpleasantly belted out her feelings of discomfort.

I got up and headed to the nursery. After a good twenty minutes, Avery finally settled down and fell back asleep.

Maura hadn't met Jane in the hall or the nursery so she went to Maura's room and quietly poked her head in.

For once, the woman had manged to sleep through Avery's cries. Jane smiled as she took a moment to watch Maura sleep. She looked so peaceful, so blissfully unaware of reality.

Jane's smile slowly retreated as she closed the door, satisfied to know the reason behind Maura's absence in Avery's middle-of-the-night complaints.

Jane headed back to her room and threw herself on her bed and sighed back to sleep.

Maura walked into the police department with a straight face, the goal of getting to her office the first but not only thought on her mind. As she headed to the elevator, Angela called out from the Division One Cafe.

"Dr. Isles! Maura, wait," Angela flailed a hand to get Maura to stop.

Maura turned to face Mama Cub Rizzoli and frowned.

"What is it, Angela," Maura asked as the older woman ran out to her with a to-go box in hand.

"I made you some lunch," Angela started as she handed the box to Maura.

"Oh, Angela, you shouldn't have," Maura said as she politely accepted the food.

"Well, I know you've been helping Jane with the baby and I didn't handle the little girl the best way. I'm still waiting to hear about test results, but I shouldn't have walked out like that the other day."

"That's okay. I understand. Jane isn't having the greatest time with it either, but I think the more time you spend with Avery, the more you'll stop thinking about how she was made and start thinking about how special she is."

Angela smiled.

"And that's why you deserve this homemade meal," she nodded at Maura. "You're so sweet. Enjoy."

Maura smiled at Angela.

"Thank you."

Angela turned and made her way back behind the counter before Maura continued toward the elevator doors.

Once inside and on her way down to her office, Maura opened the box and smelled the tantalizing aroma of Angela's best dish, an authentic Italian meal Maura had only had once in her life. She closed her eyes and took in the scent as it filled the elevator. The last time she'd had that entree was with the Rizzoli family in her own dining room a few months before then.

The elevator door dinged and the doctor opened her eyes before she stepped into the hallway. Maura didn't usually like to put off work, especially when she first got on shift, but lately, with Jane and Avery in her life, she had a lot on her mind.

Instead of looking at the sheet of requested autopsies and body examinations, she opened the to-go box Angela prepared for her and took a few small bites.

A male assistant cleared his throat as he rounded the corner with a manila folder in his hands. He tapped his knuckles against the door frame and addressed Maura.

"Excuse me, Dr. Isles?"

Maura looked up from her food and made eye contact with the man.

"Oh, hello," she greeted him.

"Hi. I'm new to this shift and wanted to properly introduce myself. Wesley Anderson, toxicologist."

He smiled as he took a step into Maura's office. He had dimples on either cheek and a ruggedly handsome bone structure.

Maura quizzically looked over him until her expression proved she'd had an "ah-ha" moment.

"You used to work the night shift."

"Yes," he nodded.

"I've run into you during my hours of overtime."

"Wow. Um, yes. I'm surprised you remembered."

"Well, you do exceptional work."

"Thank you," his smile widened.

"What made you decide to switch to this shift," Maura asked as she stood up and shook Wesley's hand.

"Well, working nights for several years really made me appreciate days more. I saw a lot less light than I realized I wanted to and I knew by joining this shift, I'd be working with the best. You."

"Oh. Well, thank you," Maura smiled as a slight blush crept across her cheeks. "Um, do you have something that needs my attention, Wesley?"

Maura looked from Wesley's eyes to the folder in his hands.

"Please, call me Wes. And yes, I do actually," Wesley started and stepped further inside Maura's office.

Wesley handed her the file and Maura took it with a bit of hesitation.

"I was thinking...maybe you'd like to...go to dinner with me?"

Maura's jaw dropped and looked shocked.

Wesley nervously laughed.

"I'm sorry. That was inappropriate, wasn't it...especially since we'll be working together a lot more now."

"Uh, no. That's okay. I mean, yes, it was a little inappropriate, but...dinner sounds nice."

Wesley looked hopeful.

"Really? does tomorrow night sound?"

Maura smiled.

"Great. We can meet up after work and head over to the restaurant. Where do you want to go?"

"Ladies choice," Wesley beamed."Wherever yo want."

"Okay. How about Luigi's a few blocks from here? They have some of the best Italian food in Boston."

"Perfect," Wesley continued to smile. "I'll see you around nine tomorrow. But we'll probably also see each other around throughout today and tomorrow as well."

Maura chuckled.

"That is a strong possibility. Thank you for the file."

"No problem. Just doing my job."

"Right," Maura laughed at herself.

"Thanks for agreeing to dinner," Wesley replied.

"Oh, that is definitely not an issue. I'd love the opportunity to get out and enjoy more of the city. I've been a little restricted to my house for a couple months."

"A gorgeous and smart woman like you cooped up in your place when you're not at work? I find that hard to believe, but I'll take your word for it. It's a shame really."

"I don't mind it a lot. I wouldn't complain by saying I absolutely loathe the time spent staying in and watching movies with my best friend because it would be a lie, but sometimes I wish I could do more."

"Then tomorrow will be your lucky night," Wesley grinned as he pointed at her.

Maura smiled wide enough to reveal her own dimples as she stared straight into Wesley's eyes.

"I'll see you soon," he coolly said before he turned and left.

"Okay," Maura softly uttered as he disappeared behind the same corner he'd appeared from.

Maura smiled to herself as she headed back to her desk and continued to eat.

Jane sat on the couch with Avery sprawled out in her lap as she watched TV. She kept one hand on Avery's calf to ensure the baby wouldn't fall as she kept a formula bottle by her side on the end table. For once, Avery didn't squirm too much or even burst into tears. She seemed content to lay with Jane in the living room. The two of them looked comfortable and friendly.

Avery sneezed and Jane immediately looked down at her. Avery smiled up at Jane when their eyes locked.

Jane couldn't help but smile back, a glimmer in her eyes as her cheeks glowed.

"Hello there," Jane sweetly said before she looked to the end table and grabbed a cloth.

She wiped Avery's nose then tossed the cloth aside to the arm rest.

"You really want to make me love you, don't you," Jane continued as she widened her smile.

Avery hummed before she turned to face the television. She stared up at the screen with wondering eyes and placed her tiny hand in front of her mouth.

Jane chuckled and shook her head before she redirected her attention to the television like Avery. For a while, the two of them silently enjoyed each others' company until Jane leaned over and grabbed the remote from the coffee table.

Avery rolled closer to Jane and threw her hands around. One hand landed a couple inches below Jane's breast and the other hit Jane's lower stomach.

"Whoa. Easy there, Muhammad Ali ," Jane said as she adjusted Avery's positioning then changed the channel.

Jane frowned at the TV and changed the channel again.

Avery protested against her new position and wriggled herself into another one. In the process, she managed to kick the remote out of Jane's hand and onto the couch cushion.

"Here we go again with the whole bend it like Beckham thing," Jane commented as she picked up the remote that lay next to her.

As Jane raised the remote to change the channel, Avery kicked once more. Jane clutched harder to hold on to the remote and ended up changing the channel anyway.

Jane sighed and looked up to see what was on then.

"The Food Network? Really," Jane whined.

Avery settled down and stared at the screen once again.

Jane looked down at her and relaxed her muscles as she sighed again and slightly rolled her eyes.

"Fine, but this doesn't mean I'm making dinner," Jane flatly spoke to an unaware infant and empty room.

Jane's phone buzzed on the coffee table and she leaned over Avery to grab it.

Jane took a quick look at the caller ID and answered.

"Hey, Maur. What's up?"

"Do you want the lab to run the paternity test?"

"Yes. Uh, how soon can I get the results?"

"You'll have to get both Tommy's and your father's DNA for comparison. After all the samples are at the lab, including Avery's, it'll take maybe an hour."

Jane bit her bottom lip.

"Okay," Jane started. "How late do you work tonight?"


"And it's...what, two o'clock now?"

Jane looked over her shoulder and read the digital clock on the oven. It read 1:53pm.

"I'll meet you in your office by four," Jane stated. "Thanks."

"You're welcome."

Jane hung up and held out Avery as she stood. She pulled Avery back in and placed her against her right hip.

"Looks like you and I have something to do today after all," Jane smiled as she headed toward the nursery. She grabbed the diaper bag, placed it on top the dresser, and opened it with one hand. She opened the top drawer, pulled out a handful of diapers, and placed them in the bag.

She made her way to the kitchen as she swung the bag over her free shoulder. She opened the fridge and took four bottles of formula. She used the counter to balance the bag and carefully placed three of the bottles inside with the diapers. She slipped the fourth into a bottle carrier on the side of the bag and zipped it up.

She left at the front door and locked it behind her, but when she turned to face the street her jaw dropped.


Jane squinted and pulled out her phone. She hit the call button twice and put it to her ear.

"Jane," Maura answered with confusion.

"Where's my car," she asked as she looked around and only saw Maura's Toyota.

"I drove it to work."


"You said you didn't want the car seat in your car so we decided to keep it in my car, remember? I thought I'd leave my car so you wouldn't be stuck at the house all day."

"What if I needed my far for police business?"

"Jane, you've been on eave since Avery was born with the exception of the other day, which technically doesn't count."

"Fair enough, but next time could you at least warn me?"

"Why? You never warn me when you're about to take my car to a suspect's house?"

Jane rolled her eyes.

"And," Maura continued. "You were asleep when I left. I didn't want to wake you since Avery probably did that twenty minutes later. You cut me some slack and I'll reciprocate the favor."



"Except for the vocabulary toward the end of that sentence, you're starting to sound more like me every day."

"Well, studies have shown that the more one affiliates with someone, the more they tend to act like that person."

"Okay, enough with the studies," Jane smiled.

"What's in it for me if I do," Maura teased with a grin, though she knew Jane couldn't see it.

"If you're lucky, dinner tonight at the house."

"Are you going to make it," Maura asked.


"Then that's not a reward, that's punishment."


Maura chuckled.

"I've got some of Ma's recipes and Avery and I were watching the Food Network before you called."


"Could you sound less surprised, please?"

"No, because I don't think that's possible. You hate watching cooking more than you hate to actually cook."

Jane smirked.

"You know me too well. I think we've been living together way too long."

Maura shook her head with a smile.

"Jane Rizzoli, we could never live together too long when we were practically living together long before Avery came along."

Jane grinned from ear to ear as heat coursed from her heart to her center. She bit her lip in an attempt to keep her libido in check, though she didn't understand why it was acting up in the first place.

"Tell you what," Maura started again. "I''ll expect dinner tonight and if it isn't any good, you'll owe me a foot message."

Jane let go of her bottom lip only to purse her lips afterward.

"Deal," she said after a moment.

"See you around four, Jane," Maura continued to smile as she stood alone in her office.

"Bye," Jane smiled as well as she moved toward Maura's car.

The two hung up within seconds of each other and Jane strapped Avery into her car seat.

After a half hour drive, Jane parked on the street across from an apartment building. She took Avery and the diaper bag with her and bounded up the cement steps to the main door.

She looked at the call box and searched for a name. She stopped when she saw Rizzoli and pressed the button next to it.

"Who is it," an edgy male voice asked.

"It's Jane. Let me in."

The door buzzed and Jane hurried inside before she missed her opportunity to enter.

She walked up two flights of stairs with Avery on her hip and headed down the hallway on the second floor. Five doors down on Jane's left, she stopped and knocked on it.

Within several seconds, Tommy opened the door and stared at his big sister.

"What do you want," he looked at her in bewilderment.

"Your DNA," Jane sternly said as she took a step toward the apartment and stopped short in the doorway.

Tommy didn't move back far enough for her to come in as he kept one hand coiled around the door knob and the other pressed against the door frame.

"What? No."

"I'm gonna have Maura run a paternity test to find out who is biologically responsible for Avery."

"I'm in the system, aren't I? Use my DNA from that!"

Jane briefly closed her eyes as she tried to remain calm.

"That's not how it works, Tommy," Jane slowly started as she opened her eyes. "Only your prints are in the system. Your DNA, if we already had a sample, would be in evidence."

Tommy opened his mouth to speak, but Jane cut him off.

"But we don't. Have. A sample. Just lick a cup or something and give it to me."

Jane hoisted Avery up higher on her hip as the little one kept slipping further down Jane's front side.

"Look, if you're not gonna make this quick, can I please come inside?"

Tommy sighed and stepped away from the door, one hand still on the knob.

Jane walked in and set the diaper bag on the small kitchen table and switched Avery over to the side that used to support the bag.

Tommy closed the door behind her and the siblings locked eyes as Jane turned toward him.

"Why are you getting a test done now," Tommy asked as he stuffed his hands into his pockets.

"Because I think you or dad need to step up. I wanted to get it done sooner, but I was in shock when Lydia gave me custody. I thought I'd get you and dad to have your cheeks swabbed and then the lab would test it against Avery's DNA, but Ma couldn't stand being around her and I had to sign papers and have Maura take back the things she bought for Lydia's baby shower, and talk to Cavanaugh about my future as a detective. It all happened so fast. Suddenly, a paternity test didn't matter.

"The only thing that mattered then was Avery's safety and her health and just taking care of her, raising her, figuring how to raise her. I was barely breathing through it all. Then Maura offered to help and she quickly became my ventilator. Things started to get easier and now, I can get done what I've been trying to do for months."

"All right, but I'm telling you...there's no way she's mine. Lydia and I hooked up once and it was months before she and dad got together."

"Are you sure about that?"

He stared at Jane and gulped, though his eyes didn't reveal worry.

"You got a sandwich bag around here somewhere," she asked and broke the silence.

Tommy cleared his throat and nodded before he wandered into the kitchen. He pulled open a drawer and pulled out a plastic bad. He turned to Jane and handed her the bag.

"Now grab a cotton swab and rub it against the inside of your cheek and I'll be out of your hair."

Jane knocked for a while as though she'd tried knocking a few times before and cleared her throat as she shifted Avery from one side to the next.

Avery had fallen asleep against Jane's shoulder and Jane needed to give her right shoulder a break.

She cradled Avery in her left arm and sighed before she knocked harder on the door.

"I'm comin', I'm comin'," a man grumbled as he trudged toward the door.

After a few seconds, Frank Rizzoli opened the door. His eyes first focused on Jane's shoes then worked their way up to meet Jane's eyes.


"Don't call me that" Jane tiredly said. "I need your DNA."

"What? What are you talkin' about?"

Jane didn't wait to be invited inside and pushed past her father. She dropped the diaper bag on the door beside the couch and took a seat.

"I'm getting the paternity test done. ...What are you watching," Jane calmly asked as she stared at the television.

"Jane," Frank started to plead. "You come in here demanding my DNA and now you wanna know what I'm watching?"

"Yeah, pop. I wanna know what you're watching," Jane continued to stare at the screen as she rested Avery's head against her chest.

Frank frowned and furrowed his brow. He walked over to the couch and sat down on the opposite end, away from Jane.

"Uh, a show. How It's Done," he answered as he leaned foreword and rested his elbows on his knees.

Jane slowly nodded before she took a deep breath.

"After everything you put Ma through when you left her for a twenty-eight year old. Then you gotta go and screw up again. You left Lydia pregnant and alone under the impression that your ex-wife is the greatest mother so she seeks Ma out and tries to learn from her."

"I'm sorry, Jane. I didn't mean for any of this to happen."

"Save it," Jane shook her head. "You knew what you were doing. You're a grown man. Take responsibility for messin' up and leave it at that. If you care at all about this family, you'll give me somethin' for the test and I'll leave you alone to your dumb show. Either way I'm gonna leave here with your DNA. The difference is how I'll see you after I leave."

"Okay...all right, Jane. I know I haven't done much right in the last few months, but if she is my baby...I want to be there for her. I want to be her father."

"God," Jane rolled her eyes. "I'm not sure I want you around her if you are her father."

"Oh, c'mon, Jane. A girl needs her father."

"Here's the problem. You already have a girl, pop. But where were you when your ex-fiance dropped her daughter in my lap? What kind of father abandons his children because he's tearing apart the family they came to know and love and depend on for support? For God's sake, you tried to get Ma to sign annulment papers that makes all of us look like bastard children."

Frank frowned again and turned to sit facing Jane.

"I don't even know who you are anymore, daddy. I thought you were the gentle dad that told me I was strong when I scrapped my knee but still picked me up of the ground and carried me to the sink to clean me up."

"I'm still that guy," he tried to argue as Jane's words started to sink in and sting.

Jane turned her head and locked eyes with Frank, a frown on her face as she furrowed her brow in disbelieving and somewhat subtle anger.

"Are you?"

Frank's jaw dropped in shock.

Jane didn't waste much time as she stood up and grabbed the diaper bag. She headed toward the door and stopped when she heard Frank speak up.

"Wait. Jane...wait."

Frank went to the kitchen, grabbed a plastic cup from the dishwasher and handed it to Jane.

"I haven't run the machine yet," he softly explained.

Jane looked from the cup to Frank.

"Thank you," she said after a moment and slipped out the front door, Avery still asleep.

With two DNA samples in the diaper bag, Jane made her way through BPD and headed straight for the elevators.

Cavanaugh popped out of the cafe and frowned when he saw Jane.

"Rizzoli? What are you doing here," he stopped to ask her.

"What," Jane asked as she reluctantly turned around. "Oh. I came to see Maura."

Cavanaugh furrowed his brow as he looked at Avery against Jane's chest.

"Even with a baby in your arms, why don't I believe you?"

"I promise I'm not workin' a case, sir."

"All right. I trust you...for now."

Cavanaugh walked toward the elevator as the doors binged open and Jane followed. As they stepped into separate elevators, Jane piped up.

"Enjoying my mother's cooking, Lieutenant," she smugly asked with a grin.

Cavanaugh looked across the hallway at her as the doors to both their elevators closed. His expression said, "I can't believe you went there."

Jane couldn't, and wouldn't, keep from looking pleased as she stared at Cavanaugh until the doors blocked her vision. She continued to grin the entire ride down to the morgue..

When the doors opened, Jane took a deep breath and walked with a lighter air about her. Cavanaugh's expression made the next part of her day seem less dramatic and less angering.

Jane entered Maura's office and smiled at the doctor.

"Hey, roommie," Jane greeted Maura.

"Wow. You seem awfully cheery for the paternity test."

"Not why I'm happy," Jane beamed as Avery started to squirm again and hummed.

Jane set Avery in her right arm and walked closer to Maura.


"Yeah. I'm just happy to be here. Maybe a little happier to find out who the father is."

"Uh, Jane...I don't want to ruin your good mood, but knowing who the father is doesn't mean things are going to change."

"I know, but it might. Maybe not right away, but sometime in the future. Wishful thinking."

Maura nodded.

"How's Avery," Maura asked after a moment and looked at the little girl in Jane's arms.

"She's been good today. No complaints so far. Right, Avery?"

Avery hummed a bit more and lazily wet her lips.

Maura smiled as Jane approached the table Maura stood behind with her latex gloves and microscope.

"Do you want to hold her," Jane asked as she repositioned Avery in her arms.

"Yes," Maura beamed as she pulled off her gloves, her smile from ear to ear.

Jane handed Avery to Maura, both women glowing during the exchange.

Maura walked around the table with Avery in her arms as Jane took her previous position in front of the microscope.

Jane removed the diaper bag from her shoulder and grabbed the DNA samples out of it. She set a sandwich bag with a cotton swab and a sandwich bag with a plastic cup on the table.

Maura adjusted Avery in her grasp and started to coach Jane on the test procedure.

"There's a pair of scissors in the drawer behind you. Cut the tip of the swab and place it in the little plastic container," Maura pointed with a hand she made available when she fixed her hold on Avery.

Jane followed Maura's instructions while the doctor began to bounce Avery and pace the length of the table.

Maura smiled at Avery and stuck out her index finger for Avery to grab. Avery wrapped her tiny hand around Maura's finger and squeezed. Maura lightly laughed before she looked up to check on Jane's progress.

"Good. Now swab the rim of the cup with one of the lab's swabs and do the same thing," Maura informed Jane.


Jane followed through with her friend's instructions once again and waited for more. Nothing else came.

"This part I have to do myself," Maura said as she came around the other side of the table and handed Avery back over to Jane.

Maura put the small containers in a machine and pressed a button that started the machine's process.

"Do you want me to stay," Jane asked.

"That's not my decision to make. Although, I wouldn't mind a little distraction today," Maura smiled.

Jane smiled back.

"Then I wouldn't mind staying for a while," Jane answered in an attractively husky tone, though there was nothing purposely sexual embedded in it.

The morgue door opened and Detective Frost walked in. He frowned when he realized Jane was there with Avery.

"Jane? What are you doing here," he asked.

"Handing over DNA samples to Maura so she can run a paternity test," Jane casually explained.


She nodded.

Avery squirmed and started to groan. She fidgeted even as Jane tried to change Avery's position.

"Okay, okay," Jane almost relinquished all control to Avery. "Looks like somebody wants to go with Aunt Maura."

Maura walked around the counter and accepted Avery from Jane. Maura smiled as she looked down at her.

Frost furrowed his brow as he watched the entire interaction, clearly confused and caught off guard by it.

Maura started to bounce Avery again before she looked up at Jane.

"I'll feed her," Maura spoke to Jane then addressed Frost. "Unless you have something for me, Detective."

"Oh, that's fine. I was only coming to check on my victim, but..." Frost looked over at one of the bare exam tables. "I can see you haven't started any autopsies yet."

"You're right. I'll get started on the body in a few minutes," Maura nodded and shifted Avery from one side to the other.

Jane reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a jar of baby food. She handed it to Maura and searched for a spoon. She retrieved one and gave it to Maura as well.

"Thank you," Maura softly said as she accepted the spoon, the jar in her free hand.

Jane helped Maura and twisted the top off the jar for her.

Maura walked over to a counter and gently placed Avery on it. She removed her lab coat and tucked it beneath Avery's head. She took a spoonful of food and fed it to Avery.

Maura glowed, her long hair somewhat in her face as she smiled down at the little one.

Frost didn't fail to notice and neither did Jane.

Jane smiled as she watched Maura with Avery. It was a sight she saw often, but the more she watched Maura with Avery the happier it made her.

Frost seemed less confused, but he was still surprised nonetheless. He looked from Maura to Jane. When he saw her face, his confusion returned. He stared for a while and allowed his face to display the cogs turning in his mind. He didn't come to any realizations, but the more he stared the closer he got to one.

Maura finished feeding Avery and picked her back up.

"Okay. Time to go with Jane," Maura used her soothing baby voice.

Maura handed Avery back to Jane.

"There we go," Maura whispered as Jane had a good hold on Avery.

Maura backed away and went to the counter she fed Avery on. She took back her lab coat, slipped into it, and flipped her hair out of the coat's brief hold on it.

She cleared her throat as Jane's smile faded.

"You know what," Jane started. "I think I should go."

"Oh, are you sure," Maura looked sad as she turned to look at Jane.

"Yeah, you're busy here and I've got to watch more Food Network before my cooking is even a little editable," she lightly chuckled.

"Okay," Maura agreed as she laughed with Jane.

"I'll see you tonight," Jane continued to smile as she started to walk out.

"Of course."

Jane brought Avery over to Maura.

"Say goodbye to Aunt Maura," Jane lifted Avery closer to Maura.

Maura kissed Avery's forehead and smiled at Jane.

"I'll have everything done by eight," Jane stated.

"And hopefully not burnt," Maura joked.

"Good one, Maura," Jane sarcastically said with a smile still on her face. "Bye."

Jane leaned in without a second thought and kissed Maura on her cheek.

"Bye," Maura casually said as Jane pulled away like they kissed goodbye all the time.

Jane turned and headed toward the door until Frost's shocked expression made Jane rethink what she'd just done. She furrowed her brow and stopped dead in her tracks.

Maura took a slow, deep breath and looked down at her shoes for a moment as realization set in for her as well.

Frost's jaw dropped when he saw it.

Jane cleared her throat and dared to glance at Frost.

Frost met her eyes and raised his eyebrow, an almost all-knowing expression on his face.

Jane sighed and left the morgue with a frown and a confused look, completely the opposite of how she'd entered.

Frost watched Jane walk out the door then turned to Maura. He raised both eyebrows at her as though to silently ask her, "Is there something going on between you two?"

Maura seemed slightly ashamed, but more disappointed in herself than anything. She could only stand to keep eye contact with Frost for a few seconds before she looked around the room then down at her shoes once again. She appeared as sad as she had when Hope was around and still didn't know Maura was her daughter.

"Hey, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to," Frost spoke up.

"It's fine. There's nothing going on. Jane and I...we're just two friends raising a child together."

Frost pursed his lips if only to conceal a smile.

Maura furrowed her brow and looked back up at Frost.

"That didn't come out right. She's raising a child. I just help however I can."

"Oh, I believe you," Frost quickly said as he tried to relax her. "You don't have to explain anything to me."

"Um," Maura awkwardly started after a moment. "The examination of the body may take a while. Unless you want to stay and watch-"

"Got it. Call me when you find something," Frost backed away and left.

Maura smiled and shook her head, but it didn't last long. Within a few seconds, her smile turned into a frown and she looked deep in thought.

Jane looked the same way as she chewed on her bottom lip in the elevator. She left BPD more confused than she'd ever been as things started to come together.

Focus, Jane thought as she headed out to Maura's car. Think about dinner and the paternity test.

Jane secured Avery in her car seat once again then settled behind the wheel. She started the car and looked at Avery through the rear view mirror. Seconds later, she turned in her seat and faced Avery.

Avery stared at Jane and drooled all over right hand as she held her hand between her lips.

"Do you think I'm crazy?"

Jane looked at Avery as though she could answer. Within the minute, Jane looked away and slowly started to face forward again.

"I'm asking a baby if I'm crazy and I can't answer my own question?"

Jane backed out of the parking lot and drove off. She refused to look back and made sure to get lost in the comfort of driving and the cadence of the music that played throughout the car.

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