Draco_Luna- the queen of advice Part 1

by ~LunaLovify

I don't owe any of the Harry Potter Characters

It was getting colder and colder while Draco Malfoy pulled his worn-out legs down to the dungeon. With the same worn hair and black clothes, he clutched the prisoner's food tray and a large lantern, between his artery, blood covered fingers.

His eyes were blue-violet and showed that the young seventeen year old had not gotten much sleep the last few days.

To bring the food down was just an excuse, Draco had to admit. He really needed one of her advice now. She was the only one.

The only one who saw what he saw. The only one who understood his views.

He pulled out his wand and tapped twice on the cell lock. The dungeon was the darkest, scariest and most creepiest place in Malfoy Manor. Draco put the flashlight down on the floor.

"Luna, he whispered,... it's me."

Her large blue eyes shone like stars as she walked toward the light in the lantern.

Luna Lovegood had long, blond curly hair that was tied in a ponytail, bruises all over her body and limping since two of the Death Eaters had pushed one of her legs to the ground when they caught her. "Good evening, Draco, she smiled at him. You have come with food today again I see."

He just grunted and handed the tray to her.

"Be right back," she added before she limped towards the dark side of the dungeon.

Draco leaned against the wall. A figure moved at the other side of the dungeon.

Two brown eyes starred angrily into his blue once. Draco laughed.

"Spying again Thomas"

"Well, you know everything about that, don't you Malfoy".

Dean Thomas was a tall dark-skinned boy and one of Harry Potter's best friends. He had very little confidence in the Malfoy family in relation to Luna. He Frowned Draco more than usual when he was captured and took every chance to spy on Draco when he talked with Luna. Luna always said that there must be various reasons why Malfoy family was that they were. And that all questions had at least one answer. She also reminds Dean that one should never judge a book by the cover.

"Why do you come here? " Dean's eyes starred into his again." Afraid ?"

"We'll see who laughs last, you dirty mudblood.

Dean's eyes were fiery red and he punched to Malfoy, who fell down.

"DEAN" Luna stood with crossed arms.

Dean rubbed his hair

"L.. Luna ... eh hem ..."

Luna just sighed and pulled Dean against the dark side of the dungeon.

"Go to eat with the others, I'll come quickly."

Dean hugged her. "I'm not gonna leave you alone with him, he rolled against Draco.

Luna smiled, "relax, I come quickly."

Dean kissed her on the cheek, and looked at Draco, "I'm watching you" he snarled, but Draco just rolled his eyes. Dean gave Luna one last hug before he disappeared against the dark side.


Luna sat down next to Draco. Her smiling face was Draco to blush. it was a strange stillness until Draco heard his aunt Bellatrix's voice from above.

"Sissy, the boy is planning something I can feel it. He is sitting in the dungeon for hours and talking with them."

"Bella, it's old school friends, he has the right to sit and chat with them."

Draco became redder and redder when his mother spite against him as her little Drackins or sweet Draco tells everything to his parents. He sank down and hid his head under his own arms, while Luna did everything to not bras out in laughter.

Draco looked up at her and smiled. but suddenly he felt a trans to ... Luna stop laughing when he bent down and kissed her on the lips.