Draco had seen her a few times after returning to Hogwarts. They hadn't spoken since the day she left. He hadn't heard her beautiful voice since then. He was never able to get close to her. That idiot Longbottom and the Weasley girl was always around her, and if they wasn't, Thomas and Finnigan where. It was clear that Thomas did not like the idea of Luna beeing around him, and clearly all of her other so called friends thought so to. He didn't blame them. He was not good for her. He was a bad influence and the best way to keep her safe was for him to stay away from her. Yet he felt like he couldn't leave her alone and found himself constantly keeping an eye on her. Some migth call it stalking. He knew Luna wouldn't.

It was around a moth after they returned. The day they finally got to be alone. Draco was going mad. His aunt had asked him to keep an eye out on any of potters followers and friends in case he tried to contact them. They had been on the run for months, what the hell where they doing out there. He signed and put the book in his hand back into the pile he had created on the floor in the library. It was late, no one was around and he had time to try to figure out what Potter was doing. Not that he was going to tell his aunt or you know who, it was simple curiosity. But it was hard. Even the Weasley girl and the others didn't know. He had heard them talking about it when he has stumbled upon them in the hall.

" what are you up to" he said to himself as he picked up another one and started to read.

" should you really be doing this, you look exausted " his head rose up. The female voice was not to be wrong about. He turned his head and looked at her with passionate eyes.

" Luna?" He asked, looking up at the blond girl standing over him, reading the title of the book he was holding. " what are you doing here, if anyone see you.." She smiled at him. That beautiful smile could have him on his knees every day, every hour, every minute, every second. She sat down beside him and kissed the top of his head slowly. She smelled like a spring feeld. Lovely and warm.

" don't worry about me " she said as he put his head on her shoulder, buring his head in her hair.

" i missed you" he whispred in her neck " so mutch" she just smiled and pulled him closer to her.

" you know my friends won't let me near you" she spoke suddenly and he groaned, kissing her neck. "Draco.., what are you...?" She was not able to finish as he moved his lips from her neck to her mouth. She moved her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. His hands was on its way up her shirt when the heard voices. Her eyes widen as they soon were able to reconice the voices.

" We have to keep her away from Malfoy, its the best for her." Draco cursed under his breath. Thomas.

" If what you told us is true it shurly will be the best not only for her, but for Malfoy as well" Longbottom? Draco raised an eyebrow. Longbottom was defending him? That was new.

" Who cares about Malfoy " Finnigan pointed out. He's been an ass to us all since we started here." Draco rolles his eyes but he did have a point.

" exactly, " This time is was the Weasley girl who spoke. "he's been nothing but mean to you, Harry , my brother or any of us. Should we just let him get closer to Luna without us knowing why?" Draco and Luna exchanged a look and she could not help but smile. She ruffled his hair a bit and kissed the top of it.

" And everyone knows his family's on you know who's side. We can't trust him" There were a few moments of silence before Neville spoke again.

" You guys think he has a choice? We've all seen his aunt. She's mad. I bet she'd kill her own nephew if it ment getting closer to you know who. " the room fell silent again. It seemed like they all agreed to this hypotisys, and Draco had to admit. His aunt was mad as fuck.

" Lets go before we get cougth, we'll talk in the room later" Nevillie said and they wanted off. He looked up at Luna with a little smile and she kissed his lips.

" I should go. They think i'm at our hideout. I can't tell you where it is, i'm sorry" Draco shook his head.

" You don't have to tell me,i just want to see you again, soon. now go" he whispred as she laid her lips on his before running towards the door. She stopped for a few seconds before whispering to him " you will " then dissapeard down the corridor.