There was a monster in Shake It Up! Chicago. Me and Rocky went to the studio,to look for the 'monster'. But we listened a music and we walked to the dance floor, and saw Tinka and Gunther dancing. They did the same thing as ever, annoyed us, and then that awkward figure appeared again. He threatened us, and Gunther said:

"Don't worry, the Gunther is here to protect you." He said as he stretched his arms. That 'monster' laughed evilly and Gunther ran away.

"What a man!" I yelled at him.

"Respect my brother,Cece." Tinka said while looking at me.

"Oh,Tinka you're talking like he helped us!" I answered her.

"Okay,you're right. Gunther,come back here right now!" She yelled.

He walked out of a little room of the studio, and Rocky laughed at him. He gave his tongue to her and she laughed harder.

"Okay, we're having a mystery here, let's just broke apart and look for that awkward monster." Rocky said. " Let me see...I'll go with Tinka." she continued.

"What? Why are you going with her? I'm your sister,I should go with you."

"Well,me and Tinka are the ones that aren't scared,so I guess I'm going with her. Cece, you scared me a lot of moments, come on, if we find the 'monster', we'll stay with the credit." Rocky answered me.

"Fine! I'll go with Gunther. We're going this way, and you're going the opposite." I said and hugged Rocky.

Rocky and Tinka went to their side, and I went with Gunther to ours. After 15 minutes, I saw something running and got scared, then I jumped in Gunther's arms,holding myself into his chest. He looked at me, and I looked at him. We kind of, locked our eyes,and we had a type of connection. He was the first to speak.



"Are you scared?"

"No! Ha, scared, are you kidding me?...Scared...No."

"Come on,Cece. You think you can fool me?"

"Who are you to talk about me? You're scared too."

"So,that means you're scared?"



"Okay, I'm scared. Totally."

"Don't be, I'm here for you,bay-bee."

I smiled at him and he blushed. Why did he blushed? I felt my cheeks getting hot, and looked away. I remembered that I still was in his arms, and he was holding me tightly.



"You can let go off now."

"Hm? Oh,yeah,sure, sorry."

We walked till dress room, and I found 'Spotlight Dance' costume. Was a beautiful nude pink dress, with a gold high heels. My jaw's dropped and I screamed. Gunther appeared with a piece of wood.

"Cece? Are you okay? Where's him-"

"I found Spotlight Dance costume for next week! See? Look how it is beautiful! I will dress it."

"No,Cece, we need to look for that masked man. Let's go." He said as he grabbed my arm.

"Please,Gunther! Look,it's just that one. Okay? Three minutes. Come on, it's my dream get that dance, and when I took an opportunity, you locked me. In the dress room. Please, just that one. Let me live my dream just for one single second." I looked into his eyes and he answered me.

"Okay...Just one minute."

I nodded and went to the closet, and asked him to turn around so he wouldn't see me changing. After two minutes, I was changed and the dress fit on me like it was made for me!

"So, how do I look?" I asked him.

He slowly turned around to face me.


"Thanks." I said blushing.

"That three moments begging me to 'live your dream' worth. I mean, you're looking beautiful now." My smile lowered a bit, and he corrected.

"No,you understood it wrong, I'm not saying that you're pretty just now, I'm saying that...You're always beautiful,but now...You're stunning."

I blushed a little before answer him.

"Thanks, usually you call me ugly, not beautiful."

"It's easy to say things when you don't mean it. When you mean the opposite."

"You're saying...?"

"That I call you ugly, but I really don't think it. I think you're pretty."

"Oh..." I was just speechless.

"Are you alright?"


"No,you're not, what happened?"

"I'm confused."


"Why do you call me ugly if you think I'm pretty? I mean,I always annoy you,and those things, but I never called you ugly. Why do you do this?"

"Because I klikeodyou." He answered me, with his hands on his mouth,trying to disguise what he was going to say.

"You what?" I asked loudly, waiting for an answer.

"Because...I l-"

"Hey! There are you! We were looking for you, we have a clue!" Rocky said as she appeared suddenly. It leave me a little bit scared.

"Yeah,we were worried, you guys didn't appear when we called you." Tinka said.

"And...why are you wearing this?" Rocky asked, while pointing at the dress I was wearing.

"Oh...I was seeing the clothes, and this one is of the next week 'Spotlight Dance'." I answered Rocky.

"Oh,okay,so change, we're going to look for more clues." Tinka said to me.

"Together?" Gunther asked.

"Yeah, I think we just looked for clues separated, then, now we're going together. Why?" Rocky asked. He blushed a little and answered her.

"Just asking."

We all were looking for clues. All the time,me and Gunther were exchanging glances, and when I noticed this, I smiled at him, shyly. Something fell on the floor, leaving the old vase broken. I saw someone running and pointed everyone to come to the closet. That little door. Gunther was behind me on the closet and I had no choice,I was completely stuck to him, I like it or like not, I was stuck on him. And being like this, made my heart skip a bit. I remember that when I dated him for pity, I liked him. But right when I finally run away of my feelings for him today happen? I'm falling for him,again. I feel his breath on me,and closed my eyes. I wasn't ready for falling in love with him. I wasn't ready to hid my feelings and just act like I don't feel nothing for him. Ouch,these heels are killing me,I'll take it off. Tinka and Rocky were in the other closet. I was alone with him. Why did Rocky chosen Tinka to be with? It's all Rocky's fault. Okay, almost all her fault. I looked at Gunther and asked him something.

"So, Gunther...You didn't answer my question."

"What question?"

"About why do you lied to me."

"Was because I always called you ugly,but I think you're beautiful."

"My question was why do you do this."

"Because...I...Like to tease you!" He answered after think a lot,like he was hiding something.

"Oh,okay." I said in relieve. I thought he liked me.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah,sure,Gunther. I'm okay."

After a lot of silence,he decided to say something.

"I lied."

"Again? Wow,Gunther, you're such a liar." I said making both of us laugh.

"Yeah,I know."

"What did you lie about now?"

"When I said that I always called you ugly because I like to tease you. I mean, I like to tease you,but...That wasn't the reason."

"So what's the real reason?"

He looked at me and approached himself closer to me, making a few centimeters stay between us. My heart was beating faster,and faster.

"I love you."

"You what?" I gasped.

"I love you,Cece."


Gunther cut me off, by kissing me. He kissed me on the lips,making my eyes widen, but after 2 or 3 seconds I couldn't resist,but kiss back. We were against a wall,and I was with my back on the wall. He kissed me and took my thighs,picked me up,and putted his legs around his waist. He slipped his arms around my waist, and I slipped my hands to his chest, then held my arms around his neck,and he lead his head to my neck, kissing it. He squeezed me against the wall, and I was always trying my best to be as closer as I could to him. My leg was felling but he took my thigh and then he was holding it, holding me very tightly. I stroked his hair,and after 13 minutes of making out like crazy we stopped. I should have totally lost my control.

"Wha- what was that?" I asked breathing heavily.

"I- I kissed you. And we made out." He asked a little bit insecure.

"We made out..."

"I love you Cece."

I was quiet,frozen with his answer. He loved me. How can I answer him?

"Cece,Cece why you didn't- Wait, you don't love me back?"


"It's what I thought. Someone like you would never love me back."

"Gunther, please, you understood wrong."

"What? Now you'll pretend? Pretend that you like me?"

"Gunther, no,let me-"

"I'll just..go."

He turned around, and I tried to stop him, by stopping across him,but he just pushed me to the floor.

"Ouch,Gunther,your jerk!"

"I'm sorry!" He yelled,walking away.

Rocky and Tinka appeared. They helped me up off the floor. Tinka looked at me and asked:

"What happened?"

"Yeah, why did Gunther push you to the floor?" Rocky asked me together.

"Can we get out of here?"

"Of course, lets go to the park, we looked for that 'monster' enough." Tinka said.

We arrived in a bench and sat there, after 5 minutes, I started to talk.

"I don't know what to do. I'm confused."

"What happened there?" Rocky asked and Tinka nodded.

"He told me he love me."

"Gunther?" Rocky asked me with her eyes wide open. I nodded.

"Aha! I knew it! He loves you!" Tinka said.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"Well, I started to notice that he was talking about you a lot, and avoiding annoy you. Don't you noticed that in the start, he annoyed and talked really bad about your and Rocky dancing. Now he's talking bad about your dance, only you! Don't you noticed? Come on, he likes you." Tinka affirmed.

"Yeah,I was starting to strange it, but I thought I was just getting crazy." Rocky said too.

"Well,so what do I do?" I asked them.

"Well, if you like him back,you two should be together." Rocky answered.

"But if you don't...Just tell him in a delicate way." Tinka said.

"I don't know if I like him back."

"How do you feel around him,Cece?" Tinka asked.

"I feel my heart beating louder, and I feel something on my tummy,something I never felt before. What do you think?"

"You're in love." Rocky said.

"Then,go ahead Cece. Tell him your feelings." Tinka recommended.

"I guess I should do this."

"Yes, you should." Rocky said.

"But I won't."

"What?" Tinka and Rocky shouted.

"I'm insecure, please girls, don't mess it anymore, I need to think."

"If you say... But when you're ready you can tell us."

"Fine. Thanks,you two are the best friends that anyone can have."