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They sat off to the side on a park bench, taking a break from running the festival which at this point was basically running itself. He took a bite of his half eaten cotton candy and asked, "What is it about Ferris wheels that make people always kiss on them?"

Leslie shrugged, "It's the close proximity I guess, and the feeling that you and whoever it is you're with are the only people in the world that really matter in that moment. Even if later they dump you and say they only kissed you so you'd buy them lunch."



"You wanna to go on?" Ben blurted out, "I mean not implying the whole… kissing thing but just, you know. I haven't been on a Ferris wheel since the day I was elected mayor and I can't go on by myself."

"Yeah," Leslie smiled, "that sounds nice."

He tossed his cotton candy in the trash and barely a moment later they had navigated the short line and were seated, "This is... good," Ben said awkwardly, already regretting his idea. They were so close their knees were touching, "So…" he said, after the third time around.

"So…" she replied.

"Harvest festival's really successful. You do some great things for this town."

"Yeah, well, it's not just me."

They settled into silence again. But then their last time around, nearing the bottom they made a mistake. They looked at each other. And as their eyes met, they started to move towards each other. He began to close his eyes and watched as the festival seemed to fade away. She did the same. Their lips were barely an inch apart when… "Leslie we need, oh sorry if I'm uh interrupting something."

They were on the ground now. They flew apart quickly and got off the seat, "Hi Ann!" Leslie exclaimed.

"I'm just gonna… go, you, you keep up the good work and stuff," he walked away, and then jogged. And then ran.

"What was that?" Ann blinked in surprise.

"Just the effects of close proximity," Leslie sighed. But then Ben ran back.

"I uh, forgot, you have my wallet."

"Oh right," she handed it over to him. He just stood there before her for a moment, looking extremely nervous.

"That was fun, we should uh do that again some time."

"Yeah," she grinned slightly. He walked away, calmer than before.

"Just close proximity," she repeated quietly as he turns around and gives her a weak smile. But maybe, hopefully, she thinks to herself, it wasn't.

Maybe someday, someday soon, it can become something more.

Or maybe it already is.

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