Amy VS Jessica

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A sweet Valley twin story

'Jessica Wakefield , What did you think you were doing kissing Ken Matthew ! her twin Elizabth said very angrily. 'lizzie , Amy Sutton was asking for it for slapping Lila in the face! Jessica said even angeryier. 'Lila got her in bigtrouble with Mrs Arnette. 'She got throw of the news paper and in trouble with her parents. 'Well she said Lila looked like a ferret!'Well lila should not have wrote that story as Amy saying Mr Nydick was having an affair with Mrs Arnett.'Shut up Elizabeth you little goody two Sutton stood outside Jessica's bedroom listening. She was smiling. Ken does not like Jessica and Lila was now in the blameof the Amy was suspened for a week for hitting Lila Fowler . 'Jessica , I'm over it and I forgive you but don't ever do that again, Amy said coming into the room. 'I'm sorry Amy I was just being mean, Jessica , Elizabeth and Amy all went to Caseys and ate as much chocolate sundaes as they could!

The End