Meet the siblings

"Come on Fai were going to miss the train." Yelled a 16 year old to her best friend, as she was waiting outside an old house.

The 16 year old had light orange hair and black eyes, her hair was cut to her ears and was spiky. She wore a light purple shirt with a brown jacket over it. Her pants were brown which were cut to her knees. Her sandals were brown also.

"Sammy please, not all of us are speedsters, why didn't you get Lance?" asked a voice as the door opened.

Out stepped a 17 year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a green shirt with blue designs and her hair was in a braid, her pants were a dark brown and her shoes were boots. She stood over Sammy and smiled, and was answered by a toothy smile from the other.

"Come on then we still need to get Lance, and by the way I took you first because I knew you'll be quicker." Stated Sammy, as she ran down the street.

"Oh, brother why do I get stuck with a Racer as a friend?"

"Because it's the curse of all the families." Fai looked up and saw:

A boy about 17 with baby blue hair and green brown eyes, and a smile on his face. He wore a light yellow shirt and blue jeans, and sandals to match. He was a little taller than Fai, on his shoulder was a bag which was filled to the brim with scrolls.

"Sammy just passed you didn't she?" asked Fair with a sweat drop.

"Yes, I do believe we'll be at the train station when she realizes what happened." Replied the boy.

"Ok, Lance lets head over there."

A few minutes later at the train station

"Are you two ready?" asked Sammy who had just got there.

"We have been ready for an hour fast feet." Replied Fai who hugged herself.

"Fai, if you want to stay…" started Lance.

"Why would she stay there's nothing here expect memories and graves." Stated Sammy who was now standing up.

" Sammy's right, there nothing holding us here now."

Before Lance could say anything else, the conductor Yelled:

"Train to Magnolia now boarding."

"Let's go guys, on toward Fairy Tail." Yelled Sammy as she ran to the train.

At Fairy tail

"Levy this is for you." Said Lucy as she gave the book worm the book that she had done writing.

"Oh, Lucy I can't wait to read it." Replied Levy.

"Levy, Lucy how's it going?" asked Jet as he and Droy came over.

"Just fine, and how are you two?" asked Lucy but before Jet could reply he was knocked down.

All of the other mages were shocked, the speedster was knocked down by a speed attack that he was known for. When they got the look at the attacker they all were opened mouthed, then the attacker shouted.

"Big bro it's been a long time."

Jet looked up to see his kid sister on top of him, he got up and then looked her strait in the eye and said.

"Samantha Jay, Race what in the world are you doing here?" asked Jet as he got redder.

"I thought I would join Fairy Tail" replied Sammy.

"You took the train from Tare to here, that's a six day ride…"

"I didn't go by myself."

"Then who…" started Jet. But he was answered when to other figures came in to the guild. Droy ran to the smaller figure while Levy gasp.

"Levy who are other two?" asked Lucy.

"The girl's name is Fai while the boy's name is Lance."

"And they're both with that Samantha, but who are they?"

"They're our siblings, Lance is my baby brother, and Fai is Droy's sister, and you know who's Jet's sibling."


"The question is why are they here?"

End of chapter.