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I know I said I would be doing a Secret Agent Story, but I already have Prison Love. And that story kind of fits into that category, so I decided to write about the very popular topic:


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Annabeth's POV

It was getting dark. There was no electricity anywhere. I had a faint memory of how New York used to be with all the lights and people, but it all seems like that used to be a myth or a legend. My knee high, torn up combat boots hit the floor making small thump sounds as they hit the hard pavement. I don't remember how I got here but the old newspapers tell of a freak accident that happened, that mutated all of the population of the Earth and turned them into nasty, flesh eating creatures called Zombies.

I looked around at the old buildings that used to decorate the beautiful city of Manhattan. They were old, broken or gone. The sun was setting, which meant those hideous monsters would come out soon. I looked around, but saw no place that was save to hide for the night. What were the remains of skyscrapers were all cracked and broken in half. Sometimes I had to jump over large pieces of fallen buildings that piled on the streets. I whipped the sweat off my forehead and scanned the streets. There was no way I could stay safe in one of these tonight, maybe there are some safe buildings in the east side?

But no. There was no way I'd get to where I think those safe buildings are before the sun sets. My hand automatically headed toward my left shoulder. I had an old, bronze Greek knife strapped on to my arm. On my thigh I had a pistol that I had found in an old, crashed police car. In my backpack (which I found when I fought Zombies in an empty Wal-Mart) I had some other weapons, supplies (like clothes and food) and some other things.

The sky was beginning to change color. Soon, the sun would be gone and the moon will be slowly making her way up the black night sky. I passed a building that looked like it used to be a pharmacy. The windows were broken and it was a disaster on the inside. Zombies don't only eat human flesh and brains; the eat whatever they can find. They have everlasting hunger that just won't fill them up.

Finally, after hours of walking around Manhattan, I found a good enough building in 110th street. There was an old ASPCA animal shelter next to it, but there were no sounds coming from it.

Those poor animals must have gotten eaten…all defenseless in those metal cages. Maybe they thought the Zombies were nice people that were going to adopt them…I shook my head. Animals are smarter than that, I have to stop thinking about it.

I got the gun in my hand and placed my free hand on the door handle. I turned it around and pushed…but I couldn't open it. It was locked.

"Just great…" I murmured underneath my breath.

I looked around. The streets were empty, just as they have been. And they sky is getting darker. I pressed my ear on the door and tried to listen for a sound coming from inside the apartment building…but there wasn't a sound. I decided to take my chances and trust in luck. I backed away, a few steps from the door, and kicked it open. The door flew open and hit the wall hard. I aimed my gun in the door, half expecting something to come out and attack me, but there wasn't anything there.

Right when you opened the door, there was a wooden stair case on your left side. On the right side, there was a hall that led to a clawed, open door. Zombies had come in here before and left. But that didn't make me drop my gun or lower my senses. I closed the door behind me, not wanting to call the attention of any wandering zombies, and headed upstairs. All the doors were clawed, broken, chewed, and worse. The apartments inside weren't any better, but I wasn't looking for beauty, I was looking for a shelter. Just for the night, at least.

I picked the apartment on the middle floor. If anything was coming up, I'd hear it. Same if there was anything coming down.

I took a deep breath. I had shut the door behind me by putting furniture up against it. I had checked all the rooms and it was clear…there were no zombies in this apartment. The broken window let in a cold breeze. I sat down on a half broken couch and placed my book bag next to me. I took out a bag of Trail-Mix I had found a while backed and I opened it up. I began to eat it when I heard a noise…

There were footsteps running up the stairs, a floor below me. I stood up quickly and grabbed my gun. I made sure it had ammo and I ran toward the door. I moved the furniture a little bit and opened the door just enough so that I could see and shoot. But what came up from the stairs surprised me…it was…

(A.N/ Wouldn't you just kill me if I left it there? I know you would, that's why I kept writing.)

It was a Zombie. But, it was dressed in my father's clothes. Could this be…my father's Zombie?

"Ugh!" It yelled as it ran towards me.

If you've never seen a zombie, I envy you. Because they are truly disgusting. I'll show you. Imagine a person. A normal average person. Then imagine their skin rotting, falling off, or messing pieces. Then imagine nasty yellow teeth or no teeth at all. Almost no hair (on males) or long nasty, knotted, terrible smelling hair (for the females). Oh! And since I talked about smell, have you ever seen a dead animal? You know how bad that smells? Well, imagine that but 10 times worse. They were clothes; torn up, dirty clothes, but clothes nonetheless. They can't speak well, so they can only speak grunts or small words like there, run, attack, hide, girl, boy and brains.

It ran at me but it was too slow to catch me off guard yet fast enough to get at least 7 feet away from me before I shot it. I paused for a moment…and thought about how would I feel if I had just shot my dad. But then I knew I was just overacting. Those were just clothes my dad usually bought…it couldn't be him. This zombie had black hair, dad was blonde. But the thing that bothered me was (aside from my dad being the dead zombie on the floor), this Zombie hadn't stalked me and come after me. I would have noticed, first of all, plus, it wouldn't have waited until I got the apartment barricaded. This zombie was running from something…or maybe someone.

That's when I heard more footsteps coming from the bottom of the stairs…coming up towards me. This time, I loaded my gun and waited. I didn't know what was coming up the stairs, at this point.

A zombie or a human?


The beginning of my new story! Of course, it had to end with my Trademark Cliffhanger, but it was good right? Well, the second chapter is already written. It will be up in tomorrow or when-ever I get internet access.