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Today was an important day for the video game developers. They were going to host a special screening of the game that would allow only a select few of people to see the game and be explained how it works. They would be coming in a few hours which meant they only had a few hours to get some interesting footage to show the people who were selected. They had an entire presentation ready, equipped with models of the game console and some the most excellent footage of the game they have collected. But they also wanted recent footage that would help the people understand what had been happening so at the end they could enjoy a ten minute live video stream straight from the game.

"I'm going to need a list of names of all the people that are coming." Rosalind said as she walked down the hallway with her assistant following behind her.

"I will print that out for you, Ma'am."

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"I need that list quickly, Mary. It's first come, first serve and I want them categorized down by their jobs so I know where to sit them at."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Go on, do your job." Rosalind snapped her fingers to rush her assistant and sighed after she was gone.

She walked down the endless, boring hallways until she reached the Experiment and Test Unit where player Chase had been placed. She was being monitored by secret cameras that had been placed around the room. The scientist and gamers watched her and talked about her actions and the strategies she might be thinking.

"How's she doing?"

"We've been able to detect a connection between both players and we're obviously going to use that to our advantage." One of the gamer said as he pushed up his glasses. "We were talking about strengthening the bond and adding little special abilities to it. Players who enter the game could have these exterior people help them out, like familiars but not really. It's just a theory."

"I like it. Get it work on it."

"Aye, Captain."

"There hasn't been much happening except some sort of reconciliation between the two. We've been trying to send her the coordinates for the cure, but it's failed to download."

"Well, fix it." Rosalind glared. "This game has to be perfect."

"What location should the cure be at?"

"I was thinking Washington DC but that would be a little too…I don't know, obvious, right? I want this game to be fun and unique. It can't be predictable in any way."

"Well, what I was thinking-" One of the gamers started. "-was to put those special abilities the characters have to use. Can't one of them fly? Or travel through the shadows? It would be stupid if they had those abilities and didn't use them. People by a Superman game just because they can fly. Flying is awesome!"

"I see your point…so where would the cure be?"


"Have you been playing Assassins Creed?" The gamer who previously spoke said to the other. "Those games are awesome!"

"Can you focus?" Rosalind reprimanded. "Focus. Where would the cure be?"

A silence fell over the room and all that could be heard was the endless sound of fingers typing away a million things per minute.

"What about Greece?" Jacques said. "What if when they get to Greece they have to fight this huge, crazy monster. And then we could say that it was that monster that caused the zombie apocalypse."

"Would it make sense?"

"We can make it make sense."

"Greece, huh? If the cure is found there, then it would be obvious that the monster would be some sort of god or goddess. This isn't God of War." Rosalind said. "Though, there has been a huge interest in mythology recently…"

"I know that but Greek mythology isn't only limited to gods and goddesses. What about titans? What's more ancient that a titan?"

"Research that. But for now…we'll make the cure be Greece. They'll all end up back in the ancient lands. We can work with that." Rosalind said. "We can definitely work with that."

Percy's POV

I couldn't believe that she was right in front of me and for moment, I didn't believe it. Nothing ever went my way. How could I believe that Annabeth was standing in my room looking like an angel?

"Missed you?" I asked. "You have no idea."

I wanted to go up to her and hug her but I didn't know how long this hallucination was going to last. I didn't want to get my hopes up or get used to her being here because I knew that was she going to leave me soon.

"You don't look as happy as I thought you would be." Annabeth said.

"That's not it. You have no idea how much I want to run and hug you, Annabeth. But you're going to leave. I just want to enjoy your presence while you're here."

Maybe I was in some sort of denial state. Maybe there was some part of my brain that was designed to stop from being emotionally hurt. Or maybe I should man up and go hug her.

"Leave? Oh no, Seaweed Brain. Not again. I'm not going anywhere." She said as she got closer.

Her hair was still as shiny as gold and as curly as curly fries. Her eyes shined down at me as if I had just said something funny or stupid. But what was then most noticeable change was the fact that she looked transparent and a little bit grey. I don't know if my brain was just really full of seaweed or if it was the lighting of the room, but she looked like a ghost.

"You're a ghost."

She was hesitant but nodded.

"How did that…but I saw you…a ghost? How did that happen?"

"I can't explain how it was because it was so strange but I'll find the right words to say and I'll let you know when I do."

She can't find the right words to use? But that was Annabeth's thing. Words. It made me wonder if she went through something extremely complicated to get back to me. Which ultimately made me worry.

"I don't care how you got back, I'm just glad you're here." I said with a small smile.

I knew that I looked like a complete and total mess. I knew that she could guess how I had been acting since her death but I was extremely happy that she was here. I couldn't touch her, half of my brain still thinks she's a hallucination but she was here. That's all that mattered to me.

Annabeth's POV

"I also know where the cure is," I said as I looked towards the side of the screen where a little message box had popped up. "But it's far."

The cure for the zombie infestation will be hidden somewhere in the ancient lands of Greece. The details have not been fully thought out but it will be in that general area.

Due to some special circumstances, you will have to force them to go outside. Convince the player you have been assigned to. If you don't, then we will make the zombies come in and the safe house will be ruined.

That second note worried me. They didn't give me a time limit but I was guessing I had to do it soon. I was still sitting on the table, smiling like an idiot when I talked to him. It was stupid to try to convince me that he was digital. The light of happiness in his green eyes was real and human. The nurses had brought me a sandwich, some fries and a soda so that I could eat while I play. It was a little strange how my ghostly character mimicked my facial expressions perfectly to go with the words I was saying. If I was saying something sad, the expression would turn sad.

"Where is it?" Percy asked. "How far?"

"It's in Greece."

"Europe?" Percy said, unbelieving. "Why would it be over there? How can you be sure?"

It's over there because some random, evil game makers have placed it all the way over there to make their game fun and exciting. I wish I could tell you that, Percy. I wish I could tell you all I know.

"When I died, that's where I ended up. In Athens." I lied. "That's when I found the cure, but I couldn't bring it with me. I don't know how to explain it, Percy. It just-it all happened to fast."

"It's okay. I believe you." Percy said as he extended out a hand to touch me but his hand went through my characters face. "S-sorry! I d-didn't know that would-I'm sorry-"

"Its fine, Percy. Don't worry about it." I smiled.

He was such a Seaweed Brain. His face turned beat red as he looked at the ground or anywhere except my eyes. It was hard not to laugh when he looked so…cute. He was so cute when he was flustered or worried.

Another pop up came up on the side of the screen.

Estimated Time: 0:10:00





"Percy," Someone knocked on the door. "I've got dinner. Open up."

"Thalia," Percy smiled as he got up and opened the door. "Thalia, Annabeth's back!"

"What are you talking about, Perce?"

"She's back! She's just a ghost, but she found the cure!"

If I didn't get them outside in time the zombies would come in and destroy the safe house which would leave them vulnerable…but if I did then something bad could happen. Something bad would happen, I was sure of that. But I had to get them outside.

"There's no one in the room, Percy." Thalia said with a worried voice.

"What do you mean? She's right there." Percy pointed at me.

"No, Percy. She's not."

"Yes, she is. Right, Annabeth? Tell her you're here."

"I'm right here, Thalia." I said, fixing my headset.

There was a moment of silence that consisted of Thalia looking at Percy with a very concerned expression. As if Percy belonged in an Asylum.

"I didn't hear anything." Thalia said as she placed the plate of food in his hands and led him outside by his shoulder. "Come on, we're eating in the cafeteria."

"But Annabeth-!"

"Come on, Perce!" Thalia said as she pulled him off.

This was going to be hard for him to explain. I sighed and ate a French fry as I moved my character to move through the wall and to follow Percy.


This wasn't going to be as easy as I thought it would be.

Bad place to end it, I know! But I will be writing more, I promise! I hope you liked it and thank you for reading this story after so long. It's great that you still remember it!