Dani Everett ran down the ramp in her black robe, delivering a chair shot to the back of Hunico's head as Kane and Undertaker watched. They were floored, to say the least. This girl, was fighting for them...

Dani slid out of the ring, nodding to Undertaker as he picked up a chair.

"Your turn, Deadman."

Taker swung the chair at Hunico's head again before flipping him over and setting him up for a tombstone piledriver. The entire time he pinned him, however, he couldn't take his eyes off of Dani.

As the girl walked back up the ramp, Taker stared after her.

"Who was she?"

"Probably some crazed fan," Kane mumbled behind him.

Dani turned just at the top of the ramp, smiling at Taker.

And blew him a kiss.

Dani skipped backstage to her locker room and grinned. Her debut had gone perfectly.

But she couldn't shake the feeling of the Undertaker's eyes on her.

And that, for some twisted reason, made her happy. He'd been her crush since high school. The first guy she'd ever fallen in love with and the reason she'd never had much of a chance with guys in the first place. Hell, he was part of the reason she'd chased the WWE dream.

"What was that?"

Dani jumped as a redhead and a ravenette walked into the room, grinning.


"I seen the way you were looking at my brother, girl. Don't hide it."

"I-I didn't-"

The ravenette started to laugh.

"Jezzy, she thinks we're gonna eat her. Calm down hon."

The redhead snickered.

"Relax, girl. I'm Jez. This is Tristen."

Tristen waved as Jez started to talk again.

"I'm Mark and Glenn's little sister. Tristen is Kane's girlfriend."


"Fiancé, sorry. As I was saying, I saw the way you looked at Mark. You like him."

Dani blushed.

"I barely know him. I watched him wrestle when I was growing up, yeah, but I don't know him."

Jez nodded.

"Well chick, do ya wanna?"

The blonde nodded.


"Good. Then let's get started."