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Smile for me


Envy lays on his bed, brooding after yet another encounter with Edward Elric, the fullmetal alchemist, dog of the military, or as Envy liked to call him, fullmetal ochibi-chan.

It had been a fairly standard encounter. The alchemist was once again sticking his short nose where it didn't belong and Envy had been sent to scare him off. Standard procedure for the green haired homunculus by now, but then things changed.

Somewhere in the middle of their fight Envy had accidently snagged his fingers behind the red string used to keep the boy's braid together, causing it to snap and allowing his hair to fall freely around his face.

It only took one look at the boys slightly surprised face for Envy to freeze, the almost innocent look freeing a memory from the tight confines of his mind and bringing it to the forefront.

He had only managed to snap out of his daze when he felt the piercing caress of the boys automail blade on his abdomen.

After that it had only taken one last, slightly dazed look in the glaring gold of the boys eyes before he had turned around and left.

Leaving behind one heavily confused alchemist.

That had happened hours ago, yet Envy could still not escape the clutches of the memories the encounter had freed.

When he had only just awakened as a homunculus he had once gone to the Elric home curious to see what could've been his. What should have been his. What he had found there was nothing like what he first expected.

Upon entering Risembool he had been greeted by a young boy with long golden hair that flowed behind him in the soft summer breeze and a bright, carefree smile.

Envy had been stunned.

Never before had anyone ever looked at him like that, his creators had only looked upon him with scorn, yet this simple human boy had looked at him and smiled. Such a simple thing, but for Envy it changed everything. Where at first he had felt jealous, envious even of this boy that had taken his place. He had hated him, wanted to destroy him, but all these thoughts were chased out of his mind with just a simple smile. Even at that time Envy had known that this boy would likely be the only one to smile at him, truly smile at him, ever again. He didn't know what he had been looking for, but back then he knew he had found it.

Upon realizing this he had turned around and left, not even bothering to look around the Elric home he had originally came for.

When he saw the little boy again though, many years had passed. The flowing golden locks had been tightly braided and the once carefree, innocent expression had turned guarded. The little boy he once saw was gone…and that hurt.

Of course Edward hadn't recognized him, he had carefully shifted his appearance when he had gone to Risembool and to Edward he had probably been just another civilian passing by. Even so it still hurt.

Envy didn't want to admit it, still doesn't want to admit it, but somewhere deep down inside of him, in a place a normal person might call their heart, it still hurts to know that no one will ever smile at him like that again.

But Envy is no normal person. He is a homunculus, a sin. He is the representation of envy, and his name was chosen well.

He envies them, the people, the puny mortals that somehow managed to capture the attention of hís boy. The people that, even if just sometimes, he gives that bright smile of his. A smile they do not deserve.

Why should they get that precious smile, when he only glares at envy, yells at him and fights with him? Why should they have, what is meant to be his?

He hates them, blames them for his weakness, for making him hurt. Maybe if they had never existed his chibi would smile for him again.

So he would make them suffer.

He would even hurt his precious chibi for not giving him that smile…and because it's the only way for them to be together now.

It had been a long time since he'd made those resolutions and they had almost been buried by the hatred that had long since taken over his mind. Not anymore though. No from now on things would change, Envy would make sure of it.

With this last thought the homunculus finally fell into a restless sleep.

Somewhere nearby a broken red string lay forgotten on the ground, a snapped destiny.

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