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Jake's POV

I buried my muzzle into the throat of the latest bloodsucker I had come across, cleanly removing its head. The scream that came out as I ended its "life" was satisfying, but I still hadn't found the one I was looking for. I guess I should probably explain myself…

My name is Jacob Black, and I'm a werewolf. My father, Billy, had told me stories growing up of packs of wolves that worked to protect tribes from something called Cold Ones. At the time, it all seemed ridiculous. Then one night, everything changed.

My parents and I had lived in a small coastal town in Massachusetts all of my life. I knew that they were from somewhere out west, but they had wanted a new life once they found out that my mom was pregnant with me. They moved to the far side of the country, living on a small plot of land in the middle of a peaceful area. It was simple, but I couldn't complain. All of our needs were met and life wasn't bad at all.

We had been driving home after a night at the movies right after I had turned 16. My parents sat in the front seat, chatting as my dad drove us back. Suddenly we saw a woman standing in the middle of the road, making no attempt to get out of the path of our car. Dad slammed on the brakes, but as we neared the woman, she pushed our car aside, sending us head on into a nearby tree.

The sound of breaking glass and crunching metal filled my head. I could smell the smoke pouring from the engine, and could only hope that things wouldn't catch on fire. I was sluggish, feeling the blood running down my forehead. I stumbled out of the car and attempted to help my parents, but with one look I knew that it was already too late. They were gone.

"It looks like I found my dinner" a cold voice stated from behind me. I turned around to see a pale figure with bright red hair and eyes to match. In an instant she was right beside me, holding me in her grasp.

"What are you?" I stammered out, already feeling something churning in my stomach. My parents were probably dead and I was likely going to be joining them soon, all because of this woman in front of me.

"Me? I think your people call us vampires. All you really need to know is that you're going to be a tasty little snack." She chuckled, exposing my neck as she began to lower her head.

I suddenly began to convulse wildly, the churning in my stomach becoming a constant burn. She let go of me quickly and began to back away as if my skin had burned her. I lost my balance, falling to the ground. Before I hit, however, there were two new legs in front of me. I looked down to see fur and paws, as well as the rest of a wolf's body. Dad's stories flooded into my mind and I finally understood just how real they were.

There was dead silence as I stared at the creature before me. She wasn't breathing, but more importantly, neither was anyone else. I could hear no heartbeats or breaths from my parents and it served to confirm what I had already suspected: my family was gone.

With that rage, I launched myself at the vampire. She easily avoided me, landing a swift kick to my side and sending me barreling through a couple of trees into the forest.

"Oh come on mutt, you think I haven't dealt with your kind before? A pup like you doesn't stand a chance. You're not even worth my time and you certainly won't be worth eating now." She sneered. Instead of fighting, she took off through the woods.

Despite the fact that I knew she could probably beat me, I ran after her. I needed to avenge my parents. She had taken them away from me, and for that, she needed to die.

We raced through the forest, my large form hitting branches constantly. Her nimble body was slipping through everything and she would occasionally laugh as I would run into something in the path she was cutting through the forest. I pushed myself harder, but no matter how much faster I tried to run, she could always match my pace.

Suddenly we came to a clearing with the ocean behind her. She stood at the edge of the cliff, a smirk on her face.

"This is where I'll take my leave. It's been fun pooch. Maybe I'll see you around sometime." She called over her shoulder as she dived into the water.

I ran to the edge, seeing the ridiculous drop and knowing that I had no chance of surviving if I followed. She didn't need to breathe and there was no shore in sight. There was nothing I could do.

After that, I returned home. I steeled myself for what was to come. The police showed up and confirmed the news that both of my parents had been killed. I took the news in, only breaking down when no one was around. Even though I had had my suspicions, it was so much more real to hear them say it aloud. They asked me if I had any other family, but I shook my head. They allowed me to stay by myself after I declined them putting me with an officer or someone else. I didn't need their pity and I was old enough to look after myself.

Ultimately I made it through the funeral and the lawyer asked me what I wanted to do. I moved some major things to storage, especially items that I knew my parents had cared about a lot. After that, we decided to liquidate everything else and put it into an account. I didn't really care about the money, but I wasn't going to stay here so a house and belongings weren't going to do me any good.

After that, I took off, telling the lawyer that I'd be in contact if I needed to get access to anything. Nobody questioned the fact that I wanted to leave the area after everything that had happened. They were going to take care of all of the logistics, using money from the fund to cover any costs that they incurred, leaving me to begin my mission. I was going to track down that bloodsucker.

That was the last day that I interacted with people. Since then, I've lived in the woods, tracking down whatever scents I could find. It was hard at first, not seeing other people or having anyone to talk to. The most common interaction was with a farmer as I raided his vegetables. What can I say, raw meat needed some kind of supplement.

Otherwise, the only things that I interacted with were the leeches I'd encounter. At first I had barely been able to take them down. Several broken bones had taught me that I could heal pretty quickly, but I always managed to survive. When I didn't have a trail, I wandered aimlessly, not really caring where I was. I knew that the odds of finding the one vampire I was looking for were slim, but I couldn't give up.

As time went by, my body began to fully develop. I truly was a huge wolf, towering over the deer that I often used for nourishment. The russet color of my wolf wasn't that far different from my skin tone. These changes came in handy when I was fighting. It wasn't nearly as difficult taking down a lone vampire anymore. I rarely came across them as more than just rogues, but I'd learned how to fight more than one at a time. Until I found the redhead, I was going to be their kind's worst nightmare.

I was using her as my constant motivation. The pain from losing my parents had slowly sunk in. It wasn't a constant burning that left me on the verge of tears anymore, but that had definitely been the case for months. I could get by now, only feeling the constant ache at this point. It only served to fuel my rage, pushing me to find her and make her pay for ruining my life. If I had to kill every vampire on the planet to get to her, I'd do it.

I rarely knew where exactly I was. As the months went by, I found myself wandering across the country. Occasionally I'd drift across into Canada for a while, but I never ventured too far south. The temperatures down there were miserable for me, as I constantly felt hot, even in the snow. The northern states were a great place to start, but if I ever caught wind that she might be in a warmer region, I wouldn't hesitate to venture down there. Comfort meant nothing when it came to this.

And so you have it. I'm a giant wolf that preys on vampires, truly serving out the purpose that we were apparently designed for. I don't have any friends, any family, or any connections, but I don't need any of that. I have a purpose, and that is enough. The creature that I had just killed would never be able to harm another innocent being. That was all I could satisfy myself with until I found the vampire responsible for my transformation.

I paced out of the woods, taking in my surroundings. This area had an odd scent to it that I couldn't place. I heard the crashing of waves, however, and I couldn't help but to go take a look. Coming into a clearing, I found a cliff overlooking the ocean. I felt my temper flare as I remembered the similar situation that had allowed the redhead to get away, but I still had to respect the beauty of the moon reflecting over the water. There was something peaceful here.

I trotted back into the woods, deciding to take to hunting for the night. I picked up the scent of a wild animal and began to follow it. My search led me near a road and once I finally pinned down a small doe and dug in, I noticed a sign that finally gave me an idea of where I was.

"Welcome to La Push Reservation" it read. Somehow that name seemed familiar and I felt drawn to check the place out. Finishing my meal, I walked by the sign and cautiously approached the reservation. For the first time in a long time, I felt drawn to be in one place. I just needed to figure out what was calling me to be here…

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