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Chapter Six

Mary-Lynette's POV:

Ash leads me out to his car, opening the door for me when we get there. I smile at him and slide in the car. He closes the door behind me. He gets in and starts the car.

"Please tell me where were going," I beg, getting no response, yet again. I sigh and slump back in my seat. Something brushes my cheek and I turn to see Ash smiling. I roll my eyes and smile back at him.

"It'll take maybe 15 minutes to get there," he says, beginning to drive. I lean back in the seat and look at him. He has on a dark blue dress shirt and black slacks. We drive to the next town and to this fancy restraunt. I blink at him in surprise. He just smiles.

He turns off the car and gets out, running around the side of the car to open my door. He helps me out and then closes the door, leading me into the restraunt.

"Redfern, table for two," Ash tells the lady. She leads us to a table upstairs on a balcony. We can see all the stars from up here.

"What can I get you two to drink?" she asks, pulling out her order pad.

"I'll take a water," I say, picking up my menu. Everything looks great but I'm actually not that hungry for some reason. I almost feel like something isn't quite right.

"Me too," Ash says, reaching across the table to take my hand. He smiles at me and reaches across the table to take my hand. I squeeze his hand.

"This is beautiful," I say, gazing up at the stars.

"That's why I picked it," he whispers," but it doesn't compare to you."

The waitress comes back with our drinks. I order the spaghettie while Ash orders a steak. She nods and walks off. Ash leans forward and presses his lips to mine. I smile under his lips and kiss him back, my hands moivng to cup his face.

"Ash?" a distinctly male voice says from the doorway. I turn to see a man I don't recognize. He's looking at me and Ash in shock.

"Dad?" Ash says, as shocked as the man. The man's expression turns to one of fury. He dashes forward and slaps Ash.

"What are you doing!? Are you stupid!?" his dad shouts. I see Ash's eyes turn color again and I watch him glance at me, eyesing my expression. I'm a little afraid.

"Stop dad, your scaring her," Ash says calmly. His dad turns toward me.

"Scaring her!? I'm going to do a hell of a lot more than that! She's turned you against me!" his dad says, stalking toward me. I get up and move behind my chair. Okay, now I'm scared.

"Don't touch her!?" Ash says, attempting to jump forward. I'm not quite sure what happened but the next second, Ash is on the floor, unmoving.

"You, you ruined my son," he growls. I push my fear aside and grip the chair, my knuckles turning white. I grab it and hit him with it. One of the legs breaks off and I grab it and hold it. The end is sharp and pointed where it broke. He looks at me, shocked.

"Stay away from me," I say, my voice is calm. A lot calmer than I am. I plant my feet and grip the stake tightly. This so didn't go as planned.