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1. Lesser

Joshua Or was in the middle of an emotional conflict within himself. He never fancied himself a troublemaker, though he wouldn't deny that he could be quite devious and mischievous when he wanted to be. He could never remember coming across an opportunity to practice his skills and wreak some havoc that he hadn't taken, but now he was finding that this might be the very one.

Robert Jade had corned him in the hallway where Josh usually hung out- how the older boy knew that he could find him there, he didn't know. Josh knew it was going to be bad from the little half-smirk on his (regrettably) handsome face and evil glint in his eyes. Josh recognized that look- he had seen it in his own bathroom mirror many times.

Long story short, Jade wanted revenge. Although he and Alain were back to being friends (from what Josh leaned, they had been a long time ago, but something broke them apart), he wanted to get back at him for all the shit he'd put Jade and Erwin's friend through the night Alain and the angel- Georges Saphir- disappeared together (and Josh would very much like to know what that had been about). Jade already had a plan; it was a very good plan too, one that Josh would have been proud of if he had come up with it, but he wasn't very enthusiastic about it once he learned that he himself was a crucial part of said plan.

"Because you have his cell phone number," Jade had told him, the smirk still in place.

"But so do you! And you could get anyone to do it! Why me?!"

"He has caller ID, and he already knows my number. I'm guessing he doesn't know yours," he pointed out.

Grumbling, Josh had to admit he was right. He had never plucked up the courage to actually call Alain's number. "But still, why can't you get someone else to do it, if all that matters is he not know the person who's calling?"

"Because you'd probably do the best job," he said, but Josh didn't feel like it was a compliment. "And I have a feeling you've done this before. Plus, it'd be funnier if it turned out to be someone he knows."

"Well, forget it. I'm not doing it. Go find someone else to do your dirty work for you."

And then Jade had delivered the final blow. It was a low blow, too. A filty, back-handed trick that was so unfair it made Josh wanted to scream. Now it would seem that he had to do what Jade asked.

If he didn't want Georges Saphir finding out what he asked Jade to do in return for Alain's cell phone number.

Josh sighed. Why me?! Now he would have to decide between the lesser of two evils: a furious Alain, or an even more furious Georges. Somehow he didn't think the blonde would take to kindly to him anymore if he found out. And after hearing what he had done to Jade when he was mad… he'd take his chances with Alain.

2. Club

"For the honor and continuation of our club- go and recruit those freshmen!"

It was the first week of the fall semester, and everyone was in high spirits and back-to-school mode. There was a lot running about and occasional train wrecks in the hallways as the freshmen panicked and were lost on the way to some unknown classroom. The sophomores tried in vain to make themselves seem not like freshmen; the juniors flitted about hastily, realizing that this was the year they would have to crack down and do the most work; only the seniors seemed to be relaxed and were strutting around proudly.

But the students who seemed most concerned and anxious about the new year were the members of the various clubs and organizations of the school. The principal had finally stopped trying to fight them (he was getting quite compliant in his old age) and allowed the clubs to put up posters and hand out flyers in the main hallways the first few days of school, as other public schools did. They rehearsed speeches, made copies and pamphlets, and prepared to reel in unsuspecting underclassmen in order to fill their ranks. Now you could barely make it to homeroom without being swarmed by members of at least half a dozen clubs, and the trash bins were full of colorful flyers advertising the Student Council and Foreign Language Club.

Luca groaned as he leaned against a statue of Mary and looked out over the sea of confused freshmen, annoyed upperclassmen, and boisterous club officials. "We'll be lucky if we get one new member," he whined, turning his attention to his fellow classmates. Jean, Ryan, Andrew, and the other members of the small Music Club gazed back at him forlornly. Their club was one of the smallest, and it appeared that it would die out once they all graduated. No one seemed to be interested in learning about instruments besides their own, studying music history, or analyzing Bach chorales anymore. It was kind of sad.

"Stupid Student Council," Luca grumbled, glaring over to where the student government members had set up their fort and apparently had already gotten twenty signatures on their new members list. "They're stealing all the freshmen from the rest of us."

Just then, a small, timid looking boy with red hair appeared in front of them, glancing curiously at their posters on the wall. Luca pounced.

"So, are you interested in music? Let me tell you a little bit about our club! We're the members of St. Grollo's accomplished Music Club, and study everything from Gregorian chants to Romantic-"

"Music? Oh, sorry, I thought you were the history club." The freshmen turned and started to walk away.

"No, wait! We do study history! It's music history, it's a lot more interest- damn! I thought I had him for sure!"

"Maybe we should just pack it up," Jean said, shrugging his shoulders. "It's no use, no one's interested." The other club members sighed and started to take down their carefully made posters. Luca shook his head and thought to himself, Well, there goes another year.

"Hey guys, how's it going?"

Georges Saphir stood in front of them, beaming (literally), with his book bag tucked another one arm, the other brushing his gold bangs away from his jade green eyes. Luca couldn't help but smile- what an angel!- but not even Georges could help them now.

"Terrible," Andrew grumbled. "No one signed up. No one even came over."

Georges gasped. "Not even one?"

"Whatever, at least we don't have to bother with any stupid freshmen," Luca said, trying to seem unaffected.

Georges bit his lip as he looked out at the pandemonium. "That's awful," he murmured. "I wish there was something I could do…"

"Georges! Look, it's Georges!"

"Hi, Mr. Saphir!"

"Wow, no way, it's really you!"

"Oh- hi!" Georges exclaimed as three short, wide-eyed sophomores came rushing up to him. Luca watched in fascination.

"It's so great to see you! How was your summer?!"

"It's okay- we don't need directions this time, we know our way around the school now!"

"I heard your performance at the concert- you were amazing!"

"Gee, thanks," Georges said, blushing a bashful red. "It's nice to see you guys, too."

"Oh wow- Georges, are you in this club?" One of the sophomores noticed the posters behind Georges, and finally noticed that Luca and Jean were standing there as well. "Cool! You're in a music club?"
"Oh, no, I'm no-

"Why yes, of course! Georges is one of our founding members!" Sensing an opportunity, Luca jumped in, seizing Georges by the shoulders and giving him a look that clearly said Shut up and follow my lead. "Have you fine men heard about what our Club is all about? We have weekly meetings every Thursday after school- and of course, Georges attends every one!"

By the end of his rant, Luca had procured the three signatures on his new members list and was boasting a very self-satisfied smile. Georges was not as amused.

"Why'd you let them think I was in your club? They're going to wonder why I'm not at the meetings!"

"Details, details, my dear Georges. And I've been thinking- how would you like to be the St. Grollo's Music Club Poster Child for the day? You did say you wish you could help…"

"How is that going to help you get new members to join?"

"Trust me. With your help, we'll have fifty signatures by the end of the day." And none will by the wiser, he added. It's a good day.

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3. Fairy

"Big Brother! Big Brother! Look what I got!"

Georges felt the wind being knocked out of him as the ground rushed up to meet his face. Coughing and patting the dirt off his clothes, he ignored Robert's smirk and turned his attention to the little red-haired girl beaming up at him.

"What do you have, Marie?" he asked kindly, smiling down at her. Despite the abuse he took every time he came to the orphanage, he couldn't hold a grudge (not with anyone, really, but especially with Marie). She was just so sweet, and it was hard to resist that kind of adoration.

Looking ever so proud, Marie held her hand up to him. Cupped in her palm lay a shiny white tooth.

"Oh, wow, Marie! You lost a tooth!"

"Yeah! And Marie's gonna put it under her pillow and get a present from the Tooth Fairy!" Giggling, she held the tooth up to the light and squinted at it, admiring it from all angles.

"Careful, Marie," Georges said, crouching down to be at her level. "Why don't you put it somewhere safe for now- you don't want to lose it, otherwise the Tooth Fairy can't leave you anything."

Pondering this, Marie realized that she did need the tooth in order to receive a present, and so she seized Georges' hand and dragged him into the orphanage's kitchen to hunt for a bag. Robert trailed along silently.

Marie chattered and whistled and babbled on as she and Georges washed her tooth and put it in a tiny bag. "What do you think the Tooth Fairy's gonna leave me?" she asked him excitedly.

"Well, I don't know," Georges replied. "I always used to get 2 new quarters…"

"Only two?" Marie pouted.

"That's two more than you had before," Georges pointed out.

"Yeah… okay!" Marie smiled. "You know what? Marie's gonna stay up late to try and see the Tooth Fairy!"

"You know, fairies aren't real," Robert spoke up for the first time since they'd got there.

Georges and Marie stared at him in shock- Georges in disbelief that he'd said that aloud, and Marie in complete fury.

"Fairies are real!" she shrieked. "They are, they are!"

"No, they aren't."

"Robert!" Georges said, his brow puckering and exasperation creeping into his voice. "Stop it!"

"Well, she has to learn sometime. Did you know that Santa Claus isn't real, also?"

Marie balled up her little fists and flew at him, wailing and swinging her arms, which batted harmlessly at Robert's legs. "Not true, not true, not true!" she screamed at him.

It was then that Lise stepped into the kitchen, drawn by the noise that floated up to the second story, to find little Marie furiously trying to reach a tall young man that she didn't know, only being held back by Georges, who was on his knees frantically trying to console her. "What is going on here?" she asked, in awe.

Marie pulled away from Georges and ran to Lise with tears streaming down her face, burrowing her head into the folds of her skirt. "Big Brother's friend is so mean! He told Marie that there's no Tooth Fairy and no Santa Claus! Marie tried to tell him he was wrong, but he wouldn't listen! He's a meanie!" And she continued to wail, Lise patting her head for comfort.

Georges stood up from the floor with a great sigh, and turned to glare at Robert. "I hope you're happy," he said. "You made a little girl cry."

Robert looked indifferent. "She overreacted."

"She's eight years old!"

"Would you have cried if you were that old and I told you there was no such thing as Santa Claus?"



"I don't think you should come to the orphanage anymore, Robert."

"Why not? Kids love me."

Georges would have responded, except Marie took the opportunity to rush in and hit Robert in the knees with the broom she had grabbed from the closet, and he dissolved into peals of breathless laughter as Robert grabbed hold of the counter to keep from collapsing, gasping in pain.

"Yes, I can see that."

4. Wandering

Robert glanced anxiously at the clock hanging on the wall directly opposite him. The perfect spot for him to sit in agony, watching the second hand move a fraction of an inch at a time. He should have been here by now, he thought to himself, glancing at the door for the sixth time since he'd sat down. He's five minutes late. What if something happened? Should I call his cell phone?

Jesus Christ. He was becoming more and more like Hanna everyday.

Get ahold of yourself, you sap. So he's five minutes late. That doesn't mean he was kidnapped on his way over, and it doesn't mean that he doesn't care enough to show up on time. He probably just got distracted, like he usually does. Chill the hell out.

The idea of Georges ending up wandering through the park in the late evening, stargazing and admiring the scenery when he should have been making his way towards Robert's house, was far too easy to imagine. So why the heck was he so hung up on this? This was not the old Robert Jade, who could care less about the affairs of others and was about as sentimental as the Grinch. This was a new Robert Jade, who acted like a possessive, infatuated teenager.

As far as he was concerned, this new Robert Jade could go die in a hole.

Chill the hell out.

The doorbell rang. His heart leaped out of his chest.

Aw, shit. I'm doomed.

5. Playground

The creak of the ancient swings as they rocked back and forth pierced the delicate silence of the late afternoon, crisp with the fresh fall winds. The playground was almost deserted, except for some children playing on the slides and two small boys sitting on the edge of the sandbox. Two mothers sat on a bench not far away, conversing in casual tones and smiling like old friends, though they'd only just met.

Eight-year-old Henri picked up a mini shovel from the sand and poured a stream onto the small hill at his foot. Georges sat next to him, his shoes burrowing into the sand, his hands picking at his sweater.

"Have you ever made a sand castle before?" Henri suddenly asked, trying to prod his new friend into talking. One thing he learned very quickly was that Georges wasn't like his other friends- he was quiet, and tended to keep to himself. Henri intended to change that, even though his mother kept saying Henri, just give him some space. He'll open up on his own time. But his mom wasn't a kid- how'd she know?

"Yeah," Georges replied quietly.

"How big?"

"Just a small one."

"On a beach?"


"Back in… um, just a beach." Georges turned pink and looked down at his shoes.

Uh oh, I did it again, thought Henri. Let's try something else.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Georges appeared to be thrown by the question. "Uh…um… uh, I don't really know…"

"I want to be an astronaut," Henri said confidently. "Cause you get to go up in space and see the whole wide world, and you can go wherever you want and not have to listen to anybody. I want to go to Mars! I bet you can't see your house from there!" He elbowed Georges, looking for a reaction.

He got one- a small smile. "I don't think so," Georges said.

"So, what do you want to be?"

Georges apparently still didn't know what to say. "I… I would… I guess I'd like to be like my mom."

"Really? You don't think that'd be boring?" He didn't really know what Georges' mom did, but she certainly didn't get to go to cool places all the time. Not like Mars. "I'll give you ideas of better stuff to be."

Fifty jobs later, and Georges still hadn't picked one. Henri was all out of ideas.

"I'm sorry," Georges whispered, looking positively miserable that he couldn't please Henri.

"That's okay!" Henri wiped all signs of annoyance from his face. He scooted a little closer and put his arm around Georges' shoulder. The blonde boy looked surprised, but didn't move away.

"It's okay," Henri repeated. "I'll help you pick! I'll stay with you forever and ever, and then when we're older I'll help you pick what you're gonna be. And then I'll still stay with you, and we'll be together when we're really old like my mom. 'Kay?" Henri looked at Georges with hope in his eyes.

Georges bit his lip, and then smiled the biggest smile he'd ever seen on his face yet.

" 'Kay!"

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