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Team Seven glanced among themselves, now wondering what to do next. Haku seemed to have not taken Sakura's interference very well, and thought it to be a threat. He had attacked them, raining down on all of them with his senbon, and Team Seven were back to looking like pin-cushions once more. The only reason that they were not being currently attacked was because Haku seemed to be waiting to see how they would retaliate. The boy seemed nervous, and there was probably a good reason for that.

"So what should we do now?" Sakura asked, squeaking as she pulled one of the needles out of her side. "We're easy targets; it's hard to move around in here."

"And whose fault is that?" Sasuke growled, glaring at her.

Sakura flinched a little, before standing her ground and glaring back.

Naruto sighed. "We could try to continue talking to him."

Sasuke shook his head. "Too boring," he argued. "Besides, some idiot had to ruin our chances there."

Sakura's eyes narrowed further.

"You're lucky I like you, Uchiha," she warned.

Naruto stared at the girl in slight surprise. She would never call Sasuke by his surname and, yet, she just had.

"Oh?" Sasuke replied, sneering. "And what would you do if you didn't like me?"

Sakura suddenly smirked, and Sasuke quickly lost his sneer. "This," she said, and she punched the boy in his stomach.

Naruto's eyes practically bugged out of his head. Was he seeing what he thought he was seeing?

The punch had caught Sasuke a little off guard, and the boy stumbled backwards a step or two. He coughed, before staring up in slight surprise. He also seemed to be surprised by what Sakura had just done to him, and, at first, glanced over her warily. The girl was smirking at him, and she flicked her hair back with a casual wrist flick. Sasuke glared at her.

"Well," he said, glaring as he walked back towards the girl. "You're lucky that I don't completely despise you."

"Really?" Sakura tilted her head, but kept her smirk.

Boys liked confident girls, she would remind herself.

"Yes," Sasuke continued. "Otherwise, I'd have no qualms about doing this!"

He punched Sakura's jaw, and knocked her off balance. The girl gave a shocked gasp, caught herself before hitting the ground, and swung her leg out to connect with Sasuke's shin. Sasuke hopped back a little, favouring his hurt leg, before swinging his knee in to collide with her chest. Sakura coughed and fell over. She spat out some saliva and glared viciously at her offender. She growled and threw herself at him, grabbing him around the middle. She then head-butted his chin twice, before he managed to rip her off him and kick her in the stomach.

Naruto glanced at Haku, and he swore that he saw the boy flinch while watching the poor fight. Sasuke and Sakura just seemed to want to beat the snot out of each other and, to make matters even more confusing, it just seemed so out of character for Sakura. Then again, Naruto had to remind himself that Sakura seemed to be maturing more quickly this time around, so it might just have been right in her character to want to beat down the boy that was always turning down her affections.

Naruto shuddered. If that was so, then he certainly did not want a girlfriend. Bachelorhood all the way, and he would die an old bachelor hermit that appreciated but did not keep women, just like Jiraiya. Yes, he liked that life plan.

Eventually, both Naruto and Haku locked eyes.

Haku slowly pointed at the fight, but did not speak.

"You know that guy that hired you and Zabuza?" Naruto asked, trying to change the subject and trying to get Haku back into peaceful talking once again. "What was his name?"

"Gato?" Haku replied, unsure of what Naruto wanted with the name.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, Gusto. That man doesn't plan on pay you guys, you know?"

Haku tilted his head to the side a little.

"I won't leave you three alone," he insisted. "Master Zabuza wants me here, so I shall do as he wants." He lifted a few more senbon. "So, while your strange friends take care of each other, I'll just have to knock you out."

Naruto took a step backwards, and Haku flew out of the mirror headed straight for him. Before they could make contact, though, there was a shout of "Sonova!", and Haku switched direction to the right to avoid a couple of senbon and a fireball headed his way. Haku melted back into one of the mirrors, and Naruto turned his head to stare at his teammates. Sakura grinned back, panting, and Sasuke smirked, wiping a little blood from his lower lip.

"You didn't think that we would let you do as you please, did you?" Sasuke sneered, and Naruto was not sure if the sneer was aimed at him, Haku, or the both of them.

Sakura giggled. "Our grand plan to catch you off guard succeeded!" she called. "Though, it had been brilliant to work off all our frustrations too."

Sasuke shot Sakura an odd look, mulling over her apparent 'plan', before he gave a curt nod. "Indeed," he said.

"Off guard?" Haku asked, sounding either unconvinced or concerned.

Not concerned for his own safety, but concerned for the team of strange kids.

"I'm calling bullshit," Naruto grumbled, quiet enough to not be heard.

"Yes," Sakura said, huffing with pride. "Once you were convinced that we weren't a problem and removed your attention from us, we attacked."

Naruto coughed and glanced away, while Sasuke found the ground suddenly very interesting.

Haku stared at Naruto, before returning his attention to both Sasuke and Sakura.

Well," Haku said, drawing more senbon. "Let's see if you can 'catch' me 'off guard' again."

"Does he have an infinite supply of those needles, or what?" Sakura grumbled.

Suddenly Haku was on the move again, and Team Seven were being assaulted by senbon once more. There was no use ducking or dodging as Haku was fast enough to hit them wherever he wanted, and they had no say in the matter.

Naruto hissed in pain as he felt the sharp needles pierce his skin, and he could hear Sakura screaming. Sasuke was mostly quiet, but he let out the odd shout or grunt showing that he was not faring any better. When the attack died down, Naruto noticed that the three of them were prickly and bleeding.

"Might as well try this the old way," he mumbled to himself, thinking back to how he called up all the shadow clones last time. He was interrupted when he was promptly lifted up off the ground from under the arms.

"Tobi is here to help!" Naruto's assailant yelled, and Naruto felt his ears ringing afterwards.

"Tobi?!" Sakura stared over to the man, before growing quite pale. "Wait, but who's looking after Tazuna?"

Sasuke and Naruto both tensed and stared at the man.

"Don't worry," Obito assured them, placing Naruto back on the ground. "A good friend of Tobi's is helping us too!"


Tazuna stood next to the plant-man beside him, sweating out of fear.

There was a moment of silence between the two, before black Zetsu decided to ruin it.

"I say we eat him."

"Urk!" Tazuna jumped.


Sakura sighed. "Oh, well, as long as he's safe."

"Very safe!" Obito assured her.

Naruto groaned. The mission was just getting worse and worse. First he glared at Sakura, wondering what on earth had possessed the girl to think that leaving ANYTHING important in Obito's care was okay. He had to remind himself that she did not actually know how the masked man really was like, and that she only knew him as the ready to help, energetic idiot 'Tobi'. He had to continually remind himself, just to hold back from going into a screaming fit at her.

He, then, glared at Obito, narrowing his eyes as the man continued to act like his childish Tobi cover. Naruto wished to the gods and back that Obito would have at least behaved normally around everyone and not just him. 'Tobi' was irritating without a doubt, and Naruto was too weak to properly do anything about it.

Of course, properly taking care of 'Tobi' required Naruto to kill Obito, but Naruto did not mind that. He preferred to have the man dead than to let Kakashi see how his 'best friend' turned into a complete madman.

Naruto could not even call him Obito if there were others around. The fact that the man had introduced himself to everyone as 'Tobi' showed that he really was not that interested in being known by anything else, and Naruto dared not to go against him there. Even if Obito claimed that he was iffy about killing Naruto until they returned to their time, he was sure that the name reveal would make the man reconsider his standing on that point and just destroy everyone.

After all, he had the power.

"Idiot," Naruto muttered, folding his arms. Obito had the power to kill them all very easily, and yet he wanted to leave everything alone until they returned to the time in which killing everything was much harder.

Naruto could not understand the man at all.

"Did you say something, Naruto-boy?" Obito asked him, causing Naruto's eye to twitch.

Naruto shook his head, and he glanced over to Haku. The poor boy was staring at Obito, shaking all over. A bad run in, Naruto supposed. He figured that the unfortunate young 'girl' from Sasuke's recount really had been Haku. His eyes narrowed. What did Obito do to him?

Obito slung his arm over Naruto's shoulder, causing Naruto's glare to intensify. Obito remained completely unaffected, though.

"Shall we work together to defeat this masked evildoer?" he asked, exaggerating his voice.

"Let go," Naruto managed, barely.

Sakura and Sasuke glanced between the two of them, both frowning.

"Somehow, it doesn't feel right to have Naruto glaring like that," Sakura said.

Sasuke gave a nod. "I agree."

"So do I," Obito spoke up. He pulled both of Naruto's cheeks apart. "Smile, damn it!"

Naruto's eyebrow twitched.

Haku continued to shake, and he could barely pull out more of his senbon. He recognised the masked man, and to see that he seemed to be in league with the three kids before him really made him nervous. The masked man had seen him while he was out to pick some herbs for Zabuza, and then had charged at him, screaming and flailing his arms in all directions. Haku had screamed and had run the opposite way, but just could not lose the man. He ran, being chased, for almost an hour, and all screams of "what do you want?!" just went completely unanswered.

Of course, Haku was not poor enough to be scared away by a screaming, flailing idiot alone. No, he had been scared away by a screaming, flailing idiot that was possibly powerful enough to level an entire country without having any trouble. He could sense the strength, the terrible, immense strength, and all because the man had wanted him to sense it. Haku could not feel the man's power when they were anywhere near the children, but the moment that they were far enough away he could feel it, and it chilled him right to his core.

There was no killing intent either, which was strange. Just strength, terrible strength.

Haku gulped. If he could just take out the man during this distracted moment, then the children would be easy to knock unconscious. However, as long as the man was conscious, Haku was positive that he, himself, would not stand a chance. Failing Zabuza was something that he never wanted to do, and he prayed that he would not end up doing so today. He was not stupid, he knew that he could never stand up to the masked man, so knocking him out by catching him off guard was the only way to go. He shivered and prayed that his surprise attack would work.

Haku flew out of his mirror, using the absolute fastest of his speeds, towards the masked man. He held his senbon ready, prepared to slam them through the pressure points in the man's neck. He could see them all, they had not noticed him yet, everything was going well. . .

Haku was caught by the collar, and his body jerked backwards. He dropped his needles, and his eyes widened in horror as he stared ahead of him the masked man was no longer standing there. He glanced behind him, and began to shake badly. The masked man was the one that had caught him, and he was just staring at him from behind the orange swirl mask.

Haku was glad that his own mask was in place, because he would not be able to hide the look of sheer terror that he was positive was currently gracing his face. The masked man was not allowing anyone to feel how strong he was, and, yet, he was still absolutely terrifying.

"Lookie what I caught!" Obito called, holding up Haku for Team Seven to see.

"W-w-when the heck did you move?" Sakura asked, absolutely stunned. "You were right next to Naruto just a moment ago."

"So fast," Sasuke said, unable to hide his amazement. His jaw hung slack.

Naruto shuddered. Obito really could just kill them all without any difficulty if he wanted to. They probably would not even know that they were dead by the time he had finished cutting through them all.

Obito bashfully rubbed the back of his head. "Tobi likes to move quickly, sometimes."

Naruto reformed his glare. Obito had not been bluffing back when he had claimed that he could scale the tree over a hundred times before Naruto could even manage to scale it once.

He turned his head away and glanced at his teammates. Sakura remained stunned, but was very gradually forming an amazed smile, and Sasuke was. . .

. . .Well, the sharingan had finally formed.

Obito shook Haku a little, and he brought the boy back down to the ground. "What should we do with him?" he asked, tilting his head slightly.

Sakura was the first to move, and she began to fish around in Sasuke's weapon pouch. Sasuke glanced down at the girl, watching but unmoving. He just frowned at her.

"I have some garrotte wire, here," Sakura said, now holding Sasuke's ex-garrotte wire out for Obito to take.

Sasuke now frowned at the wire.

"Perfect!" Obito took the wire from the girl. "I will tie him up, yes?"

Without waiting for an answer, Obito set to tying up Haku's wrists, ankles, and arms (for good measure). Once he was done, he plucked Haku's mask off the boy.

"Can I keep this?"

Naruto shook his head. "That belongs to Haku, you can't just nick it."

Sasuke wandered over and just stared at Haku's face. After a while of just staring, he nodded and walked back over to Sakura.

"That's the girl that Tobi chased away before," he told her.

"But that's a boy," Sakura said, frowning.

"That's why I was confused," Sasuke replied.

"I can wear it over the top of my mask," Obito continued, holding the mask up in front of his own.

"It belongs to Haku," Naruto repeated.

"Or I could wear it instead of my mask—"

"I said no!"

Obito looked at Naruto, then at the mask, then back to Naruto again.

"You can wear the mask; we can be mask-buddies."

Naruto yanked the mask away from Obito and knelt down to Haku (who was sitting on the ground). The poor boy just stared away, seemingly unsure if he should be frightened, upset, angry, or all three. Naruto placed the mask in Haku's lap and sighed. 'Tobi' always managed to give him a headache.

"You seem pretty shaken," Naruto said.

No, shit.

Haku stared at Naruto. "That man is your friend?" he asked, sounding worried.

Naruto shook his head. "I'd rather not consider him a friend," he confessed.

Haku pressed his lips into a thin line. "Be careful," he warned. "That man's not normal."

"I will," Naruto said, before standing back up.

He looked around him. Haku's ice mirrors were starting to melt quickly. It was probably time for him to go to Kakashi and try to stop the death of Zabuza. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and he turned to watch Obito wave goodbye before leaving. Naruto huffed, good riddance. He glanced over to his teammates, watching them talk over Obito's speed. Sakura was actively showing her enthusiasm, and Sasuke was actively trying his hardest to hide his.

Naruto turned and began to walk away. He decided that his teammates could watch Tazuna and Haku, while he had to go and save Zabuza. Saving Haku and Zabuza was what he desperately wanted to do. Saving Mizuki had failed, but Naruto knew that he could not just give up yet. With Haku and Zabuza saved, then he could move on to saving others. He would turn the world to his happy ending, and no one would have a say in the matter at all.

A grin spread across his face as he just thought of a world that went. . . right. Team Seven still being together years after, the old hokage still alive and kicking (though probably retired), Akatsuki foiled, and Obito dead (or 'fixed', he supposed). Just a world where everything would go the way that he wanted it to go. If the world went his way, everything would be fine, everything would be wonderful. It was decided; the world HAD to go the way he wanted it to go. No one else could have any say in the matter, just him and only him.

The smile slipped from his face and he paused mid-step. What, what was he thinking? Yes, he had to get his happy end, but was his idea right?

Yes, of course it was.

He was not trying to destroy the world; he was trying to fix it.

That made it okay in his head.

"It's not cool when you just decide to wander off on us," Sakura said, catching up to Naruto.

The blond jumped and stared at her.

"Sakura," he started. "Sakura, I thought that you and Sasuke could mind Tazuna and Haku. . ."

Sakura grinned. "Sasuke's doing that at the moment," she said. "He sent me after you."

"He, he did?" Naruto asked, unable to keep the surprise out of his voice.

Sakura went thoughtful. "Well, he just told me to leave him alone, so I guess that was sort of like telling me to follow you."

Naruto grinned, before breaking out into laughter. Sakura joined him in laughing, and they walked together. By the time that they reached Kakashi and Zabuza, they were still giggling. When they saw that Zabuza was being held in place by a pack of dog summons, and that both Kakashi and Zabuza were staring at them as though they had grown second heads, the two of them burst into even more laughter.

Kakashi and Zabuza shared a glance with each other, the one-eyed jounin recovering much faster from the shock.

"You two were meant to mind the bridge builder," Kakashi said, growing angry at his students.

"He's safe and is with Sasuke," Naruto explained, while Sakura still giggled a little. "Oh, and we finished with Haku too, so we came here to help you."

Kakashi gave them an incredulous stare.

Zabuza's mouth was slightly agape.

"You're. . . you're joking," Kakashi managed.

Sakura shook her head. "We're telling the truth, Master Kakashi."

Naruto nodded. "Yeah," he said. "Also, please don't kill Zabuza, Master Kakashi."

Kakashi's eyes widened a little. "Why not?"

"The guy that hired them, Gumbo, never plans to pay them," he explained. "In fact, he wants to have them killed, and that's so not cool."

Kakashi opened his mouth to question the boy on his knowledge (and to correct the boy on the name), but he was cut off by Zabuza's chuckling.

"Future-brat's probably right," he said. "I never liked the little mole, anyway."

Kakashi narrowed his eyes. "Zabuza is a wanted man," he explained. "He's a dangerous criminal, and, to avoid a more rocky relationship with Mist, we should kill him."

Naruto also narrowed his eyes, and he lost his happy grin. Master Kakashi would not really stand in the way of his happy end, would he?

"We're meant to be on a safe mission, just a C-rank, nice and happy for a group of genin, right?" he began. "Young genin on their first C-rank probably should not have to deal with death, right?"

"Naruto. . ." Kakashi said in a warning tone.

"How about we take him hostage?" Naruto continued. "Please, Master Kakashi?"

Kakashi stared at Naruto, glanced over to Zabuza, and then he shook his head.

"I'm going to regret this," he muttered. "We'll take them hostage for the meantime, and, as soon as we return to Konoha, I'm putting in a word to the Hokage over where they were last seen. Keep in mind that the only reason that I'm not going to kill them is because I have a team of brats to look after, okay?"

Naruto brightened, and a smile spread across his face. "Thank you, Master Kakashi."

Kakashi huffed. "Don't," he growled.

He wandered over to Zabuza, yanked his head up, forced him to stare eye to eye with his sharingan, and he stuck the man under a sleeping genjutsu. All but one of the summons disappeared, and it was one of the largest that stayed behind to keep and eye on the man. As soon as that was done, Sakura took it upon herself to dig out her new (Sasuke's old) garrotte wire to start binding the man's wrists and ankles.

Kakashi just shook his head again.

"Now we've just got to wait until Grotto turns up," Naruto said, with a wide grin that looked as though it could split his face.

"It's 'Gato', Naruto," Kakashi corrected him, before sighing.

Of course, it did not take long until Gato and his thugs did turn up. They made a loud appearance, and Gato walked ahead of them. There had to be around two-hundred thugs ahead of them, and the best part was that regular thugs were just weak enough for genin like Naruto and Sakura to play around with. Upon seeing the unconscious Zabuza on the ground (and thinking him to be dead) Gato scoffed.

"The baby demon went out and got himself killed," he said. "Such an incompetent baby demon that couldn't even take out a bridge builder." He stared at Kakashi. "So, you're the one that defeated him? Would you like a job? I'll pay you handsomely if you can take out a certain bridge builder for me—"

Gato was cut off by the screams of his men. Naruto and Sakura had not even waited before diving in for some fun. Naruto summoned up a number of clones and went around knocking people out with brute force, but it was not because of him that the men were screaming. The cause of the screaming was Sakura. The little sadist-in-the-making had decided to cast her new favourite genjutsu onto a section of the crowd.

Though her range was not very far, only able to affect two to three people at the most, the thugs were weak enough to fall to it. Once her genjutsu had finished on one set, she cast it on a different group, and that was how she continued. She had Naruto work together with her, and his clones attacked the ones that she had finished with. One or two of the genjutsu-caught men smiled, a larger number were confused, and an even larger number were disgusted, swearing that they would never be able to look at doors the same way again. There were a small few who screamed, and they were Sakura's favourites.


Sasuke had his weapons drawn out and at the ready, while he stared down at the large group of thugs that stood before him. A short distance behind Sasuke stood Tazuna and sat Haku, but, other than them, he was alone. He swore under his breath as he surveyed the crowd with his sharingan eyes. Nearly one-hundred and seventy stood before him and, although they were most likely untrained thugs and therefore technically weaker than a genin, Sasuke knew that he would be having difficulty without any backup. If he was completely by himself, he could probably handle them all, but he had to also look after Tazuna and a bound Haku.

It was not a good situation to be in.

The thugs sneered and chortled, talking amongst themselves, and some even carrying on about how lucky they were to be on the side that contained a kid, a tied kid, and their target. They carried various weapons (most of them wrongly, Sasuke irritatingly noticed), and they carried themselves with a threatening air.

Sasuke moved into a defensive position, so different from the offensive position that he preferred, but he had to do it. He had to defend the bridge builder, and he cursed both Naruto and Sakura for walking off on him.

One of the thugs, the supposed leader, took a step forward.

"Just a brat; this is going to be easy."

He halted in taking another step forward, though, as an orange-masked man materialised beside Sasuke.

Sasuke almost jumped, having not expected the man to return.

"Ah! Sasuke-boy, you'll never guess what!"

"Tobi. . ."

"I've perfected my dancing!" Obito continued, having ignored Sasuke's warning. He held up an old and battered tape player. "And look! I even remembered to bring the music this time!"

"Tobi, now's not the—"

Obito promptly placed the tape player on the ground beside him and pressed the 'play' button.


Naruto and Sakura continued to charge through the crowd, Sakura now was also on the offensive. They charged through, having already taken care of at least sixty percent of the thugs, now everyone had more room to move. The few thugs with weaponry managed to dispel a few of Naruto's clones, and they were even brave enough to attack the real deal (that was Sakura, as they were unable to tell which Naruto was the real one).

Sakura had a number of scrapes and cuts on her body, but nothing that was too serious. She had a kunai out in front of her just for blocking the weapons. She was nice enough to follow Naruto's lead, though, and just knock the men unconscious instead of cutting them.

"Master Kakashi, grab Bungo!" several Naruto called out, not even stopping from their attack on the men.

Kakashi, who had been watching the battle and had just learned where his favourite kunai had disappeared to (as it had been missing since the day he set the brats with tree climbing exercises), did not even bother to correct Naruto on Gato's name. Instead, the man shrugged and did what was asked of him, dragging the little mole-man over to stand beside him.

Gato, though, just stared at the children in partial horror.

"They're monsters," he said.

"No," Kakashi said, shaking his head. "They're my cute little students."

Gato only paled further.

Sakura ducked down to avoid a blade and she swung her leg out to knock her offender over. Once he was down, she smacked the back of his head and knocked him unconscious. She, then, turned and held her (new) kunai up to block a swing from another thug's cleaver. She pulled her free arm back and punched him in the gut. The man dropped his cleaver and gasped while holding his stomach. Sakura smacked him on the back of the head, as well, before pausing and frowning.

"Can anyone else hear music?" she asked.

Without receiving any responses, she continued her attack. In no time at all, both her and Naruto had managed to knock out the entire crowd.

They met with their teacher and all decided to check on Sasuke and Tazuna. Naruto and Sakura kept a close eye on Gato (who they dragged along), and Kakashi carried the sleeping Zabuza over his shoulder. They made it over to Sasuke just in time to see the most unusual sight.

They saw Haku (still tied), Tazuna, and Sasuke all staring ahead in a stunned silence. In front of them, there was Obito dancing around in a small and clear circle surrounded by unconscious thugs. Not a single thug was awake. Soon, the music came to its end, and Obito sprung into a victory pose.

Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto, and Gato were all just staring in a confused silence.

"Wha. . . What happened here?" Sakura finally asked, staring around at the strange sight before her.

Sasuke did not even glance in her direction; his eyes remained on the scene in front of him.

"He. . . he took them all out by. . . by dancing. . ." he explained.

Obito gave a few deep bows, before collecting his tape-player and leaving in a flash.

Sakura stood beside Sasuke and stared at his face. "Sasuke, your sharingan is still out."

"I. . . I know," he replied.


When Zabuza came to, the situation was fully explained to him. Both he and Haku were held captive until the bridge (this time around, named the "Dancing Bridge") was completed, and were released just outside of Wave. Haku gave team Seven a nervous nod before running away after his master. Zabuza had promised Kakashi that they would one day finish their fight to the death, but had also seemed slightly grateful. The students had been fully capable to have killed Haku, and they had chosen not to do so. That warranted some kind of thanks in his books.

Naruto had been sad to see them go, but he also felt immensely pleased that two lives had been saved, two fates had been changed.

He was one step closer to his goal of his happy end.

Of course, he hated the thought that he could actually be indebted to Obito for helping.


Elsewhere, a mass of pulsing chakra and flesh moved. It opened one of its many eyes (for it had as many eyes as it had teeth, and its eyes covered its body wherever it had slick red flesh) and it chattered to itself.

It rolled its oversized, round head, and it shifted its pulsing, slick and slimy jellybean-shaped body. Its arms and legs stuck close to its body, too small and weak to do anything and be anything other than decorative.

It was developing, but it was developing slowly. Too slowly, and it knew that it was still too weak.

It needed more strength, more influence to change the world around it.

It would change the world, it would win, it would wake.

From its small pocket in reality, the dark, warm and damp home that it had created for itself, it called out for sustenance. More sustenance meant more strength, more strength meant more development, and more development meant more influence.

It opened a rift in its space, allowing the world in existence to meet its world of dull warmth. From there it sang its siren song to the two wanderers, a young boy and his Master, and it called them to it. The eyes blinked and rolled and tittered when it confirmed the identities of the two it had called. A child with an extraordinary power, and a man with an exceptional talent for killing in silence.

It called them into it, consuming them, and then it rumbled in pleasure.

Although I never wrote it in, I imagine the music to be "Let's Groove" by "Earth, Wind and Fire".