"Well, I've tried since I graduated High School to get accepted here." I sneered. How dare they just flaunt the fact they were little more than idiots getting in under their father's name! I'd applied every year for the last eight, going to college, establishing job credentials, volunteering throughout communities just to be looked at. They walk on and it's party time! The nerve of them!

"Ah, come on now Miss Granger…" The one with glasses grinned at me, "We meant no harm."

The red head snorted, "Speak for yourself! My brothers are already there, and my sister has been accepted; I'm beyond ready. I've been looking forward to this since I could remember!" He leaned over the rail of the ship watching as waves crashed up against its wooden side. "It's a college island, what do you expect? It means girls, beer, and girls!" His cheeks flushed with excitement and I sighed.

"I'm Harry, by the way." The boy with glasses held his hand out. "I heard the Captain address you earlier, but didn't catch your first name?"

"Hermione, Hermione Granger." I snapped, irritated that what the freckled snot said might be true. I'd always heard it was prestigious, known throughout the world for making it's mark sending out the best of the best in their chosen fields. If you graduated Azkaban then you were set for life. It might be in the worst location possible, (an out of the way northern island cutoff from any main land), but it was within the ivy ranks of Harvard, Oxford, and Yale. Some graduates even stayed on the island saying it offered a better living than any other country of this world.

"Well, a pleasure to meet you, Hermione." The red head spat my name, but backed up with an impish smile. "I'm Ron Weasley; mark it down, because one of these days it will be international." He sighed, looking toward the crowded upper decks. "I got a sister around here somewhere, Ginny, you might be more comfortable with her."

Harry elbowed Ron and blushed. "You're fine Hermione. You're more than welcome to hang out with us, I met Ron at the docks, and really don't know anyone else yet."

"Hermione!" I grinned, turning to finally meet a friendly face I knew: Neville Longbottom. "Hey, I wondered where you'd gotten off too. I got our stuff all situated and talked to the first mate Viktor; we should be arriving within the next three hours he said."

I ushered him beside me. "This is my friend, Neville. Neville, this is Ron Weasley and Harry….." I trailed off unable to think of his last name.

"Potter." He offered his hand, Neville gave me a curious glance, but they shook. "So I take it you two know each other?"

I almost snickered from the look on Neville's face. He sputtered for a moment, before finally spitting out, "We attended the same college and she ran the library there. I was just glad someone I knew was coming too."

Harry nodded, turning to Ron. Ron was still giving me the stink eye and I was curious if he had a problem with women at this point. After all didn't he just say 'girls, beer, and girls', would be on the island? Surely, he realized it wasn't some floozy attraction, but then again he didn't seem too bright. I kicked myself mentally, if it wasn't nice it didn't bear thinking about.

"So are you two going to college or…" He stopped unable to look at me, he was embarrassed, but I wasn't. I had received an honest asylum on to the island, and it didn't faze me what people might think.

"Yeah," Ron jumped back to the rail, curious as to the fish life.

"Yes we are, and you?"

"I'm going to finish my studies there as well. I plan to major in Chemical Bioengineering." Neville stated proudly. His knit sweaters and dress pants had always led me to believe he was somewhat of a 'mama's boy', after I'd gotten to know him I'd learned his father had been killed in an accident when he was young. He couldn't have been a nicer guy, and good hearted as well, I was proud to call him my friend.

"I'm going to be the resident librarian." I pulled Neville to the side with me, to look out over the ocean. "I'll be taking a couple of classes, but I've went as far as I wish in school. My study time is my own now." I loved to read, the knowledge of it, the pure thrill of finding something new, and now that I that was no longer held back by the structure schools provided I was even more content with my field.

"That'll be good. At least, we'll know who to go to, won't we Ron?" He looked at his friend, concern etched in his eyes. "Ron?"

I backed away, but Neville wasn't so lucky. Ron grabbed his stomach; his face turned a sickening shade of green, and retched all over poor Neville's shoes. "Harry…. I…. don't feel…" He burped, and I found myself covering my own face to keep from retching then. "So good."

Harry took Ron off toward one of the inner galleys and I walked with Neville to the closest restrooms. Neville gave me a curious look.

"Hope, he'll be alright." I nodded, but was more concerned for my friend's loafers. Even if he cleaned the mess off, I had a feeling the smell would stay.

"Harry seems nice enough." I admitted. Ron was on the edge for now, he could have been nervous or just feeling the sickness of the sea. I would hold off my judgment for now.


"Have fun!" I shouted at the three disappearing figures of my new friends. Ron, Harry, and Neville actually hit it off once Ron had gotten over his bout of sickness. We'd even chosen to wait around at the docks together while others had walked. It seemed there was only one taxi available on Hogwart's Island and we'd waited to the last before piling in, and loading it up.

The red car with black and white adorned squares looked out of place, almost eccentric among the island's more antiquated looks. 'Dora Tonks, as she introduced herself was just as eccentric. She was young like me, with dark eyes and light purple hair, but for the most part she was actually quite beautiful.

She'd taken us to the college first or the very middle of the 'East side of the Island' she said. The college grounds were huge, even bigger with a wraparound brick border and iron gates. It was a mere two 'L' shaped buildings at least four stories tall. The structure looked even more imposing with its gothic architecture, resembling castles, like it was trying to make itself seem older than when it had been built. Overall, the effect was breathtaking. The parking was outside the gates, a small lot for the teachers and professors and an even bigger lot for the students. I wondered how many students chose to bring their cars, but that question escaped my focus as I tried to remember everything we drove by.

We passed many trees, a small subdivision, and a few stores. She'd given us a rolling commentary about everything from the general store to the preacher Lucius Malfoy, her mouth never pausing for air. She was full of information, but after the first adrenaline rush and being stuck on the ship all day my mind wasn't in tune enough to keep up with her.

"Welcome to Hogwart's Island Miss Granger." She drawled pulling to a beautiful two story brick building. "Your new place of business and home."

I stepped out of the car in awe at the old fashion luxury I would now be responsible for. She had already skipped to the back, snatching my trunk and suit case. I turned to see her wink at me with her brown sparkling eyes.

"Well, come on, grab your carry on and I'll show ya around." I followed at her heels, more than ready to investigate my new home. She made a hand gesture at the huge building, "Library where you'll be working, Miss Granger."

"Hermione, please." I insisted, ready to go to work.

"Hermione, nice." She grinned, trudging across the grass yard of the library. A lot over I could make out a small brick home. It was simple, but fitting among the trees and library. "Your new place, Hermione."

I turned to her, both of us sharing a grin before she popped up to the front door, easily opening it and taking my stuff in. "As you know it's fully furnished, the key to the library is on the fridge, one of the key chains is a magnet, so they ask you to keep it there so you won't lose it." 'Dora sat my stuff into the small living space before skipping to the kitchen. "They have some food stores left in here, mostly cans and junk, but they always leave a new can of fresh coffee for ya." She seemed to make herself at home flipping the machine on and brewing a pot. "You don't have to open the library until Monday, so it gives you all weekend to settle in. The students shouldn't be coming until more toward the end of the week, but you'll have residents eager and waiting since it's been closed almost a month this time."

"It has?" I asked, taking a seat at the small table. "You seem to know a lot about the librarian's house and job?" I teased.

She shrugged, "Librarians don't last long." She leaned forward, whispering conspiratorially " I think it's all the different personalities you'll be handling as well as the politics, but don't you worry you've got something the others didn't." She winked as she poured us both a cup of the now brewed coffee.

"Oh, what's that?" I asked since she didn't elaborate.

She took a sip with a sigh. "You've got moxie and friends." She grinned, "Mind if I borrow the cup?"

"Go right ahead, do I owe you anymore for the ride?" I asked following her out.

"Nah, it's nine seventy-five to go anywhere on the island or nine and three quarters, you know a standard rate." She waved as she got in her taxi. "Good luck and if you need anything you just let me know, 'Dora will help you out."

"Thanks, have a good night." She turned around in the road, but stopped to hand out the window.

"Welcome to Hogwart's Island, the place of magic and dreams!" She laughed, waving and making faces. I liked her, who wouldn't? She seemed fun and I just hoped everyone else was as great as she was.

A/N: I was asked to explain some of the story. Harry Potter was indeed a great inspiration, but it is not your usually Hogwart's affair. This is Hogwart's Island, an island known throughout the world for it's excellent education opportunities and it's intelligent residents. It is home to the great Azkaban University, where professors that are the best in their field are employed. There is an application process for residency as well as University attendance, and most people will never get the chance to grace its land. I'm using artistic license here on many things, but I hope you will enjoy the fruits of my imagination. Chapter 3 will explore the island and give you as the reader somewhat of idea what it consists of. There is a deep mystery of gruesome deaths and a dark group that lay dormant upon the Island for now, but I would rather introduce you to them and their motivations slowly. Magic is not a common thing even for the wizards we've all grown to know and love. Hermione has been accepted and she is a bit older than Harry and Ron. She'll be the new resident librarian, although she keeps it informal it is up to the Council, (that run the Island), to decide if she is indeed qualified to do the job. The Council can make or break a person's career, they pick and choose their residents and their students with a fine tooth comb, they also maintain final say on everything that goes on at Hogwart's Island. Please enjoy my story and note while some things may be the same I will not follow Rowling's story line. It was a great set of books and movies, and I mean no disrespect, but this will be something different. It actually came to me after watching the first couple of movies with my kids this last weekend and I thought I could spin that, so an outline was written and here we are. Please enjoy and any thoughts would be welcome. If there are any other questions feel free to ask. In all honesty it started out with Karkaroff's ship catching my eye and thinking of him as a Captain, the rest followed from there (And no the story does not evolve around him, but Hermione and Severus).

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