Is this what they call the honeymoon phase of a relationship? Ever since we started dating, he became a newer and even better person. The transition from friend to girlfriend took a little getting used to… not to mention, when it was finally announced we became a couple, there was a chorus of "FINALLY!" from everyone else.

Still, the period of getting to know each other was so giving, so gentle, and so loving. It's only been a few months, but Kwon Ji Yong definitely has the game down good. Real good.

Every little thing he did for me was a saccharine overdose. Every little thing he said would have my inner core warm up to its limit. Every time I saw him, my stomach did somersaults and my heart took a trampoline leap into my throat.

It's true. I love being his girlfriend. The PMS side of Ji Yong has been absent, and that's a good thing. And yes, men can get PMS-like symptoms. If some women can suffer through pre-menstrual syndrome, then some men can also suffer the same… they just assign it to different origins.

"Hana, can I ask you something?" Ji Yong's voice suddenly interrupted me from my thoughts.

I raised my eyes to his, and found him staring at me with nervousness.

"Of course." A slight sense of worry came upon me as I waited for his question. What was he going to ask me this time around? If I could cook for him? I already told him about the hereditary faulty genes in my family…

"Will you…" I watched as his Adam's apple bobbed up and down his neck when he swallowed heavily. "… will you go out with me?"

"What?" Confusion marked my face. What have we been doing these past few months then? Friends with benefits?

Ji Yong's expression was like a little boy. He looked so worried, and he was biting down on his bottom lip. "I mean… I want us to go out… just the two of us. Like on a real date."

"A real date?" I emphasized after him.

"You can tell me the truth. Dating me sometimes includes an extra three guys right? Excluding Tae Yang since he has his own girlfriend. I don't count all the times we spend at YG Entertainment or my apartment as dating."

I thought about it. To be honest, it was true… everything we had done so far involved Dae Sung, Seung Ri, and occasionally TOP. Not that I mind… they're good people. But due to his position, it was also very hard to go out and do normal couple things. As I sat there next to him, I couldn't help but smile. His nervousness made it seem as if he deliberated over this decision for days.

"Okay. Let's go out on a date."

Twenty minutes soon pass, and I was still patiently waiting for him to change. Sometimes I feel the roles in our relationship are quite reversed. I'm always the one waiting on him. I started texting to Saori about my plans for the afternoon, but he interrupted me from doing so when he jumped out from behind the bonsai tree.


I jumped up in surprise, almost throwing my phone into the air. "Ji Yong, you have got to stop doing that!" I spared a second glance, and then raised my eyebrows at the sight before me. "… aren't you hot underneath all that?"

He struck a classic pose, that cliché hand-to-chin one. "Babe, this is a part of superstar dating etiquettes!"


The grin fell off, and was replaced with a frown. "You know what I mean."

He was wearing dark shades (mind you the sun was almost setting) and had on one of those surgeon masks with cartoon characters on it. Talk about drawing more attention on himself…I can never understand what goes on in Ji Yong's mind sometimes. He was also wearing a really heavy coat and a bright red scarf. It was the beginning of spring, and the weather has been slightly warm. Don't accuse me for being a worry-wart, but I didn't want him to suffer from hyperthermia.

"You're drawing more attention right now with this getup. Go change."

"Don't worry babe, I'm a pro at this."

He didn't like to listen to me… so stubborn just like moi. After the both of us were ready, we headed out of the apartment. I was just about to put on my shoes, before I saw Seung Ri walking out from the kitchen, carrying Dae Sung's beloved Doraemon bowl.

"Nuna! Where are you going?"

"Out!" Ji Yong replied for me.

"Oh… can I come too?"

"No! We're …. dating!" He was so frustrated. He hurriedly put on his shoes and began dragging me towards the door.

"I know you guys are dating. But I'm so bored! This is the third bowl of ramen I'm eating…"

"Go bother Dae Sung! "

And with that he linked our arms together and headed towards the elevator. Standing next to him, I stared at his disguise and smirked. "You look stupid."

"Hey… do you want to go out or not?" He held onto my hand tightly, as if I would run away if he let go.

"You were kind of mean up there…"

"Yes, well… I want you all to myself." He smirked, and then extended his arm around my neck until I was buried close to his chest. The warmth plus the clean and fresh scent left me content. We weren't even officially on the date yet, but I was already grinning like a fool.

Another thirty minutes soon passed by in a boring taxi ride. He was being so secretive of where we were heading to. I'm pretty sure Ji Yong planned out this date for a very long time; he seemed so satisfied with the wide grin on his face.

"Just tell me already… where are you taking me?"

"It's a surprise!" I smiled at him being so secretive. The driver dropped us off at the bottom of a long and narrow road. I realized we weren't even in the main city anymore. All I saw were a lot of trees and a lot of grass. We were walking for approximately ten minutes, before I finally saw the sign.

'For mauntain top. Go down is other side.'


"Ji Yong… where are we going?"

"Babe. We're gonna hike up to the top of that mountain!" I stared afar, and cringed when I saw him pointing towards the huge mass of soil and plants established before us.

"This is your idea of a date?"

"Of course. Nature. Me. You. What's more romantic than this?"

"You should've told me to change into something more comfortable!"

"I told you, now that we're dating… you seriously have to start dressing more like a woman." At his words, I stared down at my jumper dress… but more importantly, I focused my attention to the heels I happened to be wearing, something that was so obviously not suitable for the great outdoors.

"Did you think I'd enjoy hiking in a dress?"

He gave me another smirk that was filled with content. "I'll enjoy it." Sneaky bastard. "Now come on… we have to head up there before it gets too dark, or we can't see the trail." He grabbed onto my hand and did the leading to the destination. I figured it shouldn't be that hard of a hike. This place was actually a popular tourist spot, so the roads were paved neat and tidy.

Another 20 minutes soon whizzed by, and then we passed by another sign.

'Please no feed cats. They carry disease.'

How reassuring...

Little by little, I realized we were traveling further and further away from modern attributes and saw more of nature's magnificent environment. It was my first time hiking, and it may be silly, but I was overcome with emotion that Ji Yong actually remembered the little fact about me. I was beginning to wonder what other mischievous things he had planned for the day. He just has a way of surprising… of being somewhat original … and even if you hate it, you can't help but find it appealing.

"Are we there yet?"


Another boring 10 minutes.

"Are we there… yet?"


Another friggin' 8 minutes.

"Ji Yong ah… I think I'm getting blisters." I stopped in my tracks and noticed the pink, swollen sores forming at the side of my toes and the back of my heel.

"Do you want me to carry you?"

I smiled at the thought. Before I even had a chance to answer, he was already crouched down with his back facing the front of me. I was a little hesitant if he could even carry me… it would be pretty sad if we both rolled off down this mountain.

"Hana?" He looked over his shoulder expectantly.

"Are you sure? … I'm pretty heavy."

"Yes you are, but I did it while you were drunk. You should be a little better now."

"You're calling me heavy? I only weigh 115 pounds!"

"If you round up, it's 120. Now hurry up and get on."

I was left astonished, but slowly crawled onto his back. When he lifted me up, my stomach took a slight leap. He really was the first boy who was willing to carry me. I didn't remember all the details from that particular night, when he carried me down the roof, but now that I was sober… I was definitely aware of everything happening in this moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and then buried my nose into his hair. I smelled his scent which I was so used to by now; something that left me feeling safe, secure, and comforted. Slowly, he made the final steps towards the top of the hill. I was so lost in the feeling…

God, you have been so good to me.

"Hyung, this sucks."

"I know." Dae Sung was quickly slurping up the tasty noodles. He had just come back from a schedule, and was hungry as hell. He was glad Seung Ri made him something to eat. Who knew maknae could have such a heart? And they say he's always so full of himself…

Seung Ri sat across from Dae Sung at the dining room table. He felt so disgusted after eating the third bowl of ramen. This was definitely going to his stomach, which would ruin those perfectly sculpted abs he had worked so hard for. He made a mental note to do an extra 300 sit-up's later on at night. He pushed the bowl away with one hand.

"Why are we always the ones left out of everything?"

"'Cause we don't have girlfriends…" the hungry boy reasoned out.

"That is not a legitimate excuse! TOP hyung has no girlfriend either!"

"He has his diet soda, so that's all that matters."

"Where is he anyways?"

"In his room…"

"Tae Yang hyung?"

"Also in his room…"

"Hyung…" Seung Ri let out a frustrated sigh. "See… this isn't awkward at all. What are those fans talking about? What are the hyungs thinking of? We are both enjoying our noodles on this ordinary March day… me, you, food… we can carry on a perfect conversation beyond 'How's the weather?'! I can have so much fun with you! Watch, we'll prove them wrong. We'll prove all the hyungs wrong. We can so have our own adventure!"

"Really? What did you have in mind?" Dae Sung's smile lit up the whole room, if that was possible.

"Well…." The mischievous boy grinned and pulled out a familiar black book. "I found hyung's journal."

"Ji Yong hyung's going to kill you if he finds out you stole it again."

Maknae scoffed. "I didn't steal it this time around. He just so happens to have left it in the bathroom, and I just so happen to have come across it. Now… this is my plan…"

He beckoned for the innocent boy to come closer, discussing with him the plans until they were both giggling away with delight.

"Ji Yong, how many more steps do we have to take?" I asked with my eyes closed.

"You mean I have to take. To answer you, none. We're here."

I quickly opened my eyes and saw that indeed, we were already at the top of the mountain. I took a swift look around the place and realized, only in Korea would you have so much nature preservation, but smack right on top, you'll find a convenience store and stationary shop for tourists.

Due to this time of the day, there weren't a lot of visitors present. There was the occasional couple scattered here and there, and also a few hardcore hikers (those who hike fast and take few breaks). Two sweaty men happened to pass by us when we decided to sit on a grassy hill, overlooking the city down below. Granted it was already a bit dark, but it was a pretty sight with all the lights sparkling across the dark night sky.

He lifted up my hair, and expertly wrapped the red scarf around my neck. "I wouldn't want you to get sick," he said softly and then kissed the tip of my nose.

"You're so good to me." I smiled. I took in a deep breath, and then let out a long sigh. "So… what do we do now?"

Ji Yong's lips curved upward in expressing happiness. He held my left hand and intertwined our fingers together. "Now… we enjoy the view."

Ten minutes later.

"Ji Yong! I'm freeezzzinngg."

"And here you were thinking I was going to die of hyperthermia."

"Hey! I didn't know we were coming up to such high altitudes!" Jeezus, he just always has to make me sound like a dumbass. Ji Yong was such a know-it-all. Well, of course he'll know everything about this date, he planned it!

He wrapped his arms tightly around me and we continued to enjoy the view of the city together. Could I think of any other non-cliché way to describe it? No I can't, because it was so beautiful. Although it's such a trite expression, sometimes when you're with someone… and even if there are so many problems in this world… none seem to matter if only the person you like is there with you.

When I'm with Ji Yong, I feel that every second of every minute. Minutes become hours, and then hours would become days. It might be the honeymoon phase of our relationship, but he was so good to me. In fact, it was too good. I was only afraid that one day, everything might dissipate… and then the chemistry would combust into a big explosion.

"I'm glad you're here with me." He held me strongly as he rested his head on my shoulder. He buried his nose into my neck, and I enjoyed the warmth from his embrace. The mood was idealistic. Seeing the stars so amazingly clear that night was stunning. If I could wish upon every one of them, then I would be content that Ji Yong came into my life. I stole a quick glance at his face, and saw that he was smiling slightly while looking at the sky.

"What are you thinking of?" I asked.

At my question, he calmly turned back towards me. "Hm?"

He stared at me with great interest and brushed a strand of hair that fell over my face. His hand caressed my cheek and I had that warm and fuzzy feeling inside of me again. Those little things he does, it just makes my heartbeat speed into a frantic sprint, and my breath hitched. The butterflies in my stomach were having a field day…

"I was just thinking about languages."


"Yeah… I was watching the history channel earlier this morning."

I raised an eyebrow. "The history channel?"

"Hey, I'm actually quite an intellectual, sans a college degree."

"I know that. I'm not looking down on you. You are a genius to me…" I smiled and softly kissed his cheek.

"Anyways, what caught my interest was the topic about linguistics. Did you know, the Ethnologue believes there are approximately over 6,000 languages spoken in the world today?"

Oh great, don't tell me he's going to give me a history lesson now. "That's a lot…"

"I know right? But then I really started to think about it, and realized even if there are so many different languages, it isn't a boundary that prevents anyone from listening to music of each respective language."

"What do you mean?"

"Babe. Music is the universal language of this world. Somehow we can all be connected by music… even if we don't understand what we're listening to."

He suddenly laid his head down onto my lap, and slowly exhaled. Everything was so calm and serene. I started to play with his hair, once again distracted by its pretty color and shininess. "Go on…"

"You know… how if words can fall short of expressing any sort of meaning in other languages, at least with music it can go on forever in vocalizing what you want to express."

"True. But you would know a lot more about music than me…"

"Music… is a form of art that can reach the deepest parts of your heart and soul." He placed his hand on my heart and gave me a charming smile. At that moment, I really hoped he couldn't feel how hard or fast it was beating. I still felt shy to let him know how he had such a big effect on me. But with the grin on his face, I'm sure he already knew exactly how I felt, without ever having to express it directly.

"I think it can convey any and every type of emotion. Isn't it amazing? We have so many fans from all around the world. And I love how music can bring everyone together…" he trailed off, smiling at me again.

I looked down at him and returned the gesture. "It is amazing. And you are so smart. But you think way too much…. even if it is about languages." When he sat back up, it was my turn to rest my head on his shoulder, as if he could calm my soul.

"I like languages. If I had a better memory, I wish I could memorize more languages of the world. I bet I know more ways to say 'Hello' from different countries than you do."

I looked up and grinned. "Oh yeah?"

"Hell yeah."


"Ni hao…."



This continued on, and then it became a little competition between us. To figure out who knew the most ways of saying 'Hello' in a foreign language. I was actually leading him by a few marks before he finally said something that caught me off guard.

"Pom rak khun."

"What is that? Thai?"

"Mm-hm …" he agreed with a smile.

"No. I remember 'Hello' in Thai is Sawatdee Kah."

"Well, it doesn't mean hello…" he explained sneakily.

"What does it mean then?" I continued to question with curiosity.

"You should know…." He was drawing with his finger a particular shape onto my palm, but I wasn't paying any attention to it since I was so fixated on figuring out what he told me.

I started to think back to the last time we went to Thailand. I couldn't remember anyone teaching me that phrase. The only essential phrases I could recall was 'Where is the bathroom?" and 'I am hungry'. I turned back towards him confused.

"I still don't know."

He was now smirking, and that made me have an even greater desire to find out what he just said.

"You didn't just say something dirty to me, right?" I asked wearily.

"Of course not."

"I don't think you're going to tell me, so I guess I'll have to get back to you on that…"

The corners of his mouth twitched into a little smile, and he leaned in slowly. My eyes went wide, and I thought for a moment he was going to kiss me, but he stopped half way between the space that separated us.

"Alright. I'll wait." He concluded the end of that discussion with a kiss on my forehead.

He resumed back to the position of holding my hand, placing it near his chest. This time I could feel his heartbeat. We were both just laying there… on the grass. Nothing should ruin this moment.

"You must really love music. You're very passionate about it…"

"Babe, of course. If you don't have passion… what will drive your goals and ambition? I dislike it when people have no confidence in what they do."

"Do you ever worry about failure?" I wasn't really looking at him anymore, more so towards the back of us… because I heard laughing and whispers.

"Failure is an inevitable part of our lives. We go through many experiences where we win some and we lose some. It's okay to fail, so long as you don't give up."

"I don't want to be a failure in life..."

"You won't." He crawled over me and placed both of his arms on either side, enclosing me within his personal space. He kissed me lightly on the nose. As close as we were, I didn't know what else to do but stare into his eyes. He stayed in the position of balancing his weight above me.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" I started rubbing my cheeks.

"I just noticed you have a few freckles on your nose…" he touched the bridge of it lightly and rubbed it for a brief moment. He tilted his head, and stared at me for awhile, examining my face with a curious expression.

Following his words, I started to notice so many things about his face too. How he has a mole on his right cheek, and a slight scar near his temple. How he hasn't shaved for the past few days, because I could already see the slight stubble on his chin. How his lips were pouting ever so slightly… and I just wanted to kiss him fully on the mouth.

"And you have a small scar right here." He pointed his finger near my chin.

"I was just looking at your scar right there." I pointed to the one near his eye.

"And how the dimple on this side of your cheek dents a little bit more than the other..."

"Hm… well you don't have any dimples, but you're still cute." I grinned.

"Hana... despite of all these imperfections, you're still beautiful to me."

I backed away from his face and blushed. There he goes again with those sweet words. I wasn't exaggerating. I watched him for a few more seconds, and then a gust of dusty wind blew my hair over my face, ruining my chance to kiss him at that moment.

"Do you get along with your parents? You don't really talk about them that much," he suddenly asked.

"… it's not that. I think I get along okay with them. I just don't think they are supportive of what I like to do."

"Why is that?"

"I don't know. I don't meet their expectations?"

"Well. You should follow your dreams. Don't fall into other people's expectations. You are yourself. You have your own mind. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

After hearing those words, I slowly started to understand… how even if we were the same age, Ji Yong knew so much more about life and about this confusing world. He has experienced and seen so much more than all that I could ever see. Maybe from that, it has given him an optimistic outlook for everything, no matter good or bad, while I was more of a pessimist.

Essentially, I also realized Ji Yong and I actually didn't have too many things in common. He had an outgoing personality, while I was an introvert. We were like polar opposites, but somehow… we complimented each other. Maybe having a relationship is about getting our own needs met, as selfish as that sounds. To find that special someone who is complimentary to us, who can help us learn, heal, and grow.

"I know. Thanks. How come we're talking about such deep stuff today?"

"Well… that can only mean our relationship is getting stronger." He gave me that amazing smile and I felt the butterflies in my stomach swirl. It was very quiet for a few more moments before we heard rustling coming from up above. And just when we were about to kiss, I heard a tree branch break.


Ji Yong cursed under his breath and got off of me. "Please don't tell me it's who I think it is…"


I turned around and saw Dae Sung and Seung Ri waving frantically from the higher ledge above us.

"Hyung! I knew you would be here!"

"I didn't even tell you I was going to be here!"

"Well, great minds think alike duh!"

Ji Yong grumbled for a few more seconds before he ran up to them. I didn't even know he had a camera until he took it out from his coat pocket. "Since you're already here… here! Take the picture for us!"

He ran back down to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

Seung Ri held the camera. "Okay … 1-2-3 … say sexy!"

Bewilderment appeared across the both of our faces, and *click* the flash was almost blinding against the dark night sky.


"Hehe… awww… you guys look so cute confused."

"Take it over!"

"Alright, alright... 1-2-3… say kimchi!" *click*

"How'd it turn out?" I looked up to the playful boy.

"Aw nuna… you guys look like the perfect couple." He grinned back down at me.

"Of course. I have the most perfect girlfriend." Ji Yong wrapped his arms around my waist.

"No one is perfect."

"You are." He kissed me lightly on the nose again, which was slightly cold from the freezing weather. I could never say it enough. He just had a way with words… but I couldn't complain. He made me feel like the happiest girl in this world.

After the two youngest received some scolding's from their leader, we all walked down the trail together and headed back into the city. Dae Sung and Ji Yong were walking ahead pretty fast, actively discussing over where to go for dinner. I trailed behind the both of them, and then Seung Ri caught up with me.

"Nuna…" He was speaking in a soft voice, and he placed a warm hand on my shoulder.


"Dae Sung hyung and I were watching you guys for awhile actually."

Creepy. "Oh yeah? How come?"

"We were waiting for you guys to kiss," he snickered. Seung Ri is such a mischievous little dongseng…

Immediately, I started to blush. "Well… we didn't, thanks to you guys."

"Oh nuna, I know you've done a lot of kissing with hyung already," he winked. "But actually … I'm glad you're with hyung now. He really likes you. So… don't hurt him…"

I looked up confused. "I won't hurt Ji Yong."

"Yeah… I know you won't." He gripped my shoulder and smiled. "You're really not like the other girls in the past. I haven't seen him this happy before…"

I looked ahead and stared straight at Ji Yong's backside. He was walking happily with an arm around Dae Sung's shoulder, laughing away with the brightest smile in the world.

"I haven't been this happy either…" I whispered to myself.

A couple days later…

"Babe, what are you doing on Saturday?"

"I don't have any plans yet. Why?"

"Let's go out on another date."

"Another one?" I asked.

"The last one didn't really go as planned." I could hear him cursing the two youngest under his breath, but then he looked back down to me and smiled. "It wasn't how I envisioned it to be."

I gave a slight laugh. "How did you envision it to be like?"

"Well…" He was slightly smirking, because I couldn't seem to contain my enthusiasm. "Maybe something like when I pick you up around 6 or so…" He leaned over to me, holding on to my hand and drawing me closer with every word. "…. I take you out to dinner and maybe a movie, and then…I'll kiss you goodnight so you'll go to sleep with sweet, sweet dreams…"

His lips met mine a few seconds later, and I was so lost in it. His palms were caressing my cheeks as he gave me a genuine and affectionate lip-lock. He gently wrapped my body in his embrace, until he closed the remaining space between us. I didn't care if I was going to be late for work. If Ji Yong kisses me like this every morning to start off my day… I am a happy woman.

"So is that a yes?" he finally breathed, breaking the kiss. My body was weak from his teasing, and the feel of his physique molded against mine.

"Hell yes," I said breathlessly.

Tae Yang stood in front of the door, anxiously pacing back and forth. Crap, he thought to himself. Should I or shouldn't I? Ji Yong always warned him about TOP's advice. It was like getting the luck of the draw. Some days you could be lucky and win, and some days… not. But he's always heard how his hyung was… so experienced. He contemplated for a few more moments, before saying a silent prayer and then turning the doorknob. I'm going to risk it, and hope luck is on my side, he thought again.

When he opened the door, he found TOP sitting cross-legged on his bed, writing in his food diary again… and probably tallying up his total calorie intake for the day. The busy individual was muttering to himself, using all ten fingers and ten toes to count those significant figures that can break or change one's diet plan.

"Frick, how much was in Seung Ri's nasty soup that other night?" He paused for awhile to contemplate. "Hm… I'll just assume it's 100 because it's my lucky number…" As he began writing the three figures with a pencil, he heard someone clear their throat by the doorway.

"Hyung, logging in your calories again?"

The older one looked up from his Hello Kitty notebook and smirked. "Tae Yang… what brings you here… to my room?"

"I can't come to your room now?" Tae Yang walked to the bed, taking a seat by the edge of where TOP's foot was resting.

"You're always welcome to TOP's Crib. I miss you hiding in my bed, and then scaring the out of me when I used to come home late from schedules. But… now that you're too busy with your girlfriend… I suppose I'm put on the backburner now," he replied curtly, slight jealousy evident in his voice.

"Hyung don't get stressed. I know when that happens you become an emotional eater…"

"I am not an emotional eater!"

"Then why do you always steal Seung Ri's snacks?"

"I can't say no to chocopies!"

"Anyways hyung… I need advice."

"Ya know I'm always here for ya, homeskillet."



"I think I'm ready."

"To go somewhere?"

"No…. I'm ready."


"Ready for that next part in a relationship… to make sweet love to the woman I love." After blurting it out, Tae Yang blushed tremendously. He has a hit song about making love, but now the thought of actually performing the act was making him worry over fumbling and then screwing up.

TOP scrunched up his face in disapproval. "God, Tae Yang. What's up with you and all that sentimental ? Are you living in the 80's? It's called Sex. Intercourse. Shagging. Banging. Bumping uglies. Fu—"

"Hyung! You're so vulgar. I'm not even sure if I came to the right person… but I need advice. I think I'm ready… ," he trailed off.

"Whatchutalking about boy? Men are always ready. You were born ready, Tae Yang! Have you hit shortstop yet?"

"What stop?"

"The field position between second and third base." TOP saw the confused look on Tae Yang's face, and decided he hadn't. "Have you even kissed her yet?" he inquired with a skeptical expression.

"Of course I've kissed her!"

"Is there… heavy petting and feeling up while making out?"

"Uh… sometimes… but she usually makes me stop."

"What? She's giving you blue balls? Damn… harsh."

"Okay, hyung… you're not helping me. I'm going to leave…"

"No don't leave! I won't tease you anymore."

"Well… we've been uh… fooling around a lot… and she hasn't had any protests… is that a sign I should make the next move?"

"Damn right boy! You're gonna hit home base!"

"Can you stop analyzing it like a friggin' baseball game?" Tae Yang asked irritated.

"Alright fine. So … is it gonna be tonight?"

"No, I don't think so. I didn't get the… stuff."


"Yeah…" Tae Yang's face immediately turned red and he proceeded to stand up. "Oh man, I really shouldn't be telling you this!"

TOP grabbed his arm, signaling for him to sit back down. "No no… I'm proud of you man, already thinking about protection. This shouldn't be anything embarrassing, after all, condoms are only shields against the evils of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy."


"Do you even know how many types of condoms there are?" When he saw that Tae Yang looked clueless, he continued with his lesson. "Condoms are like shoes or hats, both of which you enjoy wearing, so I'm sure my analogy shouldn't be that confusing. There are many shapes and sizes, and they all feel different when worn by different people."

"So uh… which one is the best?"

"Tae Yang, Tae Yang, Tae Yang…" TOP continued to taunt in a mockery tone. "Designating one condom as being the best is like trying to find the world's prettiest diamond. It simply can't be done! My only advice is to experiment, see what you feel comfortable with… see what she feels comfortable with… ya get what I'm sayin'?"

"Uh… I think so?"

"Like I said. There is variety, so you'll have many choices to choose from. Ribbed ones… flavored ones… glow-in-the-dark ones…your very own light saber heh heh heh…"

"Flavored ones?"

"That's what makes it more fun," he added with a wink. "Anyways, most condoms comply with industry regulations nowadays, so you shouldn't be too worried. Just stay away from those that say 'Trogens' or any of the 'four-for-a-quarter' jobs."

"Oh god…" Tae Yang started shaking his head.

"Remember. Be safe. And enjoy yourself." TOP grinned and patted him on the shoulder. "And don't forget the foreplay. Otherwise you'll end it before it even officially starts."


"Talk dirty to her."

"Hyung… you're the worst person to ever go to for advice. I'm going to go away now," Tae Yang concluded and proceeded to leave. He stopped at the doorway when he heard the older one's voice again.

"You know what this means Tae Yang?"


"The next time I see you, you're going to be devirginized! It's a good thing you're with an older woman… she should lead you in everything."

"Peace!" Tae Yang slammed the door.

TOP looked back down at his diary and chuckled. "Keep saying that Tae Yang... but you are gonna come back as a brand new man." After a few more moments of tallying up the numbers, he grinned back at himself. "Chee-hee baby! Didn't surpass the 1600 mark today. Skinny jeans here I come!"