Reaching a Dream

Six months ago, Rose thought softly to herself.

Philip asked, "Are you finished with your letter?"

Rose turned slowly and blinked and then looked down at the blank sheet of paper in front of her. Well, it wasn't entirely blank. There were only two words written.

Dear Rapunzel,

"No," she admitted. "I don't know what to say."

"Write as if Rapunzel was here—what would you tell her?" Philip suggested.

"That I miss her and I hope she can come visit, again," Rose began.

"That this time around we can just be friends and not have to deal with the goons again," Philip added, scowling remembering the war.

Rose laughed and said, "If I recall correctly, wasn't I the one who stopped the war?"

Philip kissed her and asked, "Have I recently mentioned how much I love you?"

Rose smiled and whispered, "I love you, too, Philip."

She then continued and finished up the letter to her older sister.

Dear Rapunzel, I miss you and Eugene. It's very quiet without my older sister and brother around to look out for me and Philip. How do you like being married to Eugene? I can't wait to see you again. Do come and visit! Soon! Be sure to say hi to Pascal and Eugene for me and Philip. Samson says hi to Maximus. Hopefully, sometime soon we'll all be able to spend together without a war getting in the way. Oh, Philip and I apparently had a castle on the border between his father's kingdom and mine! Come and visit! I want to give you a tour of the new castle sometime soon. Perhaps, we can even plan out the interior decorations with Mama and Mom. Love, Briar Rose.

Meanwhile, in Corona, Rapunzel scanned her letter to her younger sister for the third time that morning. "Mama?" she asked.

"Yes, dear?" Queen Rebecca asked—she never tired of hearing Rapunzel call her Mama or asking her for advice.

"Do you think this letter is ready to be sent to Briar Rose?" the princess asked.

Rebecca carefully read it and then nodded and Rapunzel quickly had the letter mailed to the Sun Kingdom. Little did the two princesses—and princes—know that they would reunite to help another princess haunted by snakes, but snakes that were as unexpected and surprising as they were expected.