1, You Got The Wrong Girl !

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Our story begins with Bridget/Siobhan out shopping in midtown for sexy undies that will serve two purposes. First they will turn the man who thinks she is Siobhan on when she wears them and second they will not cause her to have a visible panty line. Richard, secretly she knew loved her sexy butt in tight khakis with a visible panty line, but he had no humor for her showing those panties to the shoppers around Midtown Manhattan. Richard told her how making herself so provocative might make her a target as well as thrill the men of Upper East Side. That thought had made her husband steam.

Now as she walked through Macys At Herald Square she sashayed over to find that special piece of lingerie that would put her bossy Husband in his place. She chose a melon orange panty thong and quickly made her purchase.

Bridget was quite proud of herself as she went into the dressing room and changed into the sexy panties. Pulling her putter pants of beige back up around her shapely hips, she smoothed her hands across the seat of the pants and saw in the mirror that she had no panty line. There was just a smooth curve with a smart of delineated bottom cheeks that clung to the skin of her bottom.

Next she stopped in at Banana Republic for a pair of Khaki Shorts that she knew she would look the cats meow in as she purred softly thinking about her Husband's reactions to her purchases. The thong panty worked up into her bottom against the hole and rubbed and teased her as she walked. By the time she got back to the penthouse apartment she was horny in waiting for her man's arrival.

Bridget arrived home and her Hubbie had not made his arrival yet. So, the twin got a bright idea as she pulled of her pants of her sexy body. She would greet him with her cute caboose stuck up in the air leaning over in a seductive pose with her palms on the blue couch cushions. Bridget heard the door jiggle and the key inserted and that meant her man was home. Mischievously she got into position careful that the drapes were closed. As he opened the door he was greeted by his sweetie's sexy white ass cheeks jiggling with a luscious coating of baby fat, leading to the center crack where a satiny melon orange strip divided the butt cheeks. Richard could make out a wink of her crinkled pink upper hole and he began to stir with desire. There was a method to Bridget's madness as she planned to reason with the Richard who thought she really was Siobhan.

He put his keys down on the stereo top and said "Bridget honey you know this is your special night.

"I am really surprised that you chose a thong panty that leaves your bottom bare"

Bridget looks exasperated and puffs out her breath pouting as she pulls her beige putter slacks back over the melon orange panty thong.

She had done a credible job of having Andrew believe she was Siobhan, yet apparently there was a new twist and the question was how far she would let his games go?

Much more coming…

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What will happen next?