Summary - It's been two years since their relationship changed for the better and everyone is surprised when they find out. When trouble forms Sanji and Zoro fight to protect what they love, - each other.

Author's Note

Warnings – Minor swearing and Yaoi romance.

Disclaimer – Not going to both writing one as I'm sure you've heard it all before XD

This is the first yaoi I have written and I have to say I'm quite please with it so far, so I really hope you enjoy reading it. I'll explain more about back ground info in the next chapter, like setting, character ages and so on. But for now I will leave you to read the first chapter and let me know what you think.

Thank you to my sister The Androgynous Alchemist for reading through my story.

Enjoy! : )

Unexpected Love

Chapter 1

As sleep released him from its clutches, Zoro reluctantly woke. His senses buzzed, pulling him into an unwelcome state of consciousness. His face twitched as he felt the morning sun gently warming his face, and in the back of his mind he was sure that he could hear a familiar voice calling his name.


He ignored his thoughts and snuggled deeper into the soft, plump white pillow beneath his head and nuzzled the familiar warm mass that lay beside him.


His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as his brain tried to comprehend the somewhat confusing situation.


Groaning, his right eye fluttered open, squinting at the bright light. Before he could comprehend anything, he felt a sharp jab to his left hip.

'Ow! What the-'

'Oi! Wake up you lazy git!'

He was awake in an instant, and looked down too see a very grumpy blond glaring up at him in annoyance.

'Let go of me you moron, I want to get up!' Sanji growled.

Zoro's muscular arms were wrapped tightly around Sanji's slender waist, holding him firmly against his toned chest, locking him in place. Zoro closed his good eye wearily and groaned, mumbling sleepily as he buried his face into the crook of Sanjis neck; his face twitched as soft, wispy blond hairs tickled his nose. He was interrupted from peace once more when the blond in his arms began to wriggle and squirm in frustration.

'Let me up!'

Zoro smirked groggily; his eye remained closed as he chuckled softly.

'Can't do that.'

Hearing a low growl, he looked down to see Sanji shifting in his arms so he could look him in the eye.

'And why the fuck not?' Sanji barked in response, his hair fell over his right eye like a curtain, messy and tussled from sleep.

Zoro gazed intently at the grumpy expression on his face and merely grinned.

'Didn't say please.'

'I'll make you say please in a minute right after I kick your fuc-mhhh!'

Sanji's words were cut short when Zoro leaned down and kissed him on the lips affectionately, effectively silencing him. After a brief moment, the green haired man pulled back and rubbed the sleep from his eyes; yawning loudly.

'You're too loud in the mornings…' he mumbled tiredly.

Sanji glanced at his green haired companions tired expression then looked down at the strong pair of arms still holding him firmly in place.

'Yeah, well you're too clingy,' he grinned, watching Zoro's face heat up.

Reluctantly, Zoro unwrapped his arms from Sanji's waist and watched the blond disappear into the bathroom languidly.

He glanced wearily at the clock sitting on the bedside table next to him, reading the large red numbers.


Zoro groaned in discontent and pushed himself up to rest on his elbows and ran and hand through his short, choppy green hair. As much as he'd like to stay in bed all day, he knew he couldn't. Dragging himself from the soft, white comfy bed sheets, he lifted his arms above his head and stretched, arching his back like a cat. He let out a sigh of content as he felt his muscles ache and shoulder joints pop.

There was a click and Zoro turned to see Sanji standing against the bedroom doorway, wearing nothing but a pair of black boxers and a loose fitting white pyjama shirt, all the buttons remained undone. Zoro felt his insides quiver at the sight and when he saw the appreciative look in Sanji's eyes the feeling grew.

'Like what you see love cook?' he teased.

Sanji rolled his eyes, exhaling smoke.

'You wish idiot,' he smiled.

Seeing Zoro standing in his boxers, he quickly strode over to the dresser in the corner of the room and opened the top draw; he reached in and pulled out a short sleeved grey t-shirt and tossed it in Zoro's direction.

'Get dressed, we're going shopping shit head,' he mumbled around his cigarette. Grabbing a pair of dark blue jeans, the blond returned the bathroom for a shower.

Zoro picked up the grey shirt that had landed near his feet and tossed it at the foot of the bed. He glanced over his shoulder, and noticed that Sanji had left the bathroom door wide open. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, he crept silently towards the bathroom like a predator. He could hear the clanging of the water pipes and the humming of the electric shower. Peeking through the doorway, he saw Sanji standing in the shower cubicle, rinsing the shampoo from his hair. Leaning against the doorframe, Zoro looked on; admiring the view.

He became almost hypnotised as he watched the clear water from the shower head trail down the blonds back and down his hips. Unable to contain himself, he let out a low moan of appreciation. Sanji turned around almost instantly, seeing the hungry look in the green haired mans eyes made his face heat up with embarrassment.

'It's rude to stare!' he snapped, crossing his arms in irritation.

'I don't care, ' Zoro's replied with a low growl.

Sanji reached out and snatched a wet flannel from the side of the sink and threw it at Zoro, hitting him on the shoulder with a wet smack. Zoro smirked as he looked at the flannel resting on his shoulder and the drops of water trickling down his arm.

'Ahh jeez look what you did, now I'm all wet,' he grumbled, feigning annoyance.

Sanji smirked triumphantly and turned to pick up a bar of soap. Continuing his shower, he noticed Zoro was still stood in the doorway grinning mischievously. The blond raised an eyebrow questioningly and Zoro smirked at his confused expression.

'Now I'm all wet, guess this means I'll have to join you.'

Zoro quickly slipped off his boxers and tossed them over his shoulder carelessly. Sanji couldn't help but stare at his lovers toned muscular body and the scars littering it, one covered his left eye and another stretched from his left shoulder and across to his right hip. He could feel his body tingle as he absorbed the sight.

He was staring so intently he hadn't realised that he'd dropped the soap.

'You idiot!'

'Who you callin' an idiot?' Zoro asked the skinny blond standing beside him.

'I said tangerines you moron, these are oranges!' Sanji snapped in response.

'Tangerines - smangerines, whatever. They're all the fuckin same,' Zoro grumbled.

Sanji sighed when he saw Zoro pouting.

'Don't pout moss head it doesn't suit you,' he mumbled, tossing the oranges into the shopping trolley, he pushed the trolley further down the aisle.

'Yeah? Well your face doesn't suit you curly brow,' the green haired man teased.

Sanji growled threateningly and continued to push the cart.

'I'm gunna take those oranges and stick where the sun don't shine,' he grumbled as he reached out for a bag of lemons.

Zoro leaned against the side of the trolley with his arms folded and smirked.

'I look forward to it love cook,' he purred.

'Remind me to leave you at home next time,' Sanji spluttered indignantly, his ears slowly turning pink with embarrassment.

Swiping the shopping list from Zoro's hands, he scanned through the list until he reached the bottom, his eyes resting on the last item they needed. Grinning he scrunched up the paper and shoved it into his back pocket. The blond glimpsed over his shoulder at a green crate of produce and then looked back at Zoro.

'Go get some broccoli, broccoli head.'

Zoro growled, making Sanji's grin broaden in satisfaction.

'Chop chop moss head, your family are waiting for you.'

Zoro stomped over and plucked a bag of broccoli from the crate before tossing it into the cart.

'I'd rather have green hair then a curly eyebrow,' he retorted.

Sanji hummed in amusement.

'Whatever you say broccoli.'


He threw his head back and laughed at Zoro's protest. Zoro looked at Sanji, then at the trolley next to him. Sanji followed his gaze and saw a sudden malicious glint in Zoro's visible eye. In one swift movement Zoro grabbed the trolley and ran with it, straight towards the blond in front of him.

'What the fuck are you doing?' Sanji shrieked, running down the aisle as fast as his long legs would carry him, Zoro followed closely at his heels.

Zoro grinned and laughed, chuckling with glee.

'Who's laughing now love cook?'

15 minutes later, after a long chase around the supermarket, Sanji looked on in amusement, watching Zoro struggle towards the boot of the car, juggling 8 heavy shopping bags in his arms. The green haired man growled as he watched Sanji leaning against the car bonnet, casually puffing away on a cigarette, looking as if he didn't have a care in the world. The blond grinned as he observed Zoro's obvious discontent.

'Whos laughing now?' he teased, mimicking his partners earlier words as he mumbled around his smoke.

Zoro pouted childishly as he dropped the shopping bags into the boot of the car and he shook his arms, easing the tension away.

'Laugh while you still can, when we get home I'm gunna make your life a misery,' he growled .

Sanji flicked his cigarette to the ground and crushed it beneath his shoe, grinning at the expression on Zoro's face.

'Promises promises,' he smirked. 'Now get in you moron, we haven't got all day.'

Sanji climbed into the jeep and slammed the door closed, Zoro followed soon after. When the pair were both belted up, Sanji turned the keys in the ignition and pulled out of the busy car park, muttering insults under his breath as another driver came close to hitting a wing mirror. Zoro lounged back into the cream leather seat where he currently rested, his black trainers scuffed the surface of the dashboard as he propped up his feet lazily.

'Get your feet off the dashboard you cave man!' Sanji barked, he eyes flickered towards Zoro's feet momentarily before shifting his full attention back to the road.

'Nah- don't think I will,' the green haired man retorted in amusement as he watched Sanji become more aggravated.

'You have 10 seconds algae head, to remove your feet from the dash before I stick this gear stick up your arse!'

'You seem tense cook, maybe you need a massage,' Zoro purred teasingly.

Sanji glanced at Zoro momentarily, taking in the malicious glint in his eye as felt Zoro's hand wonder across his leg. Sanjis visible eye widened almost comically as he realised what he was planning.

'Don't even think about it asshole!' he spluttered.

Zoro's hand crept further up Sanji's leg, slowly past his knee and trailed up his inner thigh. He leaned in forward, close to Sanji's ear and licked the bottom of his lobe, nipping it playfully.

'I love it when you're angry,' he whispered.

Sanji felt himself shiver at Zoro's intimate touch, his heart sped in his chest and he felt himself become hot. He grit his teeth and forced himself to concentrate on his driving.

'You're entering dangerous territory moss head,' he growled, he tried to focus on the traffic lights ahead but all he could think about was Zoro's warm touch.

'If I end up wrapping this car around a god damn tree, I swear if the crash doesn't kill you I fucking will!' he hissed, Zoro hummed in amusement.

'I look forward to it,' he growled huskily.

Zoro trailed his hand up the inside of Sanji's warm thigh and began massaging it, slowly moving his fingers in circular motions. Sanji's fingers clenched the steering wheel tightly as he tried to fight his senses. His insides buzzed and his stomach was filled with a tingly warmth, as Zoro's hand trailed dangerously higher he couldn't help but let out a low moan. Zoro nuzzled his face into the crook of Sanji's neck and chuckled in amusement at the blonds reaction.

'You know you can't stay mad at me' he mused.

Sanji groaned in response. 'No but I can try.'

It seemed as if luck was on Sanji's side as within a few minutes they finally reached the apartment block, the blond was glad; if it had been a moment longer he was not sure he could have controlled himself. He knew Zoro would never put him in immediate danger, but it still didn't stop him from worrying from time to time.

Sanji backed the car into the nearest empty parking space and put on the handbrake before pulling the keys from the ignition. He reached out for the door handle, muttering under his breath.

'Stupid moss heads and their wondering hands…'

Just as he was about to let himself out, a strong pair of hands pulled him by the collar of his shirt; before he could protest he found himself in a deep kiss. Instinctively he leaned forward, shifting himself closer to the welcoming presence next to him. Eventually when he pulled away for air, he saw Zoro's lone dark hazel eye staring back at him, the left eye concealed by a closed eyelid with a scar running across it.

Sanji's face turned pink with embarrassment as he realised Zoro had caught him staring. Zoro laughed and ruffled Sanji's hair with one hand before getting out of the car.

'Love you shit cook' he teased, slamming the door shut.

Sanji stared dumbfounded at the back of Zoro's retreating figure as he watched him head for the apartment. Suddenly something clicked in Sanji's brain, he leaned out of the car door and growled in annoyance as he realised something.

Zoro had left him to carry all the groceries from the boot of the car.

'Get back here shit head!'