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*Mufasa's P.O.V*

I had climbed the cliff face with my son in my jaws, even if I died he would be safe, he just had to be safe. I was nearly up when a wildebeest's horns smashed into my hind legs, digging into the skin and flesh, causing me to roar out in pain and release the rocky cliff face and my son, he was up on the ledge though, safe. I was under multiple hooves but I leapt out, knocking over a few wildebeests in the process and began climbing another cliff face. I saw my brother, Scar watching me as I climbed towards the top where he was, his face showing absolutely no emotion. My front paws clawed the top but started to slip, I looked to my brother, hoping he would help.

"Scar, brother, help me! Please!" I called to him.
That's when Scar grinned largely and his claws unsheathed and his front paws slammed into mine, right through the skin and into my flesh. It felt like a million little porcupine quills in my paws,the pain nearly unbearable, I roared out in pain again. I expected him to pull me up and help me get to Simba again, but instead his head moved forwards over to my left ear and he whispered.

"Long live the king"

At first Scar's words confused me, but I didn't have time to let them sink in, because almost 5 seconds after he whispered those words the threw me off the cliff face, I felt backwords towards the stampede, my claws unsheathed and I slashed at the air wildly and yelled. I also heard the screams of Simba, then I slammed into the rocky ground and felt stamping hooves on my body. Then they stopped, just all the suddenly they stopped. The cloud of dust surrounding my face soon disappeared and I coughed some, a bit of blood dripping past my lips. My eyes slowly opened, they felt very heavy, but I forced them open. I then noticed the extreme amount of pain I was in and winced, my left hind leg was most certainly broken, my tail was a bit crushed.

My head ,neck, spine, and front legs were surprising unbroken, though they were a bit bruised. My right side was bruised and a little tore up, but I would heal. I attempted to get up but I felt way too weak, so I yelled.

"SIMBA! SIMBA MY SON, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" I screamed, my throat burning from the dust I had breathed in.

heard claws climbing down a cliff face and the reply. "Yes father I'm alright, a-are you okay?" He questioned.

"Yes son, I'm sure I will be alright." I responded coughing up a little more blood.

Soon my vision cleared up and I saw my son approaching me, I smiled a bit. "Son, can you go get help?"

Simba nodded. "But first dad, I'm so sorry this happened. This is all my fault. I-i…"

My son had a few tears running down his face.

"Simba no this isn't your fault…" I responded, a look of worry on my face.

"N-no it is. U-uncle S-scar brought me here and told me he had a surprise for you and I. I didn't stay put, I chased a lizard to practice my roar, I think I startled the herd."

"No Simba, you didn't cause this. First off I doubt that your roar could've reached the herd all the way where they were. Second, you said Scar brought you here?"

"Yes dad, h-he did, why?"

"Simba, Scar through me off the cliff into the herd…I bet this was all a part of his plan…"

The look of shock, betrayal, and pure anger all spread across Simba's face, he shook his head slowly.

"No, he couldn't have, that's…that's not possible, he's a part of our family, he wouldn't kill his own family, would he?"

"I'm sorry son, but it's the truth" Was my only response, I felt bad about telling Simba this, but he needed to know Scar was to no longer be trusted. "We can't trust him anymore."

Simba gave a small sad nod then ran off towards pride rock to get help, and I sighed in pain once more. 'At least my son is safe' I thought and nodded. 'And at least I'm still alive'

*Scar's P.O.V*

I watched in shock and confusion at the scene before me, my brother had survived and now his son went to get help, I had to stop this, I had to kill the king, but his son probably knew what I did too! I had to kill them both and fast.

Panic and fear consumed me, if the lionesses found out I'd be exiled, or worse, killed or tortured… I gulped at the thoughts but shook them away and quickly roared to the three hyenas that I had ordered to follow me just in case Simba survived.

Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed all walked up behind me, Shenzi looking confused, Banzai looking hungry, and Ed looking stupid as usual.

"What is it Scar?" Shenzi questioned, confusion and a tad bit of worry in her voice.

"And where's our dinner?" Banzai demanded.

Ed said nothing but stuck his tongue out and attempted to look serious.

I sighed, attempting to keep the fear out of my voice. "The king survived, and his son is running to get help. Quickly, kill Simba and I'll take care of Mufasa."

The three hyenas gasped, their eyes widened in shock, but they quickly nodded and ran off towards the direction of Simba. I honestly hope they'll catch Simba and kill him before he reaches Pride Rock.
I began to climb down the cliff face, once I reached the bottom I heard Mufasa growl, he knew I was there, but he was too weak to get up, this would be easy, hopefully. I slinked forwards and Mufasa continued growling and hissing at me, I ran the rest of the way to him and soon I was face to face with my brother. I brought up my right paw, claws unsheathed, I nearly had my paw on his throat when his right paw slammed across my face and caused me to stagger backwards some.

I hadn't realized his front paws were fine, he cringed after his attack though, he was weak, but not as weak as I had suspected. It didn't look like he was going anywhere soon so I decided to go after Simba with the Hyenas, they were known for not being able to dispose of him…I growled as I thought back to the elephant graveyard. Had those fools been able to kill Simba and Nala, maybe right now Mufasa would be dead! I sighed, I couldn't entirely blame the hyenas, they did nearly have the cubs until my brother came into the picture and nearly killed them. I thought more about my plans and how they had backfired lately. Maybe it was something I did? Maybe it was the hyenas? Maybe I'm just not as clever as I thought, or perhaps Mufasa and Simba are smarter than I thought…Hm, either way I'm so close and I'm not letting that cub ruin everything! I then noticed I was already in the grass, I could see pride rock in the distance, I must've gotten carried away in my thoughts. I broke into a trot, then a sprint, then a full out run, racing as fast as my legs could carry me. Simba had gotten pretty far already when I called in the hyenas, but hopefully they were able to slow him down some.

My heart beat quickened and adrenalin pumped all throughout my body, I was starting to get tired when I heard growling and hissing. Yes! The hyenas did slow Simba down! I slowed down to a trot and listened for the growling and hissing and followed the direction, soon I parted some of the tall grass and saw Simba curled in a ball, slashing at Shenzi's face, Banzai and Ed standing behind him, laughing at the small lion.

"So you three did slow him down." I said, a sigh of relief forming.

Banzai began to speak. "We saw him running ba-"

He was cut off by Shenzi who smacked him to shut him up, he rubbed his cheek with his left paw, frowning and glaring at her.

"Y-yeah he caught him half way to pride rock." She said looking side to side.
I was a tad bit suspicious but shook it off and stepped forwards over to Simba, a large grin on my face.

"Hello nephew…" I hissed in a low whisper.

Simba glared at me and slashed at my face, I easily dodged his small claws and laughed at him.
"You tried to kill my father…" Simba growled. "And me."

"Well no one will be the wiser…" I cackled and lifted a paw, claws unsheathed. I put a claw under his chin and got ready to slice downwards when I heard multiple angry lioness roars and heard the grass crunching under multiple paws.

I gulped, turned and booked it, the three hyenas following close behind. My plan had completely failed, I had to get away and fast, return to the elephant graveyard, maybe get another plan, but even if I did kill Simba and Mufasa with a new plan, who's to say the lionesses wouldn't just kill me too and find another male lion? Ah, but there were other no male lions for miles, they would need someone close by to rule them, I'm sure they would have to accept me as leader. But even if they didn't, I would still have killed my brother and his son. I nodded to myself, yes a new plan needed to be hatched, and I had a small idea already forming.

*Mufasa's P.O.V*

I gave a small gulp of fear, Scar had just run after my son. Please Simba, please have already reached Priderock, please help be on the way. I sighed heavily and pawed the ground slightly with my right front paw, I wish I could get up and walk home. I closed my eyes and decided to take a nap until they got here.

*A few moments later*

"Down here mom, hurry!"

The sound of my son's voice a woke me from my sleep, my eyelids arose slowly and I yawned, forgetting about what happened for a moment, then I quickly remembered the stampede. I heard multiple claws clacking on the rocks and pebbles and soon my mate, Sarabi came into view along with the other lionesses. Even Nala was here, her mother, Sarafina following very close behind. Only when I saw my son unhurt and safe did I sigh in relief.
"M-mister Mufasa! A-are you alright?" Nala questioned, her eyes huge.

"Simba told us everything that happened dear, we're so lucky you're still alive." Sarabi responded to me, tears welling in her eyes. "I'm not sure what we would have done without you."

"I can't believe Scar would do such a thing…And to his own brother and nephew…" Sarafina mumbled to no one in particular.

"We picked up Scar's scent along with three hyenas and Simba after he ran off to come back to you without us, we feared the worse but he was fine thank goodness." Sarabi explained to me.

My eyes widened at this information. "So he's still in the pride lands?"
Sarafina shook her head. "No sir, last I smelt of his scent trail, he was heading back towards the Elephant graveyard, along with the Hyenas."

"So he's working with the Hyenas?" I half questioned half stated.

"Must be." Sarabi replied. "Come on my love, we must get you home and your wounds treated."

I nodded and attempted to stand, pain coursing through my body as I stood on three legs. I shook for a moment before multiple lionesses came and supported me. We all began to slowly walk back towards pride rock, Nala and Simba ahead of the group, chattering about something, but I couldn't quite hear what they were talking about. I just hoped Scar would stay away from my son, and away from my pride…Or else he would be in deep trouble.

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