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One day will at Mount Justice, Conner overhears Black Canary, Superman, and Batman talking about him; and he decides to take a break from it all and see the sights around Happy Habor. But when he meets Alexandra, everything changes; and of course, a new villain just has to show up sooner or later.

Chapter 1:
Third Person
Location: Mount Justice

It was a typical day at Mount Justice. Wally was flirting with Megan, as she was baking some cookies. Dick and Kaldur were playing a video game, and Artemis was reading a book on the couch. Conner was on the opposite couch with Wolf sitting beside him on the floor. Batman and Black Canary were working on a new training program for the team.

Everything was going normal until the Zeta-Beam came online.

"Recognize Superman S01," the computer said, before Superman appeared. He didn't even spare the team a glance before walking off to find Batman. Conner looked around and saw that none of the team seemed to have noticed Superman's arrive. He looked around the room one more time, before getting up and following after Superman with Wolf following after him.

By the time Conner found where Superman and Batman were, they were in a heated discussion about Lex Luthor.

"So you was someone to get close to him," Batman said,typing things into the computer.

"Yes, Robin could-" Superman started.

"Conner would be the better choice," Batman said, turning around to face Superman.

"But Robin-" Superman tried again.

"Would be noticed if something went wrong," Batman said.

"Wally is-" Superman suggested.

"Is too much like his uncle," Batman said.

"Artemis,"Superman said.

"Too untrained to go uncover," Black Canary said, from her spot leaning against the wall.

"Aqualad...M'gann," Superman said.

"Aren't connected with the outside world enough," Batman said.

"And the clone is," Superman countered.

"Conner...He's name is Conner," Black Canary said.

"He can't be trusted," Superman said.

"Wrong...you don't trust him; everyone else does," Black Canary snapped.

"So then he shouldn't have this mission-or any other mission," Superman said.

"And you should learn to watch what you say," Batman said, looking straight at Conner; and Black Canary turned around and saw Conner standing in the doorway. Conner looked Superman in the eyes, before turning, and walking away.

"How long did you know he was standing there," Superman said, turning to Batman, after a few minutes.

"What do you care-like you said, he's just a clone," Black Canary said, before going after him.

Going into the living room, Black Canary found the other teen superheroes involved in various activities but no sign of Conner.

"Where's Conner," she asked, catching the team's attention.

"He was heading towards the hanger," Dick said, "He looked like he needed some air."

"Yeah, so we figured we'd give him a few minutes to cool off," Wally said.

"Crap," Black Canary said, before sprinting towards the hanger. When she got there, she saw Wolf staring out the open hanger doors.

"Well, as least I know he's coming back," Black Canary said, scratching behind Wolk's ear. Wolf nodded his head and laid down, preparing to wait for Conner to return. Black Canary knelt down with Wolf and contuined to scratch and pet him. She found it odd that Conner could make the strangest connections with weirdest (and most loyal) creatures. It was the same thing that Superman could do.

'Those two are more alike that Superman would care to admit,' Black Canary thought, before she heard Wolf start to growl. Turning around, she saw as Superman and Batman approaching.

"Seems like animals still don't like you," Superman said, reaching out to pet Wolf. Wolf growled and snapped towards Superman.

"I'm not the one he's upset with," Batman said, walking to Wolf and petting his head.

"He sees you as a threat to his master so you get the hackles," Black Canary said.

"I don't mean any harm...I'm just saying that I don't trust it with-" Superman started.

"That 'it' you keep talking about is a seventeen year old boy that needs you to stop acting like a idiot and be the mentor he needs," Black Canary said.

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