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Chapter 6:
Third Person
Location: Alex's backyard

"So Conner, Alex tells us you're new to Happy Habor," Alex's dad, Emmett, said, before flipping a burger on the grill.

"Yes, Sir," Conner said, watching Alex and Nicole go inside to the kitchen.

"How do you like it here," Emmett asked.

"I like it alot," Conner said, "Alex has need showing me around."

"And you like spending time with my daughter," Emmett said, staring at Conner.

"Yes, Sir," Conner said.

"Why," Emmett asked, his stare slowly morphing into a glare.

"Uhm..." Conner trailed off, looking around for Alex for help.

"Emmett, leave that poor boy alone," Alex's mother, Martha, said, coming up behind her husband and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Conner, can you go help the girls in the kitchen," Martha said.

"Sure thing," Conner said, going to the house.

"So," Martha asked, when Conner was inside the house.

"I like him," Emmett said.

"Then maybe you should lighten up on him," Martha said.

"Not gonna happen," Emmett said.

"Why not," Martha asked.

"I want him to be afraid of me," Emmett said.

"Men," Martha said, rolling her eyes.


"So Conner seems nice," Nicole said, as she fixed the salad, while Alex mixed the lemonade.

"He is nice," Alex said.

"And who knows, mom and dad might be okay with you two dating," Nicole said.

"What," Alex almost yelled, turning to her sister.

"You don't have to pretend with me, sweetie...You've been out with him every day for a week, and you let him 'rescue' you...Please. You have to be dating," Nicole said.

"It's not like that," Alex said, blushing.

"Yeah right," Nicole said, and then Conner came into the kitchen.

"Your mom sent me to help," Conner said, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Great...you can grab the chips," Nicole said, picking up the salad bowl and then turned to Alex, "and we'll talk later."

"What was that," Conner asked, when Nicole was gone.

"Nothing," Alex said, handing Conner three bags of chips, "So are my parents being normal?"

"I think your dad hates me," Conner said,

"It's not you, Conner," Alex said, picking up the lemonade and heading outside.

"There what is it," Conner asked, following after Alex.

"It's your gender," Alex said, laughing.

"Well, thanks, that makes me feel great," Conner mumbled. Alex smiled at Conner and set the lemonade down on the table.

"Help me set the plates," Alex asked.

"Sure," Conner said.


Location: Mount Justice

The team was in the living room watching a movie together, when the Zeta Beam came online.

"Recognize Superman S01...Recognize Batman B01," the computer said, as Superman and Batman materialized. Batman looked at the teenagers spread about the room, and noticed that Conner wasn't there.

"When's Superboy," He asked, drawing Superman's attention to Conner's absence.

"Don't know...He's been disappearing everyday and gets back before patrol," Wally said, before stuffing a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

"Where's he go," Superman asked.

"No clue...He usually just needs a break from everything," Dick said, looking to Batman.

"Uhm..." Batman said, before walking away.

"You don't seem concerned," Superman said, as he and walking out of the living room.

"He's a teenage," Batman said, dismissively.

"Why aren't you ordering Robin to follow it," Superman said, grabbing Batman's arm.

"Because that 'it' had to spend all night with you; so if he need a break during the day, I see no problem with it," Batman said, removing Superman's arm from him.

"Aren't you the one who said there's no breaks in this job," Superman said.

"True...but there are breaks from you," Batman said, walking away from Superman.


Location: Alex's front porch

"So that was fun," Alex said. Her and Conner were seating on the porch swing.

"Your dad glaring at me and asking more questions than the Spanish Inquisition; or your sister making you blush every five minutes," Conner said, leaning back.

"I wasn't blushing," Alex said, looking away to hide her blush.

"Yes, you were," Conner said.

"I was not," Alex said.

"Was too," Conner said, smiling.





"Not...And I swear to God if you don't stop it, I'll smack you," Alex threatened.

"Sorry...my mistake," Conner said.

"You're coming to my karaoke tournament in two week, right," Alex asked.

"Wouldn't miss it," Conner said, and then his phone beeped.


"I gonna go," Conner said, getting up and walk over to Sphere.

"Nite," Alex said.

"Nite," Conner said.