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The Legend of Dragoon: Awakened Heroes

Adventure/Romance and some humor

Rated Teen

Summary: 10,000 years ago, a great war occurred in the Continent of Endiness, the Dragon Campaign; no one knows what happened during that great war except Dragons were used in that war. Now, legend said that if a great evil were to appear 10,000 years later, warriors from the Continent of Endiness who bear the powers of Dragons called Dragoons and warriors from different worlds called Awakened Heroes will appear in the Continent of Endiness to save it and the endless worlds across the stars by a summoning and a gate called the Queen's Gate, all in the form of girls who appeared out of thin air and the male and female warriors who did not came to this world through the Queen's Gate, but in the form of shooting stars before they appear. Our story focuses on 23 year old Dart Feld who is on a journey to find a mysterious 'Black Monster' who has destroyed his hometown of Neet and killed his parents. He one day returns to find his adoptive home of Seles under attack by the Imperial Sandora Empire and the same enemy has kidnapped his childhood friend, Shana. When he was attacked by Sandora troops, something strange happen, three mysterious people appeared out of nowhere, a young 13 year old girl named Zoey Hanson and two swordsmen named Lloyd Irving and Asbel Lhant. After helping our hero Dart, Dart realizes the three of them have amnesias and they don't recall where they're from, but they know how to fight and they agree to help Dart rescue Shana from Hellena Prison. But what starts off as a rescue turns out to be something more. First ever Legend of Dragoon/Mew Mew Power/ Tales of the World Crossover. Pairings: Dart X Shana, Zoey X Elliot when she returns to her world and more. Rated teen for violence, strong language, nudity, and blood.

Disclaimer: I don't own jack, and the list of anime and games will be at the end of this chapter.

I thought on that distant day "this was the end"

But now I can say it was the "beginning" of my flight

Your warmth fills the gap between the palm of my hand and chest

With our hearts joined as one I'll search for a future with you

I want to protect you

I want to be protected

Even when we can't always meet

Because every second

We become stronger

While staring up at the huddled stars in the vast night sky

Beyond an irreplaceable today tomorrow is born

I want to cherish this atmosphere passing between us

From our honest hearts we can become kind

I won't forget

Being with you

And the warmth we share

I can feel the one thing

That illuminates the future

I wish the sadness that piles up

Gently melts away


And Always

I want to protect you

I want to be protected

Even when we can't always meet

Because every second

You and I become stronger

I won't forget

The wish that was reborn

When I met you

I believe in it


I want to protect it all

I want to protect it all

Official English Version

Think of days with no hope so alone in the dark I cried so many tears

Now I know now I know the page was turning chapter one in my book of love

But you came and you showed me that dreams can come true

I want you to know my hearts glows from your touch

In your arms all my pain inside washes right through

Together we'll find the way

I believe your love I believe in our love

No matter what I know our aim is true

Every step we take our love will grow stronger

I wish that two hearts could be one

Here we are hand in hand we watch the stars up in the sky they're shining down on us

We can share everyday in every way we hold the promise of tomorrow

Hold me tight wanna feel you close don't let me go

I want us to be until the end of time

Call my name any time when your heart feels sorrow

I'll wipe the tears from your face

I'll be there for you I'll be right by your side

I promise to cherish eternally

You're the only one to lead me through this life

I wish that our hearts could be one

Seasons are changing (the) snow's coming down now

Melting from traces of our love

Never be alone

Forever more

I believe your love I believe in our love

No matter what I know our aim is true

Every step we take our love will grow stronger

I wish that two hearts could be one

I'll be there for you I'll be right by your side

I promise to cherish eternally

You're the only one to lead me through this life

I wish that our hearts could be one

I wish that our hearts could be one

Arc 1: Serdian War

Chapter 1: The Red Swordsman

Night has fallen on a small town, a small thick fog rolled in. There was a sound of a whistling sound and fire rained down from nowhere. The fire arrows began burning the town.

Suddenly, soldiers riding strange horse like creatures began attacking the town. People began running for their lives as the soldiers began killing them off. A tower's glass window shatters into many pieces.

Then, the soldiers lead their commander, a commander clad in armour with a cape and his face is completely masked in a helmet. The commander got off the horse. "Quick, commander. This way." A soldier stated, leading the commander to where the soldiers are gathering. The soldiers were around an 18 year old girl who has brown hair, wore a white dress with brown gold armaments for clothes and brown shoes sleeping.

"So… This is her." The commander kneeled down and his soldiers gave him a crystal blue jewel and the commander held it near the girl's forehead. 30 seconds later, the jewel responded and a strange symbol appeared on the girl's forehead. "Hmm… Indeed." The commander got up and turned to face his subordinate and said "Put her in custody." The commander gave the jewel back to his subordinate and walked off.

As he was walking back to his steed, he said "Is this really necessary?" He asked. "It is as his Majesty, Emperor Doel commands." A strange hooded man walked up beside the commander. "We have taken that girl into custody." The commander stated, and then he added "Who is she?"

"That is not your concern…" The hooded man looked up, so did the commander. It was raining shooting stars. "Shooting stars? It's kinda late for shooting stars to appear during this year…" The commander muttered.

The hooded man smirked evilly. "They're more than shooting stars… there is a sign something is coming…" The hooded man stated darkly. The commander said nothing as the soldiers ride off to a location to where they will keep the girl in.

Morning came, on a side of a cliff, a woman with black hair and ore black blue armor was watching the forest. The thunder roared. Suddenly, birds flew away, the woman turned to see a mantis like dragon rising out of the forest. The dragon roared. "The Green Tusked Dragon, Feyrbrand…" The woman muttered. Then, the woman then leaped down to the forest using pillars.

Now we turn to see a 23 year old man who has blond hair, wore red armor and a red bandana and has a sword sheathed on his hip reading a notice he found.

"Hmm… Chance of war more likely." The man muttered as he put the note away. He folded his arms and looked at the sky. "I hope it's just a rumor…" He stated. Suddenly, he heard horse footsteps. "Hmm?" The man wondered as he got up from his spot.

He saw the soldiers leaving through their horses, as soon as they were gone; the man looked at the direction they were going. He was about to wonder till two soldiers on their horses stopped as soon as they saw him.

"Who are you!" The first soldier demanded. "Are you a mercenary of Basil?" A second soldier added. The first soldier pointed his spear at the man and shouted "Answer!" The man frowned as he got out his sword and readies himself for battle. "What are you doing!" The second soldier growled as he and his comrade were about to attack. "Are you drawing a sword against us!" The first soldier spat.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. "Wh, what is!" The soldiers gasped, then two green giant legs came crashing down. The soldiers fled in terror. "What the hell is that!" The man gawked as he readies himself.

The man dodged some of the dragon's attacks as soon as it rears its ugly head. But the dragon managed to get him with its teeth. "Argh!" The man held his shoulder, it was bleeding a little. "I gotta do something before I'm killed!" The man gritted his teeth as he ran for his life, the dragon gave pursuit.

The man dodged a tree falling on him as the dragon called Feyrbrand was gaining on him.

The man hid behind some bushes and catches a moment to catch his breath. "What a monster!" He panted. He heard Feyrbrand's roar, indicating it's coming closer. "It's coming!" The man sweat dropped as Feyrbrand came into fear, the man hit a rock and grunted, he leaped up, the woman from before came in and grabbed him and they hid behind a huge rock. Feyrbrand looked for its prey for about 4 minutes.

"Who the hell are you!" The man demanded. The woman hushed him as the two of them peaked to see Feyrbrand hitting a canyon. "If you don't want to die…" The woman whispered. They see Feyrbrand giving up its search and stomps off. The man stood up and bowed in gratitude and said "Thank you for saving me." The woman said nothing as she turned to see Feyrbrand's direction.

"What the hell was that!" The man demanded. "It's a Dragon." The woman stated. "Dragon!" The man gasped ins hock. The woman turned to face the man and told him "But it's strange… That village could've been easily destroyed without A Dragon." The woman said darkly.

"The village…?" The man raised an eyebrow, and then he gasped after realizing what she meant. "Are you talking about Seles!" He demanded. "Then those soldiers were!" The man gritted his teeth angrily.

He was about to rush towards where Seles is till the woman stopped him. "There won't be anything left by now." She told him grimly. "Seles is my village!" The man yelled at her before running off.

Suddenly, the woman's pendant began to glow. "Oh my god!" The woman gasped in awe. She stared at the running man. "Then that man must be…? No. There is no way." Then the woman's second pendant began to glow. She looked at the sky in thought. 'They must be here…' She thought to herself.

The man rushed towards a hill and saw Seles burning to the ground, but almost. He was in shock. "The village!" The man gasped in horror. Then, with anger, he slams his fist down and yelled "Damn it!" He looked up and with hope; he said "There must be survivors! I got to save them!" The man swore as he ran down the hill.

To be continued…

Ending theme for Arc 1: Bleach Ending 1

Nobody knows who I really am,

I've never felt this empty before.

And if I ever need someone to come along,

Who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong?

We are all rowing the boat of fate

The waves keep on coming

and we can't escape

But if we ever get lost on our way

The waves will guide you

through another day

Tooku de iki wo shiteru

toumei ni natta mitai

Kurayami ni omoeta kedo

mekakushi sareteta dake

Inori wo sasagete

atarashii hi wo matsu

Azayaka ni hikaru umi

sono hate made ee~

Nobody knows who I really am

Maybe they just don't give a damn

But if I ever need someone to come along

I know you will follow me

and keep me strong

Hito no kokoro wa utsuri yuku

nukedashitaku naru

Tsuki wa mata atarashii shuuki

de mune wo tsureteku

And every time I see your face

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The oceans lead out to my heart

You make me wanna strain at the oars

And soon I can't see the shore

Oh, I can't see the shore...

When will I see the shore?

I want you to know who I really am

I never thought I'd feel

this way toward you

And if you ever need someone to come along

I will follow you and keep you strong

Tabi wa mada tsuzuiteku

odayaka na hi mo

Tsuki wa mata atarashii shuuki

de mune wo terashidasu

Inori wo sasagete

atarashii hi wo matsu

Azayaka ni hikaru umi

sono hate made

And everytime I see your face

The oceans lead out to my heart

You make me wanna strain at the oars

And soon I can't see the shore

Unmei no fune wo kogi

nami wa tsugi kara tsugi e to

Watashi-tachi wo osou kedo

sore mo suteki na tabi ne

Dore mo suteki na tabi ne...

Next chapter preview:

Man: My name is Dart Feld, I am a traveling swordsman who is searching for a monster, I return to Seles to find it under attack. Then just as two Sandora soldiers were about to attack me, something strange happened, a girl with red hair, and two young men appeared out of nowhere and aid me in battle. Who are they? And what happened to Shana? Next time on The Legend of Dragoon: Awakened Heroes: The Otherworlders. See you there!

A/N: And that is my first chapter of my brand new fic! You see, I first wrote this fic after downloading and playing The Legend of Dragoon from the PSN. It was a well known 2000 Playstation 1 game and I can see why I have been missing out on this game over the years. And then, after hearing about Tales of the World: Tactics Union, I decide to imprint the plot with my own ways into this story. So I decide to try to work both on this fic and my Xenoblade fanfic at the same time. Anyway, here is the list of crossovers for this fic, I decided to keep it a far amount.




Card Captor Sakura

Unchained Blades


Green Green

Love Hina

Queen's Gate

And finally, Azumanga Daioh.

So stay tune for the second chapter! See you there!