This is a series of drabbles, more of my thoughts on the 00 cyborgs and their vows to use their powers for Good. Wrote these in numerical order, will post them that way. The idea is that what Black Ghost gave each of them (ability to fly, enhanced sight/hearing, super speed etc) is not their's.

My brain was my father's greatest creation, a notch in his belt of accomplishments. It was never meant to belong to me, but he gave it to me before I knew what I was like before he granted me the vast knowledge. And at this time he chose to hand me over to a monster that hides in the minds of men like himself. My mind was not to be mine, but I have stolen it, for I know no other life. My memory before such a weighty tool was thrust into my hands was not built on developed foundations and I am afraid I can not recall my human life. So I will accept what I have become knowing naught but the life I live with my fellow misfits. And this mind shall be mine, and I shall use it against evil, and then I shall use it to better my planet, my home I call Earth.