My speed is my greatest asset these days. And I can't really claim it as my own, as a part of myself that I was destined to have. It was forced into me, through surgery and pain, and the removal of something that I have always cherished. My humanity, my weakness to bullets and to little oxygen, these are things I took for granted as a child, and now I wish I had them. They were stolen from me, and I was made into a perfect soldier, a weapon beyond anything the world had yet to see. My speed, my accelerator, that's what I say, but I didn't want it, didn't ask for it, didn't create it. It's something I use, but I don't understand it. I can't tell you how it works, or how it was put into me. I just know that I can use it for whatever time I have left to betray the evil which invented it.

It should belong to them, but just as they stole from me so I became a thief to protect myself, and the world, and my comrades. I'm not alone thankfully, we each have something that isn't technically ours. And together we use these things to prevent such tragedy from happening to future generations. We give these strengths to the universe. I will one day own this speed, for when the last of Black Ghost is gone there will be no one to claim it, no one to say I am their failed experiment. Only then can I be free and look to my future, until then it is not my future, it is the future of this entire populace. And someday I can say that it was my efforts that saved this Earth. When that day comes we'll all be free, and then we can own ourselves again, own our strengths and our weaknesses, and own our destinies.