Hey guys this is my first fan fic so be nice its m.i high a bit more romantic then the show and i hope you enjoy.

It was a normal day at st hopes school. Rose having her head stuck in a science book and Blane with Stewart pretending to listen about alien sightings while actually having his eyes stuck on daisy. While daisy was with Zara and kaleigh talking about and hair and buff celebs. She obviously didn't care about handsome celebrities she only cared about Blane but would never show it. There were just to many reasons why she would never reveal her true feelings for him. Firstly Zara and Kaleigh would tell the whole world about and blow it out of proportion then if they ever broke up [which she knows would never happen] it would affect there spy work. In addition she also thought that he didn't like her and thought she was a drama/fashion queen [which is what she is] and would never like someone like her but she was totally wrong.

Blane POV

Wow she looks so gorgeous today maybe ill go over and talk to her but i cant leave Stewart and kaleigh and Zara are there and i know what they will say. If only i didn't have these feelings my life would be so easy but then id hate life without daisy.

Rose POV

[Reading science text book] A typical hurricane produces the energy equivalent of 8,000 one megaton bombs

Daisy POV

I wonder what Blane favorite colour is. I bet i have it in nail polish maybe ill ask him in are next mission. Or is that desperate?

The bell goes and registrations over.

OK class settle down today we are going to learn about the middle ages

Class moans

Suddenly the rubber part of the spies 3 pencils start flashing red and there hands spring up.

Daisy goes first and does a perfect cry saying how her grandpa is really ill and it will help him if he hears her voice. Ms temple man lets her go with sympathy. Then its blanes turn and he says he has to help Mr flatley set up his Morris dancing class and says he told her to confuse her she lets him go. Then rose is asked what she wants and the pressure of telling a lie gets to her and she comes out with the only one in her head... I need to go to the toilet. Ms tempalmen sighs and lets her go.

"What took you" says daisy, The toilet lie again"

Rose sighs and puts her finger on the scanner and opens the cupboard door. Daisy and Blane stand next to each other with the awkwardness of not looking into eachothers eyes he then pulls the leaver and down they go rushing 20 ft underground there school.

So its not the longest story but i promise it going to be good and i hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow i will upload chapter 2 thankyouu for reading and please put your comments below xxx christina