Hi everyone heres chapter 9 love you guys who are reading this story enjoy Christinaxxx

"I found something" rose yelled with excitement. Blane and Daisy stopped staring at eachother and ran over to Rose. "What did you find" Daisy asked. Well its actually not someones suliva its a highly dangerous chemical that could kill you instantly. So why aren't you dead Blane and Daisy said. Rose replied with a straight face "because im wearing gloves"Daisy and Blane nodded there heads and Rose carried on talking. "Do you know were the letter is from Daisy asked. "No but im going to scan the letter and chemical to see if anything comes up in the FBI/Mi9 data files." Lenny said there's no point you to being here you can go if you want" "Go?" Blane replied. "Do you want us out of here" he carried on. "No of course not but there's no point you to being here until iv scanned it which takes at least 24 hours"Blane made a grunt noise but Daisy was ecstatic. "Maybe we can go find some good shops" She ran to lift then stopped. Are you coming Blane and got in the lift. Blane gave a stern look at rose saying i hate you. Rose smiled and got back to watching the computer scan the evidence. Blane did is swag walk to the lift,went in and the doors closed and whooshed them up faster then the st hopes lift. They got out and left for the shops with a nod from Lenny who had a briefcase with him. They started walking around through the park just the two of them running around chasing eachother, walking while holding hands looking at there unknown surroundings. After awhile Daisy said "Can we go shopping now". "Do you have any money" "Yes" she said in an annoying voice. "I have 20 dollars actually" "Wow that's a lot" She hit him with her purse in a playful way, got up and walked to a cafe across the road. Blane ran after her because people were whistling and shouting "hey baby" Blane ran after so they could all see he was hers. Not theres his. For once the beautiful,hot. popular girl he loved was with him. He was not going to let her go.

It was getting late. They had been out for 7 hours. "We better get back" said Blane "Lenny and Rose will be wondering we were are". "OK but these shoes are killing my feet". Blane looked into her blue eyes and couldn't stand to see her in pain even if it was blisters so he did what any gentlemen would do. He bent down facing the other way and she climbed on to him holding on to his neck. He piggybacked all the way back to the HQ in Washington. They got into the lift and went down again, to find rose asleep on the computer with the evidence right next to her. They woke her up and she told them some news.

So your probably thinking that t was really short but i am working on making them longer just thinking of making them better and better

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