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The sky was getting darker as Kagome ran behind her cousin, Kikyo, as they ran through the forest. "Slow down, cousin." She called to her, breathless. She had just begun her training when she found out that Kikyo was being sent to another temple. Kagome shivered, not wanting to think about that. Kikyo said that she would protect me and she hasn't lied yet. Kagome reasoned, as she continued to run even though her sides were burning and her legs felt like jello.

"We must keep running." Kikyo called back to her younger cousin. They had to get away from the high priest. He had told her that she had to leave and live in another temple for training, while Kagome stayed behind. She didn't like the thought of it but when she looked in the old priest eyes she seen something that worried her. Danger. Kikyo knew then that she had to protect Kagome no matter the cost. "When I don't feel them on our trail then we may stop." Kikyo reassured Kagome. Kagome nodded, trying to keep up.

Kagome was scared at the fact that she would be left at the temple alone with the priest when they sent her older cousin away. She didn't want to think that they would hurt her but she could just feel their eyes on her. Kagome didn't notice when Kikyo had stopped and ran into her. She regained her balance and stared at the back of her cousin.

"What is it, Kiki?" Kagome whispered, grabbing a hold of her sleeve and glanced around to see if she could see anything.

"They are close." She told Kagome, "But there is a strange aura coming from the left." Kikyo looked down at Kagome. "What should we do?" Kikyo asked, she knew that very soon the priests would reach their location and take her back. Kikyo knew what was to become of her, and she silently trembled at the thought.

Kagome stretched out her senses to see if she could feel the odd aura. She gasped when she felt as though she was being drawn to it. She looked back up at Kikyo "Lets go to the aura." She said as she lead the way. Kikyo followed, never in her life had her younger cousin ever took control or lead. Kikyo smiled, There is hope for her after all.

Both girls could hear the priests behind them. They were now running towards the strange aura that was drawing them. When they came into a clearing they both stopped and looked around.

"Kikyo, look!" Kagome cried as she spotted a old well. "The aura is coming from the well."

Kikyo walked pass Kagome to get closer to the well and looked down. "Yes but there is nothing down here." Kikyo looked back at Kagome and gasped. She thought they wouldn't reach them this soon.

Kagome turned to see the reason that Kikyo froze. The priests had found them. They were spread out just in case they tried to run again. She started to tremble with fear, when she seen the evil look in their eyes. She knew that she had to get to her cousin, so she turned and ran. "Kikyo help!" Kagome yelled at her older cousin. She knew that her cousin would protect her.

Kikyo watched as Kagome came running at her. Kikyo then noticed that the priests had followed suit. They were closing in on them faster than Kagome could run. Kikyo knew that they couldn't run from them any more they would have to hide. Kikyo looked down into the well seeing that it was deep enough to protect them but not enough to kill her if they fell. Without a hesitation she knew she would grab her cousin and fall into the well. The priests would not be able to touch them. When Kagome was close enough Kikyo grabbed her cousin and fell back into the well. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the faces when she hit bottom.

When she didn't feel the bottom of the well she looked up and seen that they were surrounded in a blue green light. Kikyo hoped that where ever they ended up they would be together and happy. The last thought Kikyo had was of her cousin. She must protect her at all cost.

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