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Sesshoumaru stood in his room in a daze. Shaking his head he sheathed Bakusagia and tried to remember the last thing that happened. He looked over and there laying on the bed was the one that he had went to retrieve. Sesshoumaru quickly called the guards and asked then how they returned and who all returned.

Finding that everyone in the group returned to the castle was good news but what had him puzzled was how they arrived. His guards told him that one minute their rooms were empty and then they were sleeping. The guards said that they assumed that the group did not want to be bothered since they had snuck in. Dismissing the guard he shut the door and turned to see that Kagome was awake. Sesshoumaru crossed the room in a manner of seconds and grabbing her in his arms and bringing her to his chest.

"Forgive me for not protecting you, koi." Sesshoumaru whispered into Kagomes hair. Kagome pulled back and noticed that his once emotionless eyes were swirling with all kinds of emotions. Then it hit her what he had called her. Koi? Kagome's eyes grew wide in wonder. Does he really love me?

Sesshoumaru smiled as he looked down at the miko who changed his entire life in no more than a month. Brushing her hair out of her face he kissed her gently. Letting her get use to the idea that he might have feelings for her. He knew it took him a while before he let his beast know that he was right about the little onna in his arms. He finally pulled back for her need of oxygen.

"I..." Sesshoumaru started then froze. He had never said the words before and really had no idea if it was right. He could see that Kagome was smiling at him.

"I love you, Lord Sesshoumaru." Kagome told him to ease his worries. She knew that he was new to this whole this as well as she but she was a woman and it was a little easier for her to express her feelings than a man. When Sesshoumaru looked down and kissed her again she thought she might just melt right then and there but he pulled away seconds later.

"And I you, Koi. And I you." He told her as he peppered her face with kisses. Just then Sesshoumaru's' bed rooms doors bursted open to reveal a tired Inuyasha and Kikyo. They both ran to their family first then switched. Not long after they arrived the rest of the group showed up. Kagome was thankful that everyone was fine and well. They even had two new additions. Kagura and Kanna. Kagome looked up at her king and smiled. She would have to speak to him about letting Kagura run the castle since no one else would want it. Smiling to her self she continued on with chatting with her friends.

~*~(Two years later)~*~

Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs. Telling the nurse that she needed something for the pain.

"I am afraid we can not do that my lady." the head nurse told her again. Then gasped in surprise. "Oh my lady. Its almost time." She told Kagome again.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU SESSHOUMARU!" Kagome yelled at her mate of one and a half years.

out in the hall

"Don't worry bro." Inuyasha told him as he sat along the wall holding his mate, Kikyo. Kikyo giggled.

"Don't worry, Sesshoumaru. When its Inuyasha's turn I give you permission to laugh at him." Kikyo told the older brother. She had gotten to know him and even though she did not care for him she could tolerate him better than before.

"You're suppose to be on my side." Inuyasha growled. Sesshoumaru was about to yell at his brother when they heard a cry. Sesshoumaru was the first in followed by Inuyasha carrying a pregnant Kikyo. Kagome smiled as she welcomed her family into the room. She looked up and let Sesshoumaru hold his first child, his son.

"I want you to met your son." Kagome told him as she let Sesshoumaru hold the small bundle. Sesshoumaru looked down and his eyes widen. There in his arms was a full blooded demon pup. The crescent moon was a light gray. His markings were just like Sesshoumaru's except the color was a little darker than his crescent moon. Sesshoumaru looked down at the mother of his pup and smiled like he had never before.

"I shall name him after my father, Touga." Sesshoumaru kissed Kagome on the forehead. "...which means Fighting Fang." Kagome smiled and nodded.

"That is fine." She said as she motioned for the rest of them to come see the baby. Shippou heard the baby and rounded up the others before he headed to his mothers room. With everyone in Sesshoumaru's personal chambers it was pretty crowded but that did not seem to bother any one. They all had turns in seeing the child then Sesshoumaru shooed them away to let the mother and pup sleep.

He walked over and curled up on the other side of his son. Kissing Kagome on the lips he let his tail lay over them to keep them warm. Touga suckled at his mothers breast while his mother and father sleep with no care in the world but their little family.


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