Dragon: let me get this straight, you want us to do some crazy plan so you and your friends can get out of here untraised?

Zoey: yes

Dragon: i have a better idea

Zoey: oh what is it?

Dragon: give me a few minutes *leaves the room*

Anastasia: i hope he knows what he is doing

Lenobia: so do i

Neferet: what is it that you want to show me?

Dragon: oh its very important *both walk in*

Zoey: Dragon what are you doing?

Neferet: oh hello Zoey

Anastasia: Dragon honey, what are you doing?

Dragon: *unsheaths sword* This! *cuts neferet's head off"

Every one else: oh shit!

Dragon: see problem solved and this was so simple

Kalona: *walks in* have any of you seen Nefer- oh dear

Zoey: shit

Kalona: Zoey i need you to come with me

Zoey: ok

Kalona: alone

Zoey: then no

Kalona: come with me alone and i tell no one about this.

Zoey:fine *follows him out the door.*

Kalona: i didn't think it was possible for you and your little group to do that.

Zoey:what do you want?

Kalona:*pins her against the wall*you know what i want A-ya