A month had passed and Kalona and I had set a wedding day. And that day, was today, I straightened my veil. I stared into the mirror. "Z, you look great." "Thanks" I smiled at Stevie Rae. The twins stood in the room, "are you sure you are ready?" they asked "a million times already, yes" I laughed. I stared at myself in the mirror.


I stood there "Father, are you sure this is a good idea." I looked at my son. "Yes, this is a good idea. I am ready to marry her." I smiled. I looked at my face in the mirror. The tux as the mortals called it was not very comfortable. And I was ready to take it off even though I had just got in one a few minutes ago. "She will be you're mother now Rephiam, is that ok with you?" I asked him "I guess" my son stared at me. "That girl, the red one. The two of you seem to be close now," I said "yes father. I like her, she is nice to me." He said "now you see where I am coming from with Zoey." I laughed. "Yes I do now; maybe I have a chance with her." "Maybe you do son, you won't know till you give it a try. See what she says, maybe she will want to be with you." I said "yea maybe" he said. "Well, it's about time; I should head to the temple." I said.


"Kalona is waiting; let's not keep him waiting any longer." My grandma poked her head in. she had a smile on her face. "Ok" I turned and walked out of the room. "I am ready." I said I walked into the temple. Kalona was already standing at the statue. The veil covered my face, so he couldn't see the small smile on my face. This would be the day, I would finally be happy. I walked up to the alter in front of the statue.

After the ceremony, we went into the party. I looked around, it hit me so hard. "My dad…" l looked down. I realized I would not get my father- daughter dance. I looked down and felt a tear run down my face "Zoey, my wife what is wrong? This should be happy." Kalona said. "My father isn't here." I said "why didn't you invite him?" "He left my family when I was little. I don't know where he is." I said "oh" he put a hand under my chin. "I am here though, don't cry." He pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead. "Come on, let us celebrate. Have fun and be happy, tonight we are now a family." I smiled "you're right." He stood and we went to the dance floor. He held me and we spun to the music. I felt so much like a princess. "Kalona, this is wonderful" I said "I know, it's our life now." We grinned at each other. "Thank you Kalona, I really needed that." I said "you're welcome.

My grandma came running up to us "Zoey, can I talk you for a bit?" "Oh sure" I said "I'll be back in a few Kalona." "Ok my love." He let me go and I walked off with my grandma in private room. "What is wrong?" I asked "I have been keeping a secret from you." I stared "What?" "Zoey I am immortal. I was born one thousand years ago." She said "how?" I looked at her "I am one of those who sealed Kalona away. As a gift of thank you, we were given immortality to insure things keep in order." "Does that mean me and my mother are-" no you are not, you are completely mortal." She said "oh" I looked down "my father, where is he?" I asked "I don't know Zoey," she said. "I just don't." she said and I hugged her. "It's ok" I smiled "now you go back out there and enjoy your wedding." "Ok"