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Time line: Right after Karen has finished her performance of "Don't Forget me" and she is in her dressing room.

Karen starred into her watery eyes threw the vanity as tears where now strolling down her cheeks. They where the kind of tears that made it hard to breathe, hard to think...the tears that burn you right to the core and left you a sensation of emptiness. The emptiness was a leisure right now, as it let her mind try to fill the void, and not think about the arising feelings and questions she had about Derek and love.

"stop it..stop crying" she felt her heart beat loud and her muscles tense up at his touch, now noticing Derek kneeling down before her with his hand on her face.

"Derek, I'm alright...I just need to be alone right now"

"Oh bloody hell Karen stop lying to yourself!...i know it hurts right now, but get over it"

Karen looked with disbelief at Derek "get over it?" she huffed as she said those last words and then pulled away from his grip "Get over it? Is that all you can say? How I am I supposed to get over the fact that Dev cheated on me with Ivy, and then proposed to me?..." her eyes where now focused on Derek's, as she tried holding back the tears that threatened to start pouring down again.

"Karen I..I didn't mean it that way" Derek tried to reach for her hand, but reluctantly pulled away as she began to cry again

"Listen to me, you can't blame yourself for what Dev and Ivy did."

" I'm not blaming myself! I know it is not my fault..." the words came out with more anger, than she wanted to show

"Yes you know, but I don't think you even believe yourself..."

"Derek..I..I...I can't do this right now, please just leave me alone."

"No!I can't leave you not like this, not until I am sure you understand"

Karen moved so they could be face to face and only inches apart" understand what?"

" understand that your life is not ruined...that you don't need Dev. You have talent, that is why you got the role tonight. You have friends, so you know you're not alone.. that is what you need to understand love, that you still have your whole life and career ahead of you. So stop crying over that sod because he does not deserve your love.." he placed a soft kiss on her forehead and then headed out the door

"wait Derek!" she grabbed on to his forearm and then kissed him on the cheek, "thank you"

"for what?" Derek looked sincerely puzzled at her

Karen wrapped her arm around his"for being my friend...and believing in me"

"well if we are friends, you could have found a better way to say thank you to me..."

Karen playfully slapped his arm"Derek!"

"just kidding love..shall we get going?"

Mutual smiles where shared as both walked out the back exit and into the cold dark night.

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