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This is kind of Derek's Pov enjoy!

I heard a faint cry from the wind blowing by..no it wasn't a cry..it was singing. That all too familiar sweet melody that kept him up all night disturbed and confused of how he felt slowly but surely losing all self-control over his thoughts, his actions, his feelings..it was truly taboo. " Derek.." he heard someone call, he turned and saw a dimly lit stage and a face carefully peeking out the side of the red curtains the ones that separated fantasy from reality. She was intoxicating utterly beautiful no words could describe how naturally flawless she was; her scent, her touch and especially her voice was what drove him crazy at times. His mind had wondered as he found himself walking up to the stage once again tracking down his scared little bird. A small whimper was heard from the back room, his pace quickened and his heart that was not filled with anguish threatened to come out his chest. There she laid on the floor wearing a white dress that looked as though it was painted on her body. "Love..." at an instant he was by her side, but she cold...those eyes that always danced with light where now dark, glazed over with a look of helplessness. "Derek.." she was still alive, but just barely " please don't make me go..I want to stay here with you" her voice cracked as tears strolled down her cheeks. "Shh love it's gonna be alright" I start rocking her in my arms now seeing the full extent of her injuries, a long gash on the side of her neck and several cuts and bruises all over her body revealed just how serious the situation was ..what happened? Blood now completely flooded the surrounding floor and painted her dress a frightening dark shade of red. " Karen.." he tried his hardest to stay strong for her..but no response.."love,Karen please wake up..Karen..please.."

"Derek wake up we're here..hurry up or the taxi is going to charge us extra!"yelled Karen waiting outside the taxi waving for me to get out. Wait...it was a dream? But it felt so real..I now feel the full effects of the pounding headache that is arising in me and as I step out of the car I stumble in to Karen's arms "Derek hold up! I told you the medication they gave you would have you drowsy, so take things really slow..c'mon you can lean on me if you have to" after paying the driver we head to the entrance of the building.

The elevator is cramped full of people returning home from their grueling night shift which is always busy even in the wee hours of the morning. I am standing in the back corner of the elevator with Karen soo close to me that I could feel whenever she inhaled or exhaled, she shyly smiles at me as my hands wrap around her waist keeping her close...keeping her safe. The door dings and opens and we exit the elevator, my hand never letting go of her's as we glide through the cramped ambiance. Before we reach my apartment door I stop her right in her tracks and give her a soft long kiss, as if to make sure that this is not a dream, that she is here, that she is safe; and then it hit's me like a ton of bricks just how close I was to dying today, just how close I almost lost Karen. "I love you Karen Cartwright, and I would never do anything to hurt you" she stands there clueless and socked at my response...but that is alright as long as she is here with me everything is gonna be alight..because now I realize your all I need.

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