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Kent Farm, Smallville

It was noon. The mornings events has everyone on edge. Booth and Brennan were trying to make sense of what had happened. Martha was sitting in the living room with them trying to help them out. Clark had excused himself to his spot in the hay loft. While he was up there he decided to call Lois, since the "Blur" had shown up in Metropolis he figured he needs to head the situation off before he gets yelled at.

"Okay, let me get this straight," Lois is trying to stay calm, "there was a fire and you rushed in?" Clark replies very simply, "There was a lot of confusion Lois. Don't worry they didn't see anything I was being very careful. I didn't blur or fly in, and I pulled Dr. Brennan and the motel manager behind a brick wall so Booth and Brennan don't suspect anything, but I am going to talk to my mother about a mask, as much as I hate those things. And see if she can put that voice changer I used to use when I called you as the 'Blur' into it. At least for when I'm around them. To obscure my identity. I'm going to try not to use them at all though. As far as they're concerned; I am, as Dr. Brennan put it, a statistical aberration." Lois still doesn't like this answer, but knows that Clark is going to help who he can, when he can. She reluctantly concedes, "Look, until we can find a way for you to be able to do this in the open..." Clark cuts her off, "I know, I know. I need to keep a low profile." Lois sighs with relief, "I love you Clark, I know you want to help, and I would too if I had your abilities. I just want to help you live a normal life too," she pauses for a moment, "a normal life for the both of us." Clark thinks about that for a minute, then speaks up, "How normal of a life are we going to have? I can't just stand by while people are being hurt, you know that. And with my abilities... Well we both knew this was going to complicate things." Lois realizes he has a point, "Just be careful, I don't want to lose you."

About this time, Clark decides to change the subject, "Mom told me to say 'Hi!' next time I see you." He then braces himself, since he had not yet told her where he was. Lois figured that if he was in the field he wouldn't be in D.C. still, "You're in Smallville?" Clark hesitates for a moment before responding, "Yeah, the three of us are staying at the farm." Lois, after a moment, asks, "Is that really a good idea? Having them there? What if you start 'sleep floating' again?" Clark can hear the concern in his wife's voice, he replies, "That hasn't happened for years now, not since I learned how to fly." Lois responds, still concerned, "I know. But it happens more often at that house than anywhere else." Clark realizes she has a point, he then remembered what Brennan had said about Hodgins coming in a day or so, "Well if Dr. Hodgins stays here when he gets here, then I can sleep in the loft and he can take the couch in the living room." He decides to try to lighten the mood a bit, "Besides you remember how comfortable this old couch can be."

Clark had made that last statement with a little playfulness in his voice. It got Lois thinking of a few of the nights they had spent "together" in the loft, "I miss you Smallville... I can take some time off and come down. Maybe I can help?" He knows that if Lois really wants to do something she is going to do it whether he likes it or not, "I know I can't really stop you." There is a momentary pause, "But I would like to ask that if you do come down here... Please don't get involved. We can handle ourselves and I know Booth wouldn't like you poking your nose into the investigation. The first time he catches you," he pauses putting a little playful tone back into his voice, "I'm pretty sure, he will arrest you for interfering with a federal investigation." Lois starts to get a little flirty tone in her voice, "But you'll bail me out, right?" Clark hates it when she uses that tone with him, but he does have a loop hole, "Not if Booth orders me not too." Clark can hear Lois stamping her foot in defeat, "Fine... IF I come down I will try my hardest not to interfere. IF I come down." Clark realizes he has pretty much won that argument, and decides to quit while he's ahead, "I gotta go Lois, I love you." Lois replies, "Love you too, Clark." He hangs up the phone. He then realizes that because of the 'Blur' situation he needs to contact Chloe as well. Clark jumps down from the loft and leaves the barn towards the house.

Once inside, he sees the trio sipping coffee and tea, Martha is helping Booth with the suspect list while Brennan is staring, quite intently, at her cell phone. "Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan... Did you need any help from me at all, right now?" Booth looks up from the coffee table, "Naw, your mother's a big help." Booth looks over at his partner, "Bones?" She tears herself from the text messages she was getting from the lab, "I am perfectly fine. Unless you want to take a look at Dr. Saroyan's findings?" Booth interjects, "It's been an exciting day. And since your new to this operation... go ahead and take some time to yourself." Clark has been through a lot more exciting days than this, but takes advantage of the offer, "Thanks Booth. Mom, you mind if I take the truck to go see Chloe?" Martha, realizing he is only asking to keep up appearances, "Sure, Honey. Just make sure you gas it up before you come back." Clark hugs his mom, "Thanks mom! Besides, you know that if Chloe finds out I was here and didn't stop by..." Martha cuts him off with a laugh, "Yeah, then Dr. Brennan will have another body to identify!" Clark, Martha and Booth share a quick laugh. As Clark walks out the door, he hears Bones, "I don't get it, why would Clark's death be so humorous?" Clark looks at Booth, who starts to explain the joke to her, as Clark walks out the front door. He jumps in the truck and takes off towards Metropolis.

Daily Planet Building, Metropolis

Clark walks into the newsroom, strolling casually to Chloe's desk. He stopped and grabbed a couple cups of coffee from the coffee cart in front of the Daily Planet before he came in. He knew he would need a peace offering. He casually approaches her, noticing that her current coffee cup is empty as she absently grabs it tries to take a drink, "Ugh! Out of coffee already?" She notices someone putting a full cup in front of her, "Thanks Jimmy, you're a life saver." she grabs the cup and takes a drink. As she does this she hears "Jimmy" clear his throat, "I said 'Thanks' Jimmy, that doesn't mean I am going to take you out tonight." As she looks up she realizes the person who handed her the coffee is a lot taller than Jimmy Olsen.

"CLARK!" She jumps up from her desk and wraps her arms around him giving him the biggest hug he's gotten in a long time, he hopes she doesn't hug anyone else this hard, people need to breathe. He smiles at her, "Hey Chloe!" She releases her hug then punches him in the arm, he started to rub the spot she hit. "Oh please! Like that actually hurt." Clark chuckles a bit. "Three years and you can't come by and say 'Hi!'?" Clark gives Chloe a very "matter-of-fact" look, "You know I was in school." Chloe shoots him that look that tells him that she isn't' buying that as an excuse, "For anyone else I'd accept that," she leans towards him, "but for a man that can deliver Chinese food from Hong Kong," she draws a circle with her two index fingers, "to anywhere in the world, in 30 minutes or less? Not a viable excuse." Clark gives Chloe that puppy dog look that always melts her defenses."Dammit Clark! You know I can't stay mad at you when you look at me like that." Clark laugh a little, "Must be a family thing... Lois can't resist it either."

Chloe glares at him playfully, "So, what's up?" Clark sits down in front of her desk, "First, I must bow to the 'Queen of Cyberspace' for those records on Agent Booth," Clark does a little seated bow, "so, thank you for that." Chloe starts thinking, 'He really knows how to feed my ego!', "Okay farm boy you can turn off the charm I forgive you." Clark gets up from his seat, "Have you had lunch yet?" Chloe didn't even realize what time it was, "All I've had to eat today was that danish from the coffee guy outside this morning when I came in." Clark stands up, poking his elbow out to offer Chloe his arm, "Well let's get some Chinese!" he says with a smile. Chloe gets a big grin on her face. She really wants to go flying one of these days. She smiles as she puts her arm in Clark's, "Alright let's get some Chinese!" Once they leave the building she sees that Clark is walking to the truck parked in front of the building, realizing he drove here. Confused, she steps away from Clark, "What's with the truck?" Clark explains the situation with Booth and Brennan and how they're staying on the farm while they are in town. "I thought we were flying to China?" Clark can see she was looking forward to going for a flight, "Sorry, not in broad daylight." He opens the door to let her in, "Tell you what I promise to take you to Rome sometime while I'm here, for some pasta, deal?" Chloe reluctantly accepts, "Okay... But, you promise?" Clark runs his finger over his chest, "Cross my heart! I'll make you a deal, if I don't, you can take out the blue 'K' and wail on me for 10 minutes." He extends his hand to Chloe, who immediately grabs and gives it a good firm shake, "DEAL!" she says with a smile and gets into the truck.

Clark took Chloe to her favorite local Chinese eatery, Hot Wok. They placed their orders and were sitting at a table towards the back. It was a slower day there and it afforded them a little privacy. Clark intentionally picked that spot, he had to ask Chloe a favor, "How much of that blue Kryptonite do you have?" Chloe puts down her chopsticks and takes a sip of her soda, "I have a couple of loose pieces, why?" Clark looks at Chloe, "I want to put a piece on a chain, around my neck. For when I'm around the people in the lab. I'm trying to appear as normal as possible around them. My new job is federally funded." Clark shoots her a 'know what I mean?' look. Chloe thinks about it for a second, "Does Lois know you're doing this?" She can see Clark cringe a bit when she asked the question, "Alright I won't tell her. But Clark, you know she's going to find out eventually!" Clark, looking very serious, replies, "Don't worry, I'll tell Lois. You won't get in trouble." Chloe gets a smile on her face, "Thanks Clark." For the moment Clark decides not to tell her about the mask thing for the time being. "I am also going to need a small lead container, just in case I need to stash it."

I am really trying not to turn this into a "costumed hero-fest" but with Clark it may be unavoidable. Next up, what is the connection between Booth and Lois and Brennan and Pete?