The Diner

Shit! Thought Flick as the Reservoir Dogs walk past her, Keep your head down! Read your book. They won't notice you.

The truth was Flick was really trying to read her book, she loved to read. But it was the also the ease of which it provided an escape from talking to acquaintances that she really liked. The old tattered book form the back of her father's library seemed interesting enough; it was about a guy who wanted to kill his lover and wife so he could get with another woman. How romantic, who could ask for more?

Flick had no time to answer before they sat behind her, cursing and laughing whilst drinking coffee. Sinking further into the faded fabric booth, she tried to block out the sound of the men talking. Unfortunately she knew all of them, each did business with Uncle Joe , who wasn't actually her Uncle it just gave him a chance to let his son gawp at her on a regular basis, because you know they were all 'close family' so they visited every fucking week.

The cursing got louder as the one named Mr. Blue explained the real plot of some movie she'd never seen.

"Shut up," she dared to whisper under her breath. Uncle Joe had told her not to mouth off to anyone he worked with as they were nasty people.

Nasty, that wasn't the word to describe them, brutal, stupid and violent were three that sprung to mind immediately.

Despite bury her head in Romeo and Juliet Flick's patience with the Reservoir Dogs was about to run out, hanging on by a thread, it's about to fall, Oh look you've all fallen to your deaths! And with those thoughts Flick turned around and lost it.

"For the love of God will you shut up!" Flick shouted bring the conversation to a halt.

"Excuse me?" The blue eyed one called Mr. Pink lent across the table and angrily asked.

"I said," Flick lowered her voice, "For. The. Love. Of. God. Will. You. Shut. Up." She spoke to him as if he was retarded, a bad move, but very brave.

"I think we need to teach this one a lesson," he jeered to all the other as Mr. Pink rose from his seat.

Flick was now stood opposite Pink, ready for a fight.

"Bring it on Pink," Teased Flick, obviously by his reaction he didn't know she knew his name.

That was it, something in Pink snapped. He launched across the table only for Flick to step out of the way and for Uncle Joe to grab the scuff of his collar.

"Sit down you prick, leave her alone," He threw him back and sat down, patting the seat next to him for her to sit there.

"Hey Flick, I didn't know you were here." Eddie, Uncle Joe's son, greeted her.

"Well you should do, you follow me everywhere." Flick unenthusiastically remarked. It was unintentionally funny, everyone laughed as Eddie sat down embarrassed.

"So what brings you here?" Joe asked squeezing her shoulder.

"I was actually going round to yours to see if Eddie wanted dinner and sex tonight," Lied Flick.

"Really!" Eddie jerked from behind his coffee.

"No," Flick said flatly. Another round of laughter at the table, God they were easy to please.

"Seriously, what are you doing here?" Asked the familiar Mr. White with whom she had become friends with over the past weeks after he spilt beer on her when he was visiting Uncle Joe.

"I was just wandering and wanted a cup of coffee that tastes like sewage so I thought this was the place." Flick laughed, White laughed, Joe laughed. Everyone laughed except the waitress stood next to her about to take their orders.

"I'm sorry, I really do like your coffee, I was only joking," the waitress perked up after that, showing her massive breasts through a practically transparent blouse.

When the coffee came the usual guy talk continued. Only one of them didn't join in, the new one, at least from what she recollected he was new. Orange, that was it his name was Mr. Orange. He had green yes with slicked back strawberry blonde hair, a total contrast to her white curled hair that fell to her pelvis and her sharp grey eyes. Flick was unsure whether to start conversation with him, but he didn't look interested and daydreamed.

"Right let's get going, you too Flick, let me go pay the bill." Uncle Joe stood up and walked off.

The men looked at each other, sending a telepathic message:

Who's going to hit on her first?

"Not me," Vic Vega, she was sure of it, or more recently known as Mr. Blonde said "I don't fuck insolent little bitches who don't respect men,"

Obviously Flick was offended and without thinking she retorted,

"That's just as well because I don't fuck ugly shit faced fags,"

An almost silent laugh rippled through the tense atmosphere.

"You've really got a knack for pissing off strangers, haven't you?" Pink asked ignoring the rage Mr. Blonde was about to show.

"It's my specialty," I smile sarcastically at him.

Uncle Joe appeared at the table before anything could really kick off.

"Come on we need to get going, Flick you don't have to do anything important today do you?"


"Good you're gonna come in handy,"