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Plot:Son Goku who isn't the most confident boy has a problem, he is scared of people, especially boys. But what if Genjyo Sanzo comes and makes a racket in Goku's school and falls for our innocent saru? How will Goku cope up with companionship? What is Sanzo willing to do to win Goku's heart? And what are these dreams that have been bothering Goku for a while now?


Chapter 14 My name is...


Goku didn't hesitate in slamming the alarm clock. It was getting too annoying. It's that infernal clock again, The brown haired boy thought as he placed his arm over his eyes. I wouldn't need it anyways.

"Hey that's surprising monkey. You're awake!" Gojyo exclaimed as he scratched his head.

Goku sat up, stared blankly at the red head, in a few moments he stood up, and left his bed. Gojyo raised an eyebrow. Goku usually freaked out when he saw him, but today it didn't really matter to him.

Come to think of it, he has been ignoring my presence lately. It's like he doesn't mind it anymore, Gojyo thought as Goku continued to stagger to the door. The red head followed the boy with his eyes silently. The boy had gotten thinner since last week and his eyes looked terrible! He doesn't look too healthy either. Has he been eating? Wait he hasn't eat anything since he came back! And those bags, what the hell happened to him? He looks like a freaking zombie in this state! Oh shit he might collapse any minute n-



"EEEKKKK! Goku! Oh my god, are you okay?!" Hakkai screamed as he dropped his groceries to the floor.

"SHIT! GOKU!" The red head screamed as well.

I wouldn't need an alarm clock. I haven't slept in three days! Goku exclaimed in his head as disgusted line marks appeared on his face. I'm going crazy aren't I? The golden eyed boy thought.


"WHAT?! GOKU COLLAPSED?!" Konzen screamed at his phone.

"K-Konzen! Keep it down. Its only 4:00 in the morning! T-The neighbors!" Tenpou exclaimed in a hushed tone as he tried to yank the phone away from the blonde's iron grasp.

"I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE FUCKING NEIGHBORS! GOKU COLLAPSED!" Konzen screamed as he fought to pull the phone back.

"I-I understand that part but please! We don't want get kicked out do we?" Tenpou whispered trying to calm Konzen down. He was having a hard time balancing since he was holding the phone with both hands and has his leg on the blondes jaw in order to get Konzen away from the phone by any means.

"What happened to the squirt?" Kenren came into the picture, scartching his head while a cigarette hang by the corner of his mouth.

"Goku collapsed," Tenpou said in panic still trying to get the phone away from the rampaging Konzen.





"He's been very distracted lately. He didn't even eat anything yesterday or the day before that," Hakkai explained to the worried foster parents.

Konzen was very impatient, Kenren was tapping his foot, while Tenpou stood there listening to the two.

"Yeah, I didn't even attempt to steal his food for a joke," Gojyo confessed.

"But what could have caused this? I mean the kid is anti-social, but he never forgets about his health," Kenren announced as he placed his hands in his pocket and pulled out another cigarette.

"Whatever it is we've got to figure out what's bugging Goku, or he might die of malnutrition. His nightmares are bad enough to scare the living shit out of us!" Konzen exclaimed as he crossed his arms and sat at the counter and scowled. He wasn't very happy about whatever was happening to his son. It makes him feel guilty for some unknown reason. Buddha knows what.

Tenpou, who was usually the one who worried about Goku like a mother, besides Hakkai, was a little too silent about this matter. He stared blankly at the quarreling group in front of him. He then placed his arms on his hips and said something that nobody ever expected would ever come out of Tenpou's mouth: "Do you think Goku's in love?"

The room became very tense and silent. All eyes became as blank as a mirror. Moments passed before Tenpou heard they're response to his "conclusion".

"NO!" The group screamed in utter unison.

"It's-It's impossible I mean Goku is just a kid!" Hakkai reasoned out.

"He's sixteen for god sakes Hakkai," Tenpou exclaimed as he rolled his eyes.

"I mean who would fall in love with a boy who can't even stand being with someone else!?" Gojyo protested.

"Goku's not bad looking either," Tenpou answered flatly.

"Thats exactly the point!" Konzen screamed as he slammed his hand on the table.

"I didn't say someone fell in love with Goku. I said that Goku might be in love, and it's not impossible for Goku to be in love. He may be anti-social, but he's still human you know," The brunette countered the protest.

Kenren just couldn't take it anymore. Holding Tenpou's shoulders, he looked at the spectacled man with a pleading look. "Come on Tenpou please stop the jokes. We know you're smart and can get away with almost anything because of your reasoning, but-"

"Kenren, what makes you think I'm joking? I'm very serious," Tenpou answered with a very stern face.

Everybody in the room went silent again.

"But that was just an assumption," Tenpou added as he placed a thoughtful finger on his lips.

"TENPOU GENSUI!" The whole room screamed with rage, eyes glaring at the brunette as if he was a bug that was supposed to be squished.

"What? I was just stating the possibilities!" The brunette exclaimed as he raised his hands in surrender.



And so the day went on...

Goku opened the door and heaved a sigh. He had to make up for his tardiness by coming to school early. Another reason was that he woke up an hour earlier since he collapsed, which gave him 30 minutes to make up for his tardiness.

Goku then took a seat and sighed again. He skipped breakfast again because it seemed that his stomach didn't want to digest any food at all. Suddenly his stomach growled loudly. The golden eyed boy held his aching stomach and groaned. (For god sakes give me a break will ya?! You have been denying food for days and now you're asking for some? Come on make up your mind!)

"Are you really going to ignore me the entire time? Goku?" A voice came from his side.

Goku tensed up. He knew that voice! "Y-y-y-you," He exclaimed as his face flushed red.

"What? You look like you've just seen a yokai! Do I look like one?" The blonde snapped as he slung his bag over his back.

"Uh... N-No sir," Goku exclaimed as he averted his eyes from the blonde's gaze. The blonde raised a brow.

"Did you just call me sir?" Sanzo asked the boy.

"Um... Yes s-sir," The golden eyed boy continued to fidget away from the blonde.



"My name's Genjyo Sanzo," The blonde said as he smirked and sat in the seat right beside Goku.

"Ah, s-someone's sitting there," Goku protested.

"I can always ask that person to trade seats with me. And I want to seat with you," The blonde mumbled as he cupped his cheek. Hmm, I don't really say this crap, but I want to see how this kid will react.

Goku's face became very, very, very pale. This was the worst of the worst scenarios he could ever make up on his head: Was to get this blonde to become this close to him, and now he's saying HE WANTS TO SIT WITH ME?

The boy's face became very red, and he can't stand the heat. His hunger was getting the better of him. But what really bugged him was his heart was going crazy! Like really, really crazy! Ever since that blonde showed up, his heart had gone sky rocket! He was so nervous and he didn't know what to do! He's going crazy! Insane! Mad!

Sanzo could just smile at the silence that Goku had been giving him for minutes now. The boy may not be saying anything, but Sanzo knew that the boy was experiencing extreme discomfort right now. I got you.

"Oh, Son-san you're here. Did you come here to make up for your tardy last Friday?" Konzen asked as he entered the room slinging a book over his shoulder.

"Ha-hai" Goku answered softly. His eyes were half closed and the boy's face was red, and he was panting.

Konzen strode across the room and placed a hand on the boy's forehead. "You're boiling. I think you should go to the infirmary."

"A-Again Sensei? Why-" Goku was cut off when he saw the blonde's stern face.

"That is an order Son Goku," The teacher said flatly.

"H-hai," The boy said sadly as he picked up his bag and left the room.

Sanzo followed the boy with a silent look. He's waiting for a chance. A chance in where he will be able to sweep Son Goku of hisfeet in one single shot. And when Goku held the doors handle, Sanzo then blurted his thoughts, "Bye Goku."

Goku flinched and stared at the blonde who had just said goodbye to face then became redder, if that was even possible. And with a slight nod he left the room. Blushing.

Konzen stood in the room in utter confusion, Did he just say goodbye to Goku?

Sanzo smirked inwardly, I have you now.


Goku lied down on one of the beds that the infirmary provided and gave a much bigger sigh. He wouldn't be able to graduate in this state if he kept on being absent from class. He might as well take this time and sleep while he could, or he might go back to his insomnia state again.


Hmm, I do wonder what happened to that peculiar young man. I haven't seen him for awhile now. And last Friday when I came back for him he already left, Kougaiji thought as he opened a door that led to a white room. He placed his bag on the counter. "He's such an interesting young man." He picked up the alcohol that was right beside his bag, and rinsed his hands with it. The red head soon looked around the room and smiled. "Well, it's quite peaceful isn't it?" The man asked himself as he looked around.

Kougaiji smiled as he placed a name tag on his shirt:



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