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It was a normal day in Wagnaria, there were many customers and some were even tourists! "Satou-kun, can you

cook this order for table 3?" said Yachiyo. " I'll give it to Satou-kun, also did you know Satou lo- *satou holds a frying

pan in the air while death glaring Souma* he was unfortunately pulled away from her before he could finish his

sentence by Satou; who was recklessly hitting him with a frying pan. Poor Yachiyo, she could only watch and not

help."Yachiyo, I have to go to a meeting so can you close the shop?" asked the manager." Sure" said Yachiyo. As

she watch her beloved manager leave she didn't feel one bit sad. How odd? Thought Yachiyo. The day went

surprisingly well, except that Inami punched Takanashi-kun a few times, Aoi broke a few plates, Popura

complaining about Satou playing with her hair and Souma getting beaten up with a frying pan a few times. I take

back what I said before, it was just another day at the Wagnaria restaurant.

Now let's fast forward to closing time...

After washing the last couple dishes and changing everyone went home. Aoi to her attic, Takanashi walking Inami

home, Souma driving Popura home and Satou driving Yachiyo home. This was all arranged by Souma of course. He

knew it was worth it , even though he was hit with a frying pan multiple times.*sweat drop* "Are you ready yet

Yachiyo?" asked Satou. " Hai Satou-kun." replied Yachiyo . So they got into Satou's car and he began driving all they

way to Yachiyo's house. Half way it started to drizzle and by the time they were at Yachiyo's house it was

thundering and pouring rain. Being the gentleman he was, he walked Yachiyo to her doorstep. "Satou-kun, thank

you for taking me home."said Yachiyo. "You're welcome," said Satou. " It's raining really hard and there's a

thunderstorm outside." said Yachiyo" Why don't you stay for the night?" ."No thank you Yachiyo, besides it's only a

20 minute drive home." said Satou. Then all of a sudden the lightning strike at two of Satou's car tires. Yachiyo out

of shock jumped on to Satou and buried her face in his chest. Him being nice, tried to calm her down by patting her

head and telling her she was alright. All of a sudden the front door opened and Yachiyo's mom saw her daughter in

a man's arms patting her head. In her mind she thought" What is that man doing with my daughter! Wait a minute

he looks familiar.*starts thinking about the person who always drives her daughter home* It also didn't helped that

he was strikingly handsome."After a while they finally noticed her. "Mom!"exclaimed Yachiyo. "Now who is this young

man here?" asked her mom. "Oh this is Jun Satou a co-worker of mine", said Yachiyo. " Hello," said Satou. " Now

come along inside it's pouring out there" said Yachiyo's mom. "I'll go make some tea while the two of you go

shower." said Yachiyo's mom. After taking their showers and drinking their tea they decided to got to sleep. The

house only had two bedrooms so Yachiyo and Satou had to sleep in the same one while her mom and dad slept in

the other. Satou bid them good night and went to sleep, leaving the two women alone. "Yachiyo, is that man your

boyfriend? If so I totally approve of him and I know your father will too!* sweat drops*" said Yachiyo's mom happily.

" W-what are you talking about?"stuttered Yachiyo. " Well obviously, he likes you and thinks of you more than a

friend Yachiyo" said her mom. "If you like him more than a friend Yachiyo, just go tell him." " Now, off you go to

bed,also your friend is going to be sleeping in your room tonight." So when Yachiyo entered her room she found a

shirtless Satou asleep on her bed."Yachiyo?" said a sleepy Satou. "H-hai Satou "stuttered Yachiyo. "Do you want me

to sleep on the floor?" asked Satou. "No you can sleep with me if you want to."said a blushing Yachiyo. Satou lifted

the covers up for Yachiyo to climb in beside him. When she climbed on the bed , she felt an arm snake around her

waist. She then felt herself flushed against his chest and her head was tucked neatly between his head and neck.

"Good night, Todoroki" said Satou as he planted a light kiss on her head."Good night Satou," replied Yachiyo as she

snuggled deeper into his warmth. The two feel a sleep just like that...

Yachiyo's mom decided to check on her daughter and her so called "friend" . When she entered their room she found

her daughter in the man's arms." I wonder when they are going to get married and have tons of babies!" thought

her mom. With that she went to her and her husband's bedroom with a smile.

The next day at Wagnaria...

"Isn't that Satou-san and Yachiyo-san... HOLDING HANDS!" exclaimed Aoi. Sure enough the new couple were

holding hands and smiling. Yachiyo now found out why she didn't feel upset when Kyoko was going away on a

meeting, it was because she, herself had fallen in love with the emotionless Jun Satou. Let's just say Souma was hit

with a pan alot of times that day... Poor Souma.*sweat drop*