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Brittany took one last drag from her cigarette before stubbing it out and hiking her bag onto her shoulder and walking into the hallways of McKinley High School. As she stepped through the crowd, people parted like the red sea. A satisfied smirk crossed her lips, as she reached her locker and banged it open.

Grabbing the textbooks she would need for the day she didn't even bother looking up when she felt a presence next to her. "Go away. I'm not interest," she said in a deep warning growl.

"Harsh, babe, come on give me a chance," Puck said with his same usual creepy smile on. Brittany slammed the locker closed and glared up at him.

"What makes you think that I would sleep with you again, Puckerman?" She demanded. His smile only grew at her words and she could almost see him running the memory of their last encounter in his mind.

He sighed contently. "Well, I'm hot and badass and so are you. I figure we should get together since we have so much in common." Her glare could have wilted a flower.

"Puckerman, I've slept with you before, and let me be the first to tell you that it was not enjoyable. Besides, I'm more so into girls. You know how I like to make them scream my name in ways that you could never do."

His smug demeanor fell at her words. "Damn, Pierce, I knew you were an asshole sometimes but now you're just acting like a straight up bitch," he snarled before storming off. Brittany simply shrugged off his insult and went to her next class.

She stepped into Biology and took her seat at the back, putting her feet up on her desk and rocking back in her chair as she put her headphones in. The classroom quickly filled up but Brittany didn't bother to pay attention to anyone else. She couldn't care less about what they were doing.

They were below her status. She was at the top of the food chain. Even higher than the jock heads and cheerleader whores.

Ms. Crowder was yelling at some student about talking too much in her class and then the chair next to Brittany moved. Cracking an eye open slightly she glanced over at who could possibly be disturbing her.

A pissed off looking Santana Lopez- head cheerleader- sat next to her with her chest heaving giving Brittany a wonderful view of Santana's amazing rack.

"See something you like, Pierce?" Santana snarled, making Brittany smirk down at the shorter girl.

"As a matter of fact I do. Nice tits, Lopez."

"Keep your eyes and hands to yourself, dick," she said taking out her notebook and trying to pay attention to what Ms. Crowder was saying.

"I'll try to remember that, Sugar tits. Maybe if your Cheerios skirt didn't show so much ass they'd have thought about showing a bit more cleavage. Not that I'm complaining. You do have some very good assets," Brittany said with her usual cocky grin on.

Santana rolled her eyes at Brittany's disgusting mouth.

"You wish you could get into one of these skirts," she growled, taking down a few notes.

Brittany leaned across the small aisle between the two desks until her hot breath was on Santana's ear as she whispered, "Trust me, Lezpez, I have been in many of your teammates skirts. Half the team in fact. I'm hoping to see if you're like the rest of your friends or if you'll hold out until the last possible second before I fuck you senseless."

As Brittany's breath touched Santana's neck she barely managed to suppress the shiver that ran through her body.

"Miss Pierce, I hope that you and Miss Lopez are back there whispering about the cell wall structure," Ms. Crowder called to the back of the class.

Brittany quickly sat up and gave Santana a sly wink before yelling out, "Hell no, we ain't talking 'bout this shit! It's boring as fuck!" There were many snickers from around the classroom as Ms. Crowder's face contorted in shock.

"Well than, I guess that you and Miss Lopez will be joining me after school for detention," she said, glaring at the cocky blonde at the back of her class.

Brittany rolled her eyes. "Yeah, 'cause I've never skipped those before."

More muffled laughter. Santana's head hit her desk. She wished that Brittany would just shut up already and accept her detention. "You can always talk to Principal Figgins," she snarled.

Again Brittany rolled her eyes at the weak threat. "He loves me. Never even called my house. And you're welcome to do that as well. You want the number? I doubt anyone will answer you though."

Ms. Crowder was seething and it only made the blonde's smile grow.

"Shut the fuck up," Santana hissed. Ms. Crowder's eyes snapped over to the Latina in a heartbeat.

"It seems that no matter where I put you, you just keep your mouth shut, Miss Lopez. So, you and Miss Pierce here will have a week of detention."

There was a great chorus of 'oooh's around the classroom as the bell rang.

Brittany leaned in and got right in the Latina's ear. "I can't wait for us to spend a little one on one time," she purred, her voice dripping with sex. Santana couldn't help the immediate pang of arousal that shot between her legs.

She turned around to give the blonde a piece of her mind, but she was alone in the classroom.

Grabbing the rest of her things, she quickly left the empty classroom in search of her next.

Brittany couldn't fight the smirk that was forever pressed into her face. She ignored all of the other losers roaming the hallways and went straight outside. She needed some weed.

"Q, hit me up!" Brittany called out to said blonde, who was sprawled out on the couch with a joint hanging out of her mouth.

"No!" She yelled back, "Get your own damn weed, Pierce! This one's mine!" Brittany lunged at the sprawled out blonde, but Quinn saw her coming and dived out of the way.

Brittany hit the couch hard enough for the piece of furniture to rock unsteadily. "Damn it, Quinn! I want that smoke! I just had to deal with the Queen Bitch herself and I need to relax before I kill one of these assholes!"

That caught the shorter girl's attention. "You and Santana had a run in? What happened?" She asked not even protesting when Brittany snatched the blunt from her hands. Taking a long drag from the fatty she leaned back on the couch and shrugged her shoulders trying to be nonchalant.

"I managed to get us both detention. Ms. Crowder was being a stuck up bitch so I told her off. I just so happened to be talking to Santana when she yelled at me."

Quinn rolled her eyes at Brittany's lame explanation. "Why do you like pissing Santana off? I know that you could totally take out any guy she sent after you, but do you just get off to having her glare at you in the hallway?"

Brittany lolled her head over to look at the other blonde, standing with her arms crossed over her chest. A light chuckle escaped Brittany and she knew that the weed had taken over.

"I don't know. I'd much rather get off with her eating me out," she said with her usual cocky manner.

Again Quinn rolled her eyes at her vulgar words. "I wish that you two would admit that you like each other and give the rest of the school a break," she growled, plopping down next to Brittany on the couch and taking the joint from her clearly stoned friend.

Brittany did her best to glare at the shorthaired blonde, but it was kind of hard when the world was turning a crazy shade of purple.

"I do not like that uptight bitch!" Brittany barked. Quinn chuckled at her friend's reaction.

"Oh, yeah, you're totally not into her. That's why you fantasize about her every chance you get."

Brittany tried to glare at Quinn, but it was getting harder and harder as the weed took control. "Whatever. You're messing with my high, Fabray. So, either join me or we're going to start talking about your Berry obsession."

At the mention of the annoying little Hobbit, Quinn immediately took a long drag from the blunt and sat back with Brittany.

"I don't like Rachel," she growled just to clarify.

Santana arrived at Ms. Crowder's room on time. Not even Coach Sylvester could blackmail Principal Figgins into pardoning her detention.

With a sigh she stepped into the room and found that Brittany was already sitting in the back with her feet propped up on the desk in front of her. She had her head lolled back and a slightly hazy look in her eyes.

Completely ignoring Ms. Crowder and the emo kid sitting all alone in the corner, she took a seat at the front of the class, as far away from Brittany as she could get.

Just as she sat down her phone buzzed and she slyly took it out, seeing that she had one new message.

Unknown: Still looking good, Sugar tits. ;)

Santana glanced over her shoulder and saw Brittany sitting there with a cocky grin on her face and her phone out and on her desk.

Santana: Real mature, asshole. Why don't you go fuck some desperate, willing girl?

No less than a second later her phone buzzed again.

Unknown: Been there. Done that. I'm looking for someone with a bit more fire. Know anyone? ;)

Santana: I heard that Puck and Lauren broke up. You could always go for a Fat Bottom Girl.

Unknown: Okay, first off that's just gross. Secondly I don't want any of Puck's sloppy seconds. Well, besides you. ;)

Santana: That's disgusting and stop sending me those damn winky faces! It's not cute!

Unknown: Actually, I was going for sexy, baby

Santana: You're such a sleaze. How do you even get girls to sleep with you?

Unknown: It's all in the wink, Sweetheart.

Santana risked another glance over her shoulder and found that Brittany had moved desk, so that she was now sitting directly behind the Latina. She only managed to muffle her squeak of surprise.

"You're a jumpy one, Lopez. Some would believe that you were unsettled by me," Brittany taunted with a shit-eating grin plastered on her face.

Santana barely managed to scoff. "I'm more unsettled by your glowing reputation," she replied sarcastically.

Brittany kept her cocky grin in place. "I was hoping to add your panties to that 'reputation'. What do you say you, me, Breadstix seven?" She whispered, her voice taking on a seductive tone.

"Not even if you paid me," Santana whispered back mocking Brittany's seductive voice.

God! She loved to play cat and mouse.

"Aw, come on, baby. I'm trying to show you my softer side. I'm willing to take you out somewhere before I have you screaming my name."

Not that she would ever admit it, but that actually sounded pretty good to Santana right about now. After all, when she had broken up with Puck he had gone straight to Lauren and that had taken a toll on both his and Santana's popularity. If she managed to get with Brittany and tie her down then she would be on top of her game. It was all about playing her cards right and she knew that she couldn't fold her hand just yet.

Turning around in her seat she put on her sweetest smile, which immediately made the blonde sit back in her seat with fear shinning in her eyes.

"I'll make you a deal, Pierce. If you can prove to me that you're not just some sleazy asshole that's going to get on my last nerve than I'll consider dating you." She raised a finger as she saw the blonde about to interrupt. "And I don't mean just casual sex. I mean an actual couple."

Brittany raised an eyebrow at the Latina's statement. "And what makes you think that I want to be tied down to just one girl?" She demanded, crossing her arms over her chest in a very Quinn like manner.

An evil smirk appeared on Santana's face. "Because, once you get a taste of me you won't want anyone else, Pierce. That I can promise you," she purred, licking her lips for affect, just as the bell rang, signaling that detention was over.

Brittany still sat in the desk stunned as everyone else left.

What just happened?

One second she's got Lopez right where she wants her- pissed off. Then she's actually giving Brittany a chance to prove herself and a chance to get into that skin tight Cheerio's uniform.

Shaking her head to clear it, Brittany grabbed her bag and raced out of the room after the Latina's quickly disappearing form. "Hey, Lopez, you want a ride home?" She asked trying to put her usual cocky grin back together as Santana had shot it to pieces only moments ago.

The tan girl turned to look up at Brittany fluttered her eyelashes at her.


"I would love that. I rode over here with Mercedes so I needed a ride anyways."

Brittany stuttered for a second before following the shorter girl out to the parking lot. Santana looked around at the empty student parking spaces.

"Well, where's your car?" She demanded.

Brittany chuckled darkly and began walking towards the only motor vehicle left on school property. A motorcycle.

"There is no way in hell I'm getting on that thing!" Santana snarled, backing up as if the motorcycle would suddenly come to life and attack her. Brittany held the only helmet out to her. "It's either you ride with me or you walk home and I know you live on the other side of town so have fun with that."

Santana chewed her lip in thought. The blonde did have a point. It would take her at least two hours to walk to her house. With an aggravated huff she snatched the helmet from Brittany's outstretched hand and swung onto the motorcycle, wrapping her arms around the blonde's waist. She had to stop herself from gasping as toned muscles met her arms.

With a satisfied smirk, Brittany adjusted Santana's hands so that she wouldn't fall off, as she kick started her motorcycle. They shot out of the parking lot and down the road.

It only took them about five minutes to reach Santana's house, but as the blonde put the kickstand down, the Latina shot off the bike and rolled out on her front lawn, holding the grass like it was the only thing keeping her rooted to the earth. She still had Brittany's helmet on so the blonde sat back on her motorcycle and looked down at Santana and couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped her mouth.

The Latina seemed to be shaken from her traumatic state by the blonde's laughter. She ripped the helmet from her head and chunked it at the still smiling blonde. Her hair was defiantly messed up.

Brittany easily caught the helmet and looked down at the fuming Latina before her. "I'm never riding that thing again!" She snarled. Brittany's smile only grew. "So, I'll be taking you home more often?" She asked with her eyebrows raised in a suggestive way.

"Not if you're riding that thing!" Santana snarled, pushing Brittany in the chest. The blonde faked hurt as she said, "I could never get rid of my baby." Santana rolled her eyes as Brittany began to rub the side of the motorcycle in a soothing way.

Suddenly the blonde snapped her attention back to Santana. "Don't worry I have a car too. Will I be picking you up tomorrow morning? Or will I just be dropping you off?" She asked with her usual cocky grin still plastered onto her face. Santana rolled her eyes again. "Let's just see how tomorrow goes, sweetheart, and than I'll decide were we take it from there."

Brittany had to admit that Santana looked amazing when she was angry. It turned her on beyond belief. She watched as the cheerleader sashayed up to the door, only managing to shake out her horny daze as Santana reached the door.

"So, I am picking you up than?" She called out. The Latina turned back to look at her. "Count on it, cowboy," she said with a flirty wink, before going inside.

Brittany put her helmet on and started her bike. She pulled out of the driving way with an extra large shit-eating grin on her face. Oh, yeah she was definitely going to pick Santana Lopez up tomorrow.

Santana walked up to her room and shut the door behind her and slid down it. God. Brittany had looked so sexy on that motorcycle. Even if the damn thing terrified her, Santana had to admit that when Brittany would ride up to school on that big heavy bike, she would feel a hot pang of arousal shoot through her.

She could watch the blonde riding that death trap for the rest of her life and never get tired of it. Just so long as she didn't have to ride it ever again. Santana thought about Brittany riding her motorcycle with her hair flowing in the wind and her heavy leather jacket on her thin frame. Her sparkling blue eyes shinning as she winked at Santana before popping a wheelie and spinning to stop right next to the Latina.

"Hey, there Lopez," she whispered, seductively.

The banging on her door knocked Santana out of her sex dream.

"Sanny, I want to play!" Her younger brother cried out as he continued to pound on her door.

Wiping her face to clear her head, Santana quickly opened her door and her younger brother, Hugo, came tumbling in. His arms immediately wrapped around Santana's waist as he clung to her.

"Sanny, why didn't you answer me when I called your name?" He asked, burying his face in her Cheerio's shirt. She patted his affectionately. "Sorry, there, little buddy. I got distracted." He looked up at her with warm chocolate eyes, before taking hold of her hand and leading her out of the room and to his own.

Toys already littered the floor and his bed was a mess with all of his drawings from preschool. He pulled her deeper into the messy room and towards a small clear spot in the middle.

"What do you want to play with first, Sanny?" He asked, looking around at all the toys in his room. "You pick, kiddo," she said with an affectionate smile. He continued to search the room for something that they could both play with. His eyes landed on the castle set their parents had gotten him a few years ago.

He pulled it into their space. "We can play with this, Sanny," he said pulling it closer to them. He pulled out one of the knights for himself and handed her the princess.

She let him rescue her and even let him be the dragon, since she knew that was his favorite part. When they had played out every scenario in his little head, Santana leaned back and looked at her younger brother. He was a handsome little boy. Hair that was a warm chocolate color and eyes to match, he looked so cute when his hair would fall into those eyes and he would easily brush it back.

"So, how was preschool today?" She asked as he continued to fiddle with his little knight. "Good. I guess," he whispered and Santana immediately knew that he was lying. "

"What happened, Hugo?" She asked, leaning forward in interest. Her brother almost never had a bad day. He got along with everyone. "Well, Emily had these crayons that I wanted to use and I asked her real nice like if I could and she said no so I got mad and took them and broke all of her crayons and she hit me than the teacher took one of our stars away, " he said in a rush.

Santana tried to hide a smile. "Hugo, you can't just break other people's things because they won't share them with you," she chastised. He ducked his head in shame. "I know, but I got really mad, 'cause I thought that all the pretty people were suppose to be nice, but she was really mean to me."

Now Santana wasn't fighting the smile that was spreading across her face. "Sounds like you have a crush, kiddo." He looked up at her confused. "What do you mean, Sanny? Like you and Puck?" He asked.

Santana's smile immediately fell. "No, buddy. Puck and I use to be a crush, but then I didn't like him anymore. We broke up, kiddo." He looked up at her face, before leaning forward and giving her a gentle hug. Santana sat there for a moment in shock, before she accepted the sign of affection.

He was the one to pull back and look up at his big sister.

"Don't worry, Sanny, you'll find someone as pretty as Emily."

Santana could only think of how right her brother's words were.

Brittany walked into her house and threw her bag on the couch before sprawling out across it and flicking the TV on. A sniff made her shoot up and look around.

"Em?" She called. "Emily, come here," she commanded. A small girl stepped out from behind the couch and came to stand in front of Brittany. "What happened, baby girl?" She asked, removing her younger sister's hands from her face to get a better look for any signs of marks.

The younger girl sniffled pitifully. "Hugo broke my crayons today and I got mad and hit him and the teacher took one of my stars away," she whimpered, before falling into Brittany's awaiting arms.

She cried for a good five minutes with Brittany gently stroking her head. "It's okay, honey. Look, tomorrow I'll go out and get you the biggest pack of crayons I can find." Emily wiped her face. "Really, Britt-Britt?" She asked. Brittany raised two fingers. "Scout's Honor," she said. The smaller blonde laughed at her goofy sister.

Hopping up from the couch Brittany walked towards the kitchen and found her secret stash of cookies that she kept for specifically for when Emily was having a bad day.

She handed the smaller girl the cookie before turning Dragon Tales on for her and walking up to her room. Stretching out across her bed Brittany thought about Santana.

What was the Latina trying to prove? Sure she and Brittany would make one banging couple but still… What was this girl's angle? Everyone had one. Brittany was only interested in her so that she could add this girl's panties to the growing stash that she had in one of her drawers.

Santana was already at the top of the social pyramid- right next to Brittany. She was at the top of her game as head cheerleader and HBIC. What more could she possibly want?

Than a thought hit Brittany. If Santana could tie the school's resident Badass down then no one would be able to shake her position at the top.

To say that Brittany was furious would have been the underestimate of the year. She was pissed the FUCK off. She hadn't thought that the Latina was that much of a bitch. Well, if that's the game she wanted to play then Brittany was going to make sure that she won it.

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