"You look beautiful, Santana," Rachel said as she waited for the Latina to finish looking at herself in the full-length mirror. She eyed her white dress up and down, taking in the way it hugged her curves.

"Of course I do, Hobbit. Why would I look anything less?" Santana snapped back, her heart beating out of control. Her vision kept fading in and out and she thought she was going to pass out a couple of times.

"It's okay to be nervous, Santana," Rachel said with a small smile as she handed the taller girl her bouquet of flowers.

Accepting the flowers Santana glanced over at herself in the mirror once again, before the door peeked open and Quinn's blonde head poked in. "Come on girls the ceremony's about to start. By the way looking good, Lopez," she purred before disappearing back out the door and now Santana was really freaking out.

Her breathing became heavy and she didn't realize that Rachel was cupping her face, trying to get her to breath normally.

"Come on, Santana, breather. It's going to be okay!" She said when Santana could actually understand the words that were constantly spewing from her mouth. "Brittany loves you and you love her. Nothing's going to go wrong. This is your day. Come on! Damn it, Santana, snap out of it!" As if Rachel's swearing seemed to be the antidote to her break down Santana gulped in a huge breath of air and she made her way towards the door, with her bouquet in hand.

Rachel hurried to pick up the train of Santana' dress as they made their way out the door and stood just outside of the chapel, where Santana's father stood with his own little smile in place.

"You look great," he said and Santana could see the tears in his eyes, beginning to form.

"Daddy, don't cry. It's going to be okay," Santana said, wiping at her father's face, before the tears could stain his face.

He shook his head, a watery smile spreading across his face. "I'm not worried about you. If there's anyone out there that could take care of you it's got to be Brittany. You're in good hands," he said and Santana stood up on the tips of her toes, pulling her father in for a hug and kissing his cheek sweetly.

The music began and they stood at the entrance. Every head in the chapel turned to look back at them, but Santana didn't focus on any of them. Her gaze was locked on a pair of blue eyes that seemed to seep through her very being, making her want to run to the blonde and tackle her to the ground, but she couldn't do that. They were in a public place and she had family here.

They fell into step with the music and Santana felt like she was dying every second that she wasn't near Brittany. It felt like an eternity before Santana finally reached the blonde, but she did reach her and Brittany nodded to David before looking back at Santana, with so much love and affection that the Latina felt tears forming in her eyes.

"Wow, babe, you're breath taking," Brittany whispered, as she eyed the girl up and down, but Santana was doing the same to her. Brittany looked amazing in a white dress and she couldn't help but stare.

The ceremony began, but Santana wasn't really paying attention to the preacher. She was too lost in Brittany and the blonde seemed to feel the same way, for they would give each other secret little smiles and Brittany would give the Latina a small smile every once and awhile, before she squeezed her hand gently.

"Do you, Brittany Susan Pierce, take Santana Lopez to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold in sickness and in health, till death do you part?" The priest asked Brittany.

The blonde's smile grew greatly. " I do!" She practically screamed. Santana never felt so proud in her life. Brittany had just accepted her as her wife.

"Do you, Santana Lopez, take Brittany Susan Pierce to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold in sickness and in health, till death do you part?" The priest asked Santana.

"I do," Santana said in a chocked voice. She was sure that tears were streaming down her face now. She tried to wipe them away, but Brittany had already beat her to the punch, wiping away the Latina's tears of joy with a small smile of her own. Brittany's eyes too were watery

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may now kiss the bride," he said with his own huge smile.

Brittany wasted no time in taking hold of Santana's face and kissing the girl passionately. Everything else seemed to fade away as the two girls kissed. Santana lost all her senses as her arms wrapped around Brittany's neck and she pulled the girl closer to herself.

It was Brittany who pulled back though and looked down at the Latina with a confident smirk in place. Santana rolled her eyes at her wife, but she couldn't stop the smile from spreading across her face. Her wife had just kissed her and now she was leading Santana back down the aisle towards the exit while all their friends and relatives threw confetti on the tops of their heads.

They got out of the chapel where a limousine was waiting for them and Santana practically dove into the back seat and Brittany quickly followed, nearly landing on Santana.

She laughed loudly and smiled over at the smaller girl, pulling their trains into the limo after them, before the chauffer shut the door behind them and Brittany began to attack Santana's lips with her own.

The Latina moaned embarrassingly loud as Brittany's lips worked against her own, forcing the shorter girl's mouth open so that Brittany's tongue could go exploring. Brittany began to attack Santana's neck and the Latina decided to try and speak some sense.

"Babe, you're going to mess up our hair. Do you want everyone to see us with sex hair?" She asked, pushing lightly against Brittany's chest. The blonde ignored Santana's attempts to stop her and instead pushed her thigh between Santana's legs, which was incredibly difficult when they were both wearing dresses.

Santana lost it moaning loudly and instead of pushing the blonde back, her arms around Brittany's neck pulling the girl into her, as her body rocked with Brittany's.

"Oh, God, Britt," she moaned as the blonde rubbed at Santana's center roughly, giving the Latina delicious friction. The two girls were so lost in their own little world that they didn't notice that the car had stopped moving.

The door opened and there were several shocked gasps from behind and the two girls jumped apart. Turning to find everyone who had been at their wedding was standing there with wide eyes and only a few of them were smirking.

A deep blush settled over both of their cheeks as Brittany climbed out to turn back and offer Santana her hand to get out of the car. They walked past the people and a few clapped while several gave off obnoxious wolf whistles. Brittany suspected came from Quinn and the other boys.

They mad their way into the banquet hall and Brittany held the chair out for Santana whose blush only seemed to darken. They took their seats while everyone else would throw an occasional glance up to their table and both of the girl's did their best to avoid the Lopez parent's looks. They knew that Marie was not going to be happy with them.

The food was passed out and it was fantastic. Brittany fed a few pieces to Santana who returned the action. Everyone aw'd at the love struck couple.

Music began to fill the air and they stood heading out to the dance floor to have their first dance. Brittany wrapped one arm around the Latina's waist while Santana wrapped one arm around the blonde's neck.

Brittany tried put on a smirk to hide just how truly happy she was in this moment as they got into position and the music filled the air. Brittany knew the song immediately. Her smirk only widened as she stared down at Santana's confused expression. Brittany was the one who took the first step as the words began to fill the air.

The blonde leaned down and got right in the Latina's ear, before whispering, "I want you to listen to these words very closely. I mean every one of them."

It's Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill filled the air and tears sprang to Brittany's eyes. Even though she wasn't a big country fan she couldn't help but feel all the raw emotion in the song and when she pulled back to look up at Brittany she saw the tears streaming down her wife's face.

Leaning up on her tiptoes she pressed her lips to Brittany's gently. She didn't try to deepen the kiss it was just a quick touching of lips and their tears mingled together as they continued to sway. It wasn't really dancing, just them holding each other and forgetting about everyone else in the hall. Santana just wanted to stay locked in this moment forever. She just wanted to stay in Brittany's arms with the blonde pressing against her, holding Santana tightly.

When the song ended though she pulled back and stared up at Brittany with a watery smile pressing into her lips.

The guest applauded loudly snapping the two girls out of their little fantasy world and Brittany put the cocky grin back on before glancing down at Santana who wiped away a few stray tears.

Brittany was about to ask Santana to dance again when another head of blonde hair appeared out of nowhere. Quinn bowed to the Latina deeply before extending her hand out to Santana with a smug smile pressed into her lips.

"May I have this dance, mademoiselle?" She asked locking up at Santana with mischievous hazel eyes.

Brittany tried and failed to reel in the glare she wanted to shoot her best friend. The shorthaired girl caught onto her friend's expression but she simply smiled wider and took hold of Santana's hand pulling the Latina off before she could protest or say anything at all, leaving Brittany to stand alone.

The blonde glared after her friend and wife, ignoring the snickers from around the room. Someone tapped her shoulder and she turned meeting a pair of dark eyes almost identical to Santana's.

"Good evening, Marie," she said blushing as thoughts of what Santana's mother must have seen from the limo flooded her mind. The older woman smiled at Brittany and did a small curtsey, before coming back up and meeting those sparkling blue eyes.

"May I have this dance, Mrs. Pierce?" She asked with a charming smile just like Santana's that made the blonde's knees go weak and she nodded since nothing would come out. She took hold of Marie's hand and began to twirl the taller woman around, spinning her with great ease that made everyone else on the dance floor stop and stare.

As they continued to dance Marie spoke. "You both look beautiful. I'm so happy that you found each other," she whispered.

Brittany caught sight of Santana dancing with Quinn a huge smile pressed into her face and she couldn't help but feel her heart swell at the sight of her wife's smile.

"I am too. We just seemed to complete each other. Santana really saved me," the blonde replied, looking over at her wife who had locked eyes with her as well. A small smile touched Santana's lips and Brittany was quick to return it, before mouthing the words 'I love you'.

A deep blush settled over the Latina's cheeks and she mouthed back 'I love you too'. They didn't break their staring contest until Marie spoke again, drawing Brittany's attention back to her for a brief second.

"Go get your girl," she whispered with her own personal smirk in place. Brittany beamed back at the older woman and pulled her in for a quick hug before jogging over to where Quinn and Santana had resumed dancing, with the Latina's full attention focused on the shorthaired blonde.

Clearing her throat Brittany waited until Santana turned to look at her and put on her best smile. "Mind if I cut in?" She asked, politely. Before Quinn could respond she wrapped one arm Santana's waist and pulled her wife away.

They got a little ways away from Quinn before Brittany spun the Latina around and caught her in her arms.

Santana let out a little gasp as she felt the impact of hitting Brittany toned frame. She looked up at the blonde's fiery glare that she was sending her laughing best friend. Santana decided to tease her new wife.

"Babe, that's not very nice."

Brittany practically growled her response. "I don't like sharing."

Santana laughed loudly, drawing even more attention to the two dancing girl's but she didn't care. She was too lost in Brittany. The blonde dipped her and got right in her ear, whispering, "Especially not my new toys."

That sent a shiver down Santana's spine at Brittany just had to top it all off with a burning kiss to the Latina's pulse point before bringing the shorter girl to a standing position.

They continued the dance and Brittany took up the one after that and the one after that, but sooner rather then later other people wanted to dance with the two brides so the blonde was forced to watch as Santana walked off with Sam while Mike came forward and took hold of the blonde's hand and pulled her in for a dance of his own.

They danced for a while before Brittany broke away and tried to get back to Santana but Puck stepped forward with a sheepish expression and asked if he could have the next dance.

Brittany stared at him for a few seconds before nodding and accepting the smaller boys hand and letting him lead her to the side of the dance floor. They didn't really dance. It was more of a sway that Puck led.

"You look amazing, Brittany," he said, looking around the room and not at the blonde before him. Brittany looked at where the Mohawk headed boy was looking. She saw Santana dancing around with her father. The little green monster inside of Brittany reared its ugly head.

She turned back to Puck and saw a slight blush dusting his cheeks as he realized he was caught leering at Brittany's wife. Her hand tightened on the boy's hand squeezing it until he yelped in pain.

"Don't look at my wife like that," she snarled, right in his ear. He nodded and shook his head to clear it.
"Sorry. Sorry. That's wrong of me. I know that you're the one she wants. I've accepted that. I just wanted to say that you are the best man or woman in this case. You win," he said, lowering his head in shame.

The blonde squeezed his hand again and pulled the boy closer so that she could get right in his ear, he whimpered in pain.

"You listen here, Noah, it was never a game with me. I actually cared about her from the start. You only liked her for sex. That's the difference between you and me, Puckerman." She released him and stormed off, heading towards the Latina who was still invested in her dance partner.

Brittany came forward and snatched up her wife, planting her lips firmly against Santana's. She lifted the smaller girl off the ground to make sure that the kiss lasted while everyone around them chuckled at the two love struck teenagers.

Brittany took hold of Santana's hand and pulled the girl against her chest twirling her across the dance floor with a huge smile spread across her face. Whenever anyone came up and asked to dance with them they would shake their heads and dance away sometimes sticking their tongues out at that person.

After a solid two hours of them dancing together they finally decided to cut the cake. They locked hands around the knife and slowly cut away a piece for the both of them. Santana gave Brittany a sly smile. They had already agreed that Santana could push the cake in Brittany's face as the blonde remembered the Latina's exact words previously.

'If you get cake in my hair you not only will have a very unhappy honeymoon but I will go all Lima Heights on you.'

It still sent chills through the blonde just thinking about all the angry sex they could have. She knew that the Latina couldn't go very long without sex, especially not on their honeymoon. She'd be like a cat in heat.

Brittany prepared herself and felt the frosting covering her face as Santana's pearl like laughter filled the air, making it totally worth the sticky mess covering her face. She didn't open her eyes as she waited for the reward she knew she was going to receive as part of their agreement for letting Santana smash cake in her face.

A hot tongue ran against Brittany's check taking in the icing and make the blonde shutter gently. She opened her eyes and stared down into a pair of dark lust filled ones. It sent a shiver running through her spine and she wrapped one hand around Santana's waist pulling the smaller girl against her as she whispered, "Just imagine all the things I'm going to do to you tonight."

This time it was Santana who shivered and met Brittany's gaze, biting her pouty lip and driving Brittany insane with lust.

They had to stay for the rest of the celebration though and all the while Brittany was whispering all the dirty things she intended to do to Santana as soon as they got to their destination.

At some point Brittany was pulled away by the Latina's father and off to one of the corners for a private word.

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a rather thick envelope before shoving it into Brittany's hand. The blonde stared at it confused before slowly opening the black folder. Inside she found what must have been half a million dollars. She gasped loudly and David looked around in alarm but no one was paying them any attention.

"David, I can't take your money," Brittany said shoving the money back at the older man, who wouldn't accept it. "Sir, I already have more then enough money," the blonde tried again, but still he wouldn't take the money back.

"I heard all about your father showing up and giving you all that money but Brittany that'll run out and I want to make sure that you and my daughter are both covered. Those first few years are going to be tough. Especially when you two finish college. I want you two to be set. Please accept this. It's your wedding present from both of us," he said with a sincere expression.

Brittany looked across the room to where Santana was talking to Rachel with her head thrown back laughing at something the Hobbit had said. She looked so beautiful. Brittany never wanted to see Santana without everything she could possibly wanted. She knew that she couldn't protect the Latina from everything but she would do her damn near hardest to see to it that she was happy and healthy.

Turning back to David she gave him a firm nod before taking a firmer hold of the money and tucking it into her dress.

"I will repay you one day," she said in a serious voice.

The older man simply laughed at her comment. "You can repay me by giving my wife and I some amazing grandchildren. Otherwise I think our son will," he said with a laugh just as Emily came racing up to them.

"Britty, I want up!" She yelled with a gleeful smile that her sister easily returned. Brittany leaned down and scooped her younger sister up into her arms smiling down at the smaller girl she kissed her sister's nose getting a fit of giggles from the small child.

After a few seconds she turned to David and said, "You won't have to worry about grandchild I'll be sure to give you as many as you want because Em here is never going to date so long as I'm around," she growled getting into her overprotective older sister mode.

David laughed and clapped Brittany on the shoulder. "I said the same thing about Santana and then you came along," he said as Hugo came racing up and leaping into his father's awaiting arms.

He didn't focus on his father though. His entire attention was focused on Emily in Brittany's arms and she saw all the love and admiration that she felt for Santana at that age shinning in his eyes and she knew that her sister had already found her soul mate.

She let off a sigh and noticed Santana approaching and a smile insanely graced her features again.
"Hey, baby," the Latina, said leaning in and kissing everyone's cheek while giving Brittany a peck on the lips. Emily squirmed in Brittany's arms trying to get at Santana.

"Britty, I want Sanny to hold me," she whined putting on her best pout that mirrored Brittany's. The older girl sighed and put her sister down so that she could run over to Santana who willingly scooped up the younger child.

Lifting Emily up over her head she spun the girl around a few times before holding her close and blowing a raspberry on the girl's cheek, making Emily scream with a fit of giggles. Brittany's pout only grew as she watched the two interact.

"Out down by my own wife. Who would have thought?" She grumbled.

Santana laughed at how childish her wife was being. "You better get use to it, babe, because no matter what I'm always right and I'm always the best," she purred before kissing Brittany's cheek as a peace offering.

"You guys look really pretty today," Hugo said from where he still hung in his father's arms. All three of the girl's turned their attention to the two boys and smiles broke out all around.

"Well, thank you, Hugo. You don't look so bad yourself. You look rather snazzy in that tux of yours," Brittany said with a big smile.

Santana snorted and rolled her eyes at how dorky Brittany could be sometimes. She wondered how anyone ever thought she was a badass.

"Babe, no one says snazzy anymore," she chastised making Brittany turn and look at her with a puzzled expression as if she tried to piece together what exactly Santana was saying to her. The Latina had to admit that she looked adorable.

"I say snazzy," she replied with a slight smile that let Brittany know that she was joking around.

"That's because you're a dork."

"Yeah, but I'm your dork," the blonde said, taking a few steps closer to the Latina. Santana hummed in appreciation as Brittany captured the smaller girl's lips in her own.

"Ew," Emily complained within Santana's arms making the two older girls pull back and look down at the younger blonde with a curious expression.

The smaller girl giggled and Santana and Brittany shared a look before coving her in a serious of kisses. Hugo squirmed in his father's grip until the older man put his son down and he raced over to where Emily was receiving all the attention. He pulled on Brittany's dress and the taller girl quickly scooped him up before he received the same treatment as Emily.

After what seemed like years the party began to wind down and it was time for them to open presents. Brittany let Santana do most of it until she reached Quinn's gift, which of course turned out to be lingerie so revealing that Brittany quickly put it back in the box with plans of using it on their honeymoon. They got through all of the gifts and Brittany took Santana's hand leading the Latina out the doors of the banquet hall and into the starry night where a limo was waiting for them.

They each gave the awaiting crowd a wave before stumbling into the car and heading off for the airport.

With all the partying they had done Santana was winding down and so she decided to take a nap while Brittany got changed making the blonde promise her that she would wake her up before they got to their destination so she too could change out of her wedding dress.

After a good thirty minutes Brittany woke the girl up telling her that she had to change now or they'd miss their flight. That got Santana up and she quickly shimmed out of her wedding dress and into a pair of jeans and a V-neck all the while Brittany eyed her up and down making the smaller girl's skin grow hot.
They pulled up to the airport and Brittany went to the drunk grabbing their bags that Santana hadn't even known were in the trunk and taking the Latina's hand, leading her into the not so busy airport.

Their flight was just boarding and they climbed onboard with Brittany leading them to the front of the plane, to first class. Santana gasped and that was before they took their seats. Waiters were already standing over them ready to take their orders. There were ladies ready to give them massages and even a full course meal that they had the option of choosing.

"Britt, baby, this is all too much," Santana said.

Brittany chuckled at the girl. "You're really going to think that when you figure out where we're going," she said with a secretive smile.

The Latina stared at her wife but took her seat and Brittany followed after her. Immediately six of the waiters descended upon them asking if they could tend to their every beck and call.

Brittany found it all to be rather annoying having people check on her every three seconds but she wanted Santana to enjoy herself. Before they even took off from the ground Santana was out cold, snuggling into the blonde's shoulder a small smile on her face. Brittany waved away any of the servers who tried to come forward and tend to them. She didn't want any of the disturbing Santana.

It was peaceful and Brittany sat there silently sipping from her flute of champagne. She looked down at Santana and noticed the Latina's at peace expression and the way her hair tickled her face in just the right way. It was so adorable and cute that Brittany didn't bother to brush it away. She let it sit there as she stared out the window.

"Britt," the girl whispered, making Brittany jump slightly and turn back to her. She half expected the girl to be sitting up staring at her and telling her not to stare so much. Instead she saw a still very much asleep Santana clinging to her arm with her eyes closed.

She sighed and buried deep into Brittany's hoodie. "I love her," she whispered and not for the first time Brittany wished that she could be right there beside Santana seeing everything that the Latina did.

She smiled and leaned down kissing Santana's forehead.

"Love you too, babe. Always have and always will," she whispered before going to sleep herself.

I want to first say thank you all for sticking with me through this story. It really means a lot to me and I want to write for you guys because this is all we have. This is the only thing we can control.

I really enjoyed writing for you guys and I'm trying to decide if I want to write a sequel. I'm not sure. I'll have to think about it. Right now I'm going to try and catch up on some of my writing before I post anything else.

Thank you all I really mean that I love you guys.