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The next day Brittany picked up Santana just as she said she would. Even if Brittany was pissed off she still wouldn't leave the poor girl to walk to school. When she pulled up in her 1971 Dodge Challenger and waited patiently for the Latina to get her hot ass in the car.

The ride to school was silent. Santana could see how tightly Brittany was gripping the steering wheel and knew that something was wrong with the blonde so she didn't dare speak.

When they pulled up to the school Brittany quickly got out and headed for the doors. Santana rushed out of the car and raced after the disappearing blonde.

"Hey!" She called out. Brittany stopped but didn't turn around. "Did I do something to offend you?" She demanded, coming around to stand in front of the taller girl.

Brittany looked down into Santana's mocha dark eyes and an evil grin spread across her face. The Latina tried to take a step back, but Brittany's arm shot out and caught her around the waist. "What are you do-"

The rest of Santana's words were lost in Brittany's lips crashing against her own. Brittany was an amazing kisser and the blonde wasn't naive to the power that she had over the ladies. Her tongue reached out and grazed along Santana's pouty lower lip and the Latina opened up her mouth without a second thought. Brittany was quick to enter exploring the new territory with an eagerness that others would have admired.

As soon as their tongues touched fireworks exploded everywhere. Brittany's head became light and she couldn't think properly. It seemed to have the opposite effect on Santana. As soon as their tongues touched her head became clearer. It was like someone had giver her the world's best energy drink mixed with straight caffeine.

She became very aware of Brittany's tongue practically sliding down her throat and the way the blonde's hands were holding her waist in place so that the Latina couldn't run.

Letting off a snarl Santana bit down on the girl's tongue. Hard enough for her to taste blood. Brittany immediately released the Latina in favor of looking at her new wound.

"What the serious fuck, Lopez? Why'd you bite me?" She demanded glaring down at the shorter girl.

Santana rolled her eyes at how dramatic the 'bad girl' was being.

"No one said that you could touch yet," she snarled, "You haven't even taken me out on a date yet and already you're trying to touch what's not yours."

Brittany growled and spit out a glob of blood onto the linoleum floor. "I should have your ass for that, Lopez," she snarled. Santana simply smirked at the taller girl's threat. "And you will have my ass and much more if you play your cards right." With that the Latina sauntered off to Cheerio's practice leaving a dumb struck Brittany behind.

Shaking her head to clear it of all thoughts about the cheerleader, Brittany made her way to the bleachers where she knew Quinn would be waiting.

"I guess you really do take my advice to heart," Quinn said with a mischievous smirk. Brittany's brow furrowed. "What the fuck are you talking about? I'm not in the mood for your games today, Lucy," Brittany snarled as she flung herself down on the couch beside Quinn.

The shorter girl winced at the mention of her first name.

"It's all over Jacob's blog. You and Santana are exclusive now," she said, holding up the phone for Brittany to see. The taller girl's eyes widened in disbelief as she read the page. "

"I'm going to kill that little rat!" She snarled.

"So, it's true than?" Quinn demanded.

"Is what true?"

"You and Santana are a thing now? You're done teasing her and all about pleasing her now." Quinn clarified her grin sneaking back onto her face.

"Can it, Fabray. Lopez and I are nothing. I just want in her pants."

Was that even true anymore? Was Brittany really only in it to get into Santana's pants? After that kiss Brittany couldn't even focus on the revenge she was suppose to be getting for the same girl trying to use her.

Quinn rolled her eyes at Brittany's response. "Whatever, Pierce. You two were so busted macking out in the hallways no more than five minutes ago. You don't make out with girls you simply fuck them and leave them." Brittany glared at the shorter girl before grabbing her bag.

"I'm late for class," she grumbled.

"And since when have you cared about missing a class? Did Lopez tell you to get your grades in check so the two of you can graduate together and run away?" Quinn snarled, the bitterness clear in her voice.

"At least some of us give a damn about graduating, Quinn!" Brittany exploded, "You know ever since Puck knocked you up with Beth you stopped carrying about anything and it's really starting to work on my nerves! At least I don't want to be stuck here working at Kurt's dad's auto shop! I don't want to be a Lima Loser for the rest of my life!" She snarled, "I'll see you around," before storming off back into the school.

Brittany took her seat in the back of the classroom and flipped her phone open completely ignoring everyone else around her. She decided to have some fun with the feisty Latina.

Brittany: I meant what I said earlier about me having your ass.

No less than a second later her phone was buzzing with Santana's response.

Santana: You're so vulgar. And I meant what I said too about you having more than just my ass if you play your cards right. That means quit being such a sleaze! :(

Brittany chuckled at the girl's response.

Brittany: How much more? ;)

Santana: As much as you can handle. That is if you can handle me ;)

Another chuckle from Brittany.

Brittany: Oh, I can handle you Sugar tits. The question is do you have the strength to be standing after I get finished with you.

It took a few minutes before Santana responded.

Santana: What do you think this is Mortal Kombat?

Brittany: It took you longer to answer. Did I make you all hot and bothered?

Santana: No, but it's nice to know that you're paying attention.

They went through most of the day like this. Brittany never got tired of annoying the fiery Latina and even though Santana would never admit it, she actually liked pushing Brittany's buttons and having the blonde compliment her. Even if most of the words leaving her mouth were rather vulgar.

By the time it was there third period they had traded around two hundred texts. Third being the one class they had together, Brittany decided to surprise the Latina and meet her at her locker.

As Brittany walked down the hallway the crowd parted like the red sea letting her pass. She wore her usual smirk.

Just as she was about to reach the Latina's locker a hand caught hold of her jacket from behind and she found herself being slammed into another row of lockers. Her head hit the metal with a sharp thud.

"What the fuck!" She snarled, immediately jumping to her feet to face her attacker who obviously had a death wish.

Puck was standing there with his fist up and ready. His face was beat red and if he could have there would be steaming pouring out of his ears.

Brittany chuckled. "I guess you heard about me and Lopez, huh? Did you come here to fight me for the rights to her panties?"

Puck's eyes flashed dangerously and he made a lung for Brittany, but she calmly side stepped him and brought her elbow down on his back making him fall to the ground clutching that spot.

Going to the other side of the circle that the kids at their school had started to form Brittany watched him struggle to his feet as he glared at her.

"I'm going to kill you, Pierce," he snarled, before lunging at her again. This time Brittany met him head on. He had her in the bulk area and so they landed on the ground with him on top of her punching her in the face and the sides. Brittany managed to block most of his hits but on particular one to the nose and she heard that bone crack.

With an animal like snarl, Brittany flipped their positions so that she was straddling Puck now and she just went to town. Landing more punches than he ever could. She kept beating his face in. Teachers came and tried to pull her off of him but she just kept on wailing on him. It wasn't until one particular voice spoke that she actually listened.

"Brittany stop it!" Santana screamed from where she stood pressed against the lockers watching the scene play out with horrified eyes.

At her words Brittany's arms immediately fell to her sides and she couldn't explain it, not even to herself, but she felt ashamed of herself. The look in Santana's eyes was really the thing that made her stop. That horrified look had made her fist stop and for her to quickly hop off of Puck.

Coach Bieste quickly stepped forward and dragged Brittany towards the school Counselors office. Throwing Brittany in the seat Coach Bieste walked out in a huff only to return a few minutes later with a moaning Puck.

Apparently the nurse had seen fit to clean up his wounds but that didn't stop him from moaning about a broken rib.

That big baby.

Brittany leaned back in the chair with a satisfied smirk.

Ms. Pilsbury looked at the two delinquents while her hands worked at her white gloves that she always seemed to wear. Coach Bieste and Mr. Shuester stood in the doorway glaring down at the two troublemakers.

"What seems to be the problem?" She asked in her usual quiet voice.

Since Puck seemed to be content to just sit there and moan Brittany took it upon herself to explain their story.

"Ma'am, I was just walking down the hallway towards my girlfriends to be's locker when this waste of space attacked me from behind!" She snarled. Puck's eyes shot open and he turned his head so that he could shoot Brittany a weak glare.

"Is that what happened?" Coach Bieste snarled, "Did you throw the first punch Puckerman?"

"I say we expel both of them!" Coach Sylvester snarled as she burst into the room. "Now, Sue, you can't just go around expelling every student that does one bad thing," Mr. Shuester said, trying to play peacekeeper as always.

"Yes I can, Spongehair Squarechins. It's in the Constitution. Besides, it's not as if these two have clean records. They both have been causing trouble since the first day they showed up here," Sue countered. Brittany let a soft smile touch her lips at the memories of all the havoc she had wrecked over McKinley High in the past three years.

Ms. Pilsbury raised a hand as both Will and Sue began to argue all the more.

"Okay, well, it seems to me that these two are having their own share of disagreements and I think the best thing for them to do is to make them spend more time together. So, I think that they should both join Glee club and Brittany should join the football team." They all gasped and sputtered.

"Fuck no!" Brittany snarled. Puck muttered something but no one could understand it past his broken jaw. Mr. Shuester and Coach Bieste were yelling as well. "I don't think that's a good idea, Emma, I mean you saw what they did to each others faces," Will defended. Brittany crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back in the chair as all the others began to fight.

She let her mind drift back to Santana's face. She was disgusted with the way that Brittany had mauled her ex-boyfriend.

It hurt Brittany deeply to see that look on the Latina's face and she couldn't explain why. Why would she care about what the Latina thought of her? It's not as if she cared about the Latina. Santana was simply another pair of underwear for Brittany to conquer. At least that's what she kept telling herself.

She had been so lost in thought that she hadn't realized that the room had gone silent. Ms. Pilsbury looked at the two students sitting before her.

"It's been decided. You two will join the Glee club and Brittany you must join the football team. You will try out and even if you don't make it on the actual team than you will at least be a supervisor," she said.

Brittany smirked. "Trust me, Ms. P. I'll make it on the team. If you couldn't already tell from Puck's face I have an amazing arm." They all looked at her and she simply shrugged. "Are we done here?" She demanded. Ms. Pilsbury nodded and Brittany quickly got up leaving the room and walking through the hallways with her phone out in front of her.

She saw that she had three new text messages. Two of them from Santana one of them from Quinn. She decided to open Quinn's first.

Q: I saw the fight. Come find me later. I wanna know how much trouble you got in for fucking up Puckerman's face.

A smile touched her face. Going to Santana's text, Brittany took great care in reading hers.

Santana: What happened? I need to talk to you. Let me know when you're out.

Santana: Come meet me in the girl's locker room. I'll be waiting ;)

Brittany felt something in the pit of her stomach roar as she read the second text. She also felt a warm sensation in her chest. So, Santana wasn't disgusted by her…wait why did Brittany care?

She sent a quick text to Quinn as she made her way to the locker room.

B: I'll come over to your house later and we'll talk about the whole thing.

A few seconds later she received Quinn's response.

Q: Cool, you better be tapping Lopez's ass.

Brittany rolled her eyes at her friends comment but continued to walk towards the locker.

Slipping into the room she heard the shower going and noticed that Santana's things were scattered around the bench next to her open locker. Brittany decided to amuse herself and quickly found the girl's red lacy panties. When she held them up to the light, Brittany could see right through them.

"Wow," she whispered.

"What the fuck are you doing with my underwear, Pierce," Santana's voice knocked Brittany out of her musing. Brittany didn't bother turning around to answer the Latina. She simply tucked the underwear into her pocket before letting the shorter girl get a good look at her face.

Whatever argument Santana was about to make to Brittany taking possession of her underwear died the minute she saw Brittany's bent nose and the black eye that was beginning to form.

"Oh, my god, Brittany. Did he do this to you?" She whispered, stepping forward and touching the blonde's bruised cheek. As soon as the Latina's fingers touched her face Brittany felt no pain. In fact she felt the exact opposite. It was as if an electrical bolt went through her body.

Brittany was very aware of how close she was to Santana and that the only thing separating her from the Latina's tan flesh was a towel that looked like it was about to fall at any second.

"Nah, I just wake up every morning like this," Brittany joked. Santana's fingers traced down to the blonde's broken nose and Brittany couldn't stop herself from wincing audibly. Santana immediately removed her hand and Brittany tried not to whimper at the loss of contact.

"Hold on, I got to set my nose back in place," she whispered before putting two fingers to both sides of her nose.

"Oh, Brittany, don't!" Santana said as a loud crack filled the room and Brittany's nose was back in place with a stream of blood gushing from both nostrils.

She gave Santana a horrid grin as the blood ran down her lips, staining her teeth. "How do I look now?" She asked, attempting her usual smug grin. She was fighting back tears of pain.

Santana reached into her bag and pulled out a travel-sized bag of tissues. She began to wipe the blood away gently. Her eyes were locked with Brittany's brilliant blue ones and the blonde quickly dropped the cocky grin. Brittany had never noticed how deep Santana's eyes really were before. They looked like they held a whole new world within them.

When all the blood was gone from Brittany's lip and nose, Santana began to remove her hand, but Brittany's own hand shot up and caught her wrist. The tissue fell to the ground and Santana found her hand cradling Brittany's head and that the blonde was leaning into the touch.

"Santana…" Brittany muttered, before her eyes drifted closed and the Latina felt the taller girl leaning in. She was going to kiss Santana. For the second time in that day she was going to kiss Santana. There was nothing the Latina could do nor would she have done anything otherwise. For some strange reason she wanted to kiss Brittany.

She met the blonde and their lips crashed together. A deep lust filled moan escaped Santana as Brittany's tongue immediately went into her mouth. Brittany's hands found Santana's waist and she pulled the Latina against her. Santana threw her arms around Santana's neck. Her lips worked furiously against Brittany's trying to gain the dominance that the blonde refused to allow. Brittany's hands went lowering groping Santana's ass and squeezing it lightly, before giving it a sharp smack.

Santana gasped into the kiss and her eyes fluttered open. She pulled back and found Brittany looking at her with an evil grin. Before Santana could say anything Brittany landed another opened palmed smack onto Santana's ass.

A deep moan escaped Santana and she pushed her ass out. Brittany's grin only widened.

"Oh, so you like getting spanked do you, Lopez? I always took you for being a top." Santana didn't respond and Brittany landed another smack to the girl's ass this time pulling the towel up a little so that the Latina's ass was bare.

"Is this turning you on, Lezpez? You like me spanking your ass?" Brittany muttered. Santana gave off a throaty moan and Brittany attacked her neck, sucking on her pulse point. A deep moan escaped the Latina. She stuck her ass out father, begging for more punishment.

Brittany smirked and rubbed the girl's sore bottom, before her hand went a little farther down, finding the Latina's hot center. It was pulsating with heat and was dripping wet, coating the Latina's thighs.

"Oh, naughty girl. Look at how wet you are for me. I thought you didn't like trash." Santana could only moan as her body gave in to Brittany's touch. How did Brittany turn her on so easily?

"Mm, more, Britt," Santana moaned bucking her hips out, looking for any type of friction.

Brittany pulled her hand back only to bring it back down on Santana's ass. "I'm still waiting on those magic words," she husked. Brittany pulled back to look at the Latina.

As soon as Brittany's hot breath was off of Santana the girl's eyes filled with horror as she realized what she was doing. She pushed away from Brittany.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Pierce?" She snarled.

Brittany stared at the girl, shocked. "What?" She asked still confused from her lust filled state.

"What do you think you're doing?" Brittany's jaw dropped. "I didn't hear you complaining when I was doing it," she snarled. Santana fought the blush that was surfacing on her cheeks.

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" She growled.

Brittany smirked again. "How about you get changed while I tell you what happened." Santana crossed her arms over her chest giving Brittany a great view of Santana's cleavage. With slow exaggerated movements Santana indicated for Brittany to turn around.

Rolling her eyes Brittany did as the Latina asked her. "So, what do you want to know?" She asked, as Santana got dressed behind her.

"Everything, duh. You weren't in Crowder's class. She missed you."

"I bet," Brittany said with a smirk. "Well, I was walking down the hallway minding my own business when your ex decided to attack me. Of course I kicked his ass. I broke his jaw and probably a couple of ribs."

Santana came around the bench now fully clothed.

She touched Brittany's swollen cheek. "He got you pretty good," she mused. It was growing difficult for Brittany to see past her swollen cheek and eye.

Brittany shrugged. "Not as bad as I got him. Anyways, now he and I both have to start spending more time together. Ms. Pilsbury made us both join Glee club and now I'm going to try out for the football team."

Santana raised an eyebrow. "You're joining Glee club?" She demanded pulling back a little. Brittany could almost see the Latina's thought process. If Brittany joined a club that supported all of the people that rested at the bottom of the food chain than her reputation would definitely go down.

"If I don't join the Glee club than they're going to kick me out of school. I'm on my third strike," Brittany explained. She didn't know why she bothered. Santana was only going to use her for her reputation.

"I understand. I think I have a plan," the Latina said. Brittany raised an inquiring eyebrow but didn't ask.

Getting up from the bench Brittany ran her fingers through her hair. "I'll see you in detention, Lezpez."

She walked out of the locker room hearing Santana screaming, "Stop calling me that!"

At the end of the day Brittany walked into Ms. Crowder's room. She found Santana sitting in the back of the room. At the sight of Brittany the brunette perked up. A smirk touched Brittany's lip and she walked back to her usual seat.

"So, nice of you to join us, Ms. Pierce. Seeing as you couldn't make it to class today," Ms. Crowder growled from her desk.

Brittany rolled her eyes. "Piss off, toad," she growled before slamming into the seat beside Santana. She leaned back and threw one arm across the back of Santana's chair.

"Did you miss me, sweet cheeks?" She purred into Santana's ear. A slight shiver went through Santana at the proximity of the blonde. Memories of the locker room flashed through her mind.

"You wish, Pierce," she managed trying to make her voice teasing, but it sounded more like a whimper.

A smug smile touched Brittany's lips as she leaned back and looked at the front of the room. Santana's heart was beating out of her chest as she thought back to what had transpired in the locker room.

She pressed her legs together trying to stop the arousal sprouting there. Brittany still had her panties tucked in her pocket and all the Latina wore were spanks. As if they were telepathically linked Brittany reached into her pocket and pulled out the red lacey garment. She played with it between both of her index fingers.

"I really wanted to take these off of you. I'm sure they would have been soaked through," she husked. Santana could feel her arousal growing. She wished that she was away from Brittany or that the blonde would at least stop talking. "I bet you're getting turned on just from hearing my voice," Brittany purred. "Shut up, Pierce," Santana managed shifting in her seat uncomfortably.

Brittany chuckled as she watched Santana squirm. "Do you want me to finish what we started in the locker room? We could do it right here. Right now," Brittany continued leaning in again, Santana's panties crushed in her hand. "I could relieve all that tension."

Santana felt Brittany's hand slip to her knee and she jumped halfway out of her seat. Had Brittany really been so bold as to try to touch Santana when Ms. Crowder was sitting no more than ten feet away from them?

Brittany's chuckle made her turn.

"You're a jumpy one aren't you, Lopez," she laughed before throwing her arms behind her head and leaning back, Santana sat in the seat with her legs clenched together until the final bell rung. Before Ms. Crowder could say anything the Latina was out the door and headed towards the parking lot.

Her eyes immediately searched for her car and than she remembered that she drove over here with the blonde who was the cause of her discomfort. Letting off a growl of frustration she began the walk home.

She knew when Brittany pulled up beside her and cruised next to her as Santana continued to walk home.

"Get in, Lopez. You don't want to walk home when people can see the wet spot on your Cheerio's uniform," Brittany growled and Santana could hear the amused smirk in the blonde's voice. When her hands flew to the back of her skirt she heard Brittany howl with laughter.

Letting off a growl of frustration she quickened her pace. Brittany only sped up to keep pace with the furious Latina. She pulled ahead a little and stopped the car, getting out. She held Santana's door open.

"Come on, Lopez. Either you get in willingly or I'm going to drag you into my car and drive you home. You pick."

Santana contemplated her options before begrudgingly getting into the car. Brittany smirked and closed the door before walking around to the driver's side. Brittany took off towards the Latina's house with a triumphant grin plastered to her face.

"Stop smiling!" Santana snarled, "I'm mad at you."

That only made Brittany howl with laughter. Santana sat back in her seat with a huff.

They pulled up to Santana's house and she was quick to get out. Making sure to slam the door extra hard as she stormed up the driveway. She could still hear Brittany laughing behind.

Once she was inside, Santana immediately went to the kitchen intending on getting a snack. She was met with an unusual sight. Her brother sat at the kitchen table with a blonde haired girl the both of them chatting away and coloring some picture together.

"Hey, Sanny," Hugo called, looking up from his drawing to Santana. "This is Emily. Mommy, said that she could eat dinner with us." Santana gave her brother a kind smile before turning her gaze to the Emily. She was met with a pair of familiar blue eyes.

"It's nice to meet you, Santana," the small girl said Santana gave the child a wave before quickly walking out of the room to find her mother. Marie Lopez was sitting in the living room wither work laptop reviewing files.

She looked up as her daughter entered the room. "I heard you come home but your car was still here. Did you catch a ride with Mercedes?" She asked going back to her computer. "No. I had another friend drop me off." Marie's eyebrows rose but she didn't look away from her computer as she said, "Anyone I know?"

Santana immediately shook her head just at the thought of how her mother would react if she knew that Brittany had dropped her off. Brittany wasn't exactly the type of girl that most parents would approve of.

When Marie noticed that her daughter still stood next to the couch. "Is something bothering you, sweetheart?" She asked finally looking away from her laptop.

For a second Santana considered telling her mother about the strange similarities between the girl sitting with her brother and a certain annoying blonde at her school.

"No, ma'am," she whispered before leaving the room and going up to her room. She stripped out of her clothes and headed for the shower.

Brittany walked into the house expecting to hear all about Emily's day but she was met with an empty house. Stepping into the kitchen she saw a note from her mother.


Let Emily go to a friend's house. Go pick her up at seven.

There was an address scribbled below and Brittany couldn't help but think that it looked familiar. She didn't dwell on it though. Simply put the note in her pocket and sent a quick text out to Quinn telling her to come over.

Twenty minutes later the pink haired girl walked through her doors and went to the kitchen to grab a beer. She came into the living room and plopped down beside Brittany, flipping the TV over to Spike TV where they had a girl named Naya on there pretending to be a stripper and swinging on a pole.

"She kinda looks like, Lopez doesn't she," Quinn commented with a huge shit-eating grin on her face. Brittany punched the shorter girl in her arm. "Shut it, Fabray. Santana would never do that."

Quinn scoffed. "That's no the word on the street. Even those losers in Glee club know that that's all she's good at." Brittany's teeth slammed together as she fought the urge to hit her friend. She didn't want to beat Quinn up. It wasn't that she couldn't it was more so that they had been best friends since the pink haired girl had quit the Cheerio's and started talking to Brittany.

"I see that look on your face, Pierce. I'll stop," Quinn said reading Brittany like an open book. "So, what happened with Puckerman?" She demanded.

Brittany shrugged. "Nothing. He found out about Santana and me and so he wanted to challenge me."

"How much trouble are you in?"

"Well, Ms. Pilsbury said that we should spend more time together. We're both in Glee club now and I'm joining the football team."

Quinn's eyebrows shot up at this. "What's that going to do to your rep?"

Brittany waved away her question. "You act as if I care about my reputation." Quinn shrugged. "Oh, well, guess you're going to have to stop smoking all that weed, huh?" She growled. Brittany growled angrily.

"Don't remind me. Let's just watch some TV."

At seven o'clock Brittany hopped into her car and headed towards the address written on the piece of paper. Some of the houses looked familiar but Brittany still couldn't put her finger on the reason why everything looked so familiar. She was too busy thinking about ways to defeat the drug test they were sure to make her go through tomorrow.

Walking up to the front door Brittany didn't really pay attention until she was looking into a pair of familiar mocha eyes.


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