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Brittany couldn't believe that she could have been so stupid. She had driven to Santana's house no less than two hours before hand. How could she have so easily forgotten that? Now they both stood looking at each other awkwardly.

"Brittany," Santana said, simply crossing her arms over her chest. Brittany shoved her hands deeper into her pockets scuffing her shoe against the ground that she couldn't seem to take her eyes away from. "I'm here to pick up my sister, Emily," she grumbled. What the fuck was wrong with her? Brittany S. Pierce did not get shy.

Santana nodded and disappeared into the house, leaving the door wide open. Brittany wasn't sure if she was suppose to follow or not, so she just stood in the doorway watching the Latina walk away.

When Santana realized that the blonde badass wasn't following her she turned and saw said blonde in the doorway looking at her.

"What? Are you a vampire or something? Come in!" Santana realized that she was being a bit of a bitch, but she was still mad about what Brittany did to her today. She was planning on taking her anger out on the blonde the next day at school, but why not get her kicks in now.

Brittany slowly shuffled into the house and towards Santana who had already walked into the kitchen. She saw her sister and a boy who she assumed was Santana's younger brother sitting at the kitchen table where three bowls of ice cream sat.

At the sight of her older sister Emily immediately jumped up from her seat and raced over to the taller blonde. "Britty, come eat ice cream with me and Hugo. Sanny, made it and it taste so good. And it will get rid of your boo boos." Emily said as she dragged her sister over to the table. She had seen Brittany come home beat up enough times to know not to ask the blonde about how she got the cuts and bruises that littered her face. Brittany looked over at Santana for conformation. The Latina shrugged; this would only give her more time to torture Brittany.

Taking a seat next to her sister Brittany found herself sitting across from Santana. The Latina put a bowl of ice cream in front of Brittany and the blonde grumbled her thanks before the Latina returned to her seat.

A wonderfully awful idea popped into the Latina's head as she got up again and went to the refrigerator.

"Who wants whipped cream?" She asked. Both of the children crowed that they did and the Latina returned with the can, spraying an ample amount on both of the younger children's ice cream. She raised the can over Brittany's untouched bowl, silently asking. The blonde shook her head. That wasn't going to work for Santana. Before her head retreated back to her side of the table she sprayed a small amount of whipped cream on the blonde's perfect nose.

Brittany jumped at the contact. A sly smirk spread across Santana's lips.

"Oops. My bad," she whispered making sure that her voice was extra husky just for the blonde's benefit.

Reaching across the table Santana quickly snatched the small dash of whip cream from Brittany nose, and popping her finger into her mouth. She sucked on it with a satisfied moan. Brittany's jaw dropped.

Leaning across the table Santana quickly licked the rest of the whip cream from Brittany's nose. The blonde was as stiff as a board.

"Sorry," Santana husked, "I just had to get another taste."

Brittany felt hot arousal shooting through her. Not only with Santana's words, but also with her proximity. She could still feel Santana's hot breath just above her lips. Brittany was breathing in the Latina's scent and it was intoxicating.

Satisfied with her handy work Santana pulled away. Before Brittany could check herself a whimper left her throat. Santana was shocked. She had never heard the blonde sounding so pathetic. It almost broke her resolve. Almost.

As she pulled back she locked eyes with her kid brother and saw that both of the children were staring at their siblings in shock. No one ever said that kids were dumb.

"We have to go," Brittany quickly said, picking Emily up and heading towards the door. All the while the smaller girl kicking and screaming about not finishing her ice cream. Just as Brittany was about to reach the door, Santana's mother appeared. The blonde immediately stopped and stared at the older Latina woman coming down the stairs.

To say that Marie Lopez was an attractive woman would be the understatement of the century. She was hot. As in smoking. As in fresh of the cover of a magazine hot. Brittany found herself staring and than her mouth was moving before she could stop it.

"MILF," she murmured. Santana, who had walked out of the kitchen after the blonde heard these words and her jaw dropped.

Marie simply smiled at Brittany. She knew that all of Santana's friends found her to be smoking. She had pretty much had to beat the boy with the Mohawk away from herself.

Realizing what she said, Brittany quickly shook her head to clear it and looked at the incredibly attractive woman before her. "I mean…um…my name is Pierce Brittany. I mean Brittany Pierce," she said extending the hand out to the older woman that wasn't holding her still squirming sister in place.

Chuckling Marie took hold of Brittany's offered hand and gave it a good shake before turning to her daughter, whose mouth was still hanging open.

Santana could not believe that Brittany had just called her mother a MILF. That was so wrong on so many levels. When her mother turned to her, Santana gave the older woman a pleasant smile until she turned her attention back to Brittany. Than Santana started glaring at the back of Brittany's head. Trying to burn a hole right through to the blonde's brain. If she even had one.

Why was she being so mean to Brittany all of a sudden? Apart from their encounter in the locker room and than Brittany taunting her in Ms. Crowder's class the blonde really hadn't done anything. Well, anything that she didn't try to do every day. And hadn't Santana liked it. Oh, that was one thing she was certain of Santana had most definitely liked having Brittany do those things to her and she hoped that one day she would be able to do the same to the over confident blonde.

That was another thing that bothered Santana. What happened to that side of Brittany? The side of her that worked Santana's nerves to no end. It was as if as soon as she dropped Santana off she became a completely different person. Not that she was complaining about the new Brittany she just found the whole situation odd.

She noticed that her mother and Brittany were giving her a questioning look and she quickly shook herself out of her thoughtful state and put her head back in the conversation before her.

"What?" She asked.

A playful smirk appeared on Brittany's face and Santana's heart leapt at the prospect of seeing the Brittany that annoyed the hell out of her. She was disappointed when it was her mother that spoke though.

"How do you two know each other?" Marie asked. Santana's eyes filled with fear and even Brittany looked uneasy about telling the older woman about anything involving the two students.

Brittany put her sister on the ground, realizing that she was going to be there awhile. Emily immediately ran back to the kitchen and they heard Hugo's excited yell. Without Emily's weight Brittany popped her shoulder to relieve some of the tension and Santana winced. Not only because the sound reminded her of what had transpired earlier that day but also because she knew her mother hated when people popped their bones.

Shoving her hands deep into her pockets Brittany stared at the floor and muttered, "School," lamely. It seemed that Brittany was intent upon making her mother upset. Marie Lopez almost never stood for a one-word reply to any of her questions. She expected an explanation with great detail.

When Santana glanced over at her mother she saw the Latina woman's face was expressionless.

"And what happened to your face?" She asked. Brittany's hand immediately shot out and went to her nose as if she forgot about the fact that it had been broken a mere three hours ago.

She shrugged and put her hands back into her pockets.

"I got in a fight today," she grumbled.

Marie raised an eyebrow. "With who?" She demanded. Being the mother of a head cheerleader meant that she pretty much knew everyone that went to McKinley High. What? It was a small town.

"Noah Puckerman," Brittany grumbled as her eyes dropped to the ground.

Marie audibly gasped. "He hit you? Why?"

Brittany's eyes snapped over to Santana for the briefest of seconds before she turned back to Marie. "He found out that I was doing something that he didn't like and tried to confront me about it with his fist."

Behind her mother, Santana let off a silent sigh of relief. Marie's knowing eyes didn't miss how Brittany and Santana were acting. She had a feeling that the fight stemmed around her daughter. She didn't comment on this though. She already knew that Brittany was an outed lesbian and held the title of being the most badass at McKinley.

"Well, Brittany won't you please let us feed you. I have a feeling that all that fighting you did must have worn you out. The least we can do is make sure that you've had a proper meal," Marie said, putting a hand to Brittany's shoulder. The blonde almost flinched away from the contact but managed not to at the last second.

"No, please, Mrs. Lopez, I couldn't. Really it's okay. I should be taking Emily home," Brittany protested weakly. Marie was already steering the girl into the kitchen where the smaller children were talking and giggling. Brittany couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face at seeing her younger sister smiling so much. Though a small part of her suddenly roared at seeing her kid sister interact with a boy.

Marie pushed Brittany down in her original chair where her ice cream had magically disappeared. Two very suspicious children still remained.

As soon as Marie was sure that Brittany wouldn't move from her seat she went to the stove and began to pill the blonde's plate with an enormous amount of food.

"Really, Mrs. Lopez, I don't want to be any worry," Brittany began as the Latina woman brought the plate over to the woman. Marie raised an eyebrow at Brittany. "First off, it's Marie, dear. Mrs. Lopez is my husband's mother. Secondly are you trying to tell me that you're not hungry in the least?"

Brittany began to shake her head, no, but her stomach decided at that moment to rat her out. A deep growl immediate from her stomach and Brittany tried desperately to cover her stomach as if by hiding it with her arms the sound would never be heard.

That same knowing grin spread across Marie's face again. She pushed the plate closer to the blonde before leaning in.

"I'm not going to take no for an answer, Brittany," she growled and in that moment Brittany could see where Santana got her amazing manipulative skills from. As Marie leaned forward her breast jutted out getting closer to Brittany's face and the blonde found herself having a hard time focusing on the older woman's face.

"Boobs," Brittany muttered, before realizing what she said.

A deep blush settled over her cheeks and she quickly began to stuff her face. She heard Marie's soft chuckle as she walked out of the kitchen. Santana was quick to take up her mother's place.

"I heard that," she growled, glaring at the blonde. Santana was use to her friends thinking her mother was hot. Puck would always try to get in her mother's pants when he would come over so Santana had just stopped letting him come to her house. For some reason the fact that she knew that Brittany found her mom attractive bothered her to no end.

"Of course you did. Your own mother heard it," Brittany growled in between a bite. The food was absolutely amazing. Santana glared at the blonde before her. What the fuck? Why did Brittany have to be like any other guy that came over here? Oggoling her mother like she was water in a desert. More importantly why did Santana care so damn much? It wasn't as if she and Brittany were a thing. Hell they weren't even supposed to be talking to each other. If not for Brittany's reputation she would be nothing more than another Lima Loser who would end up working in Burt Hummel's garage for the rest of her pathetic life. Than again that could still happen but at least Brittany had the reputation to lean back on.

Santana was knocked out of her thought process by a pair of blue eyes landing on her. Brittany was staring at the Latina with an amused grin plastered to her face. She could clearly see that Santana was deep in thought by the little crease that the Latina got on her forehead.

"What are you thinking about?" Brittany asked with that big grin still in place. Santana blushed furiously. "Nothing. Just how you have to join Glee club," the brunette lied smoothly.

This seemed to perk interest on Emily's side of the table. "What? But, Britty, you said that joining Glee club was like killing yourself and I don't want you to do that." Santana couldn't stop smiling at just how cute Emily really was. She could just picture Brittany acting the exact same way when she was Emily's age.

Brittany gave her sister an encouraging smile and said, "It's okay, Em. I got into a little bit of trouble at school so they're making me join, but I'll be fine." Emily's face didn't seem to become relieved at the mention of Brittany getting in trouble it only twisted up more.

"Britty, remember what mom said about you getting in anymore trouble. She's going to be so mad when you get home," Emily scolded her older sister and Santana couldn't help but find it incredibly cute.

Brittany winced at the mention of the punishment that awaited her as soon as they got home. As they finished their conversation, Brittany went back to her food and Santana couldn't help but feel awkward at their loss of communication. She cleared her throat a few times but Brittany only gave her a fleeting glance. A thought suddenly struck Santana.

"So, am I allowed to call you Britty too?" She asked her voice teasing. She thought she had the blonde right where she wanted her when Brittany's smile turned evil. It was a clear sign that Brittany was about to prove the Latina wrong.

"I thought you preferred Britt. Isn't that what you were whimpering in the bathroom?"

Santana's jaw dropped. She could not believe that Brittany had just talked about their accidental almost fuck session today. That was so off limits. How dare she bring it up. And in front of children.

A soft blushed settled over her cheeks and that only seemed to encourage Brittany.

She leaned across the table and Santana found herself reaching out to meet the blonde. When Brittany's breath tickled her ear Santana had to suppress the shiver that ran through her body.

"Don't think that I've forgotten about that little stunt you pulled with the whip cream. Don't think for one second that I won't get you back for that," she growled to Santana before taking the Latina's ear lobe between her teeth, giving it a slight tug. The Latina's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she barely managed to suppress the moan that begged to escape.

Brittany leaned back, satisfied with her work. She had Santana in the palm of her hand. Quickly finishing her dinner, it didn't go unnoticed by the blonde that Santana was a bit more tense than before and that her legs seemed to be squeezing the life out of each other.

Getting up from the table Brittany collected her dishes and put them in the sink rinsing them off and putting them in the dishwasher before Santana or worse Marie could say anything.

Walking over to her sister, Brittany held out her hand for the smaller girl to take. Emily looked sad but she took hold of her sister's hand and gave both Hugo and Santana a hug before they began to walk towards the door. Santana followed them all the way to Brittany's car.

As soon as Emily was in the front seat and strapped in Santana turned around to find a very angry Latina standing before her.

A sly smirk spread across her face as she simply walked past Santana, knowing that that would get a rise out of the shorter girl. Santana stared at Brittany opened mouthed as the blonde walked right past her and got into the car.

Brittany quickly pulled out of the driveway and headed towards their house letting off a slight chuckle as she saw Santana's expression in the rear view mirror.

"Britty, do you like Santana?" Emily asked, noticing how her older sister tensed up at her question. "I do, but she doesn't feel the same way…" There was so much that Brittany wanted to say but her pride wouldn't allow it. She wouldn't open up to anyone. Not even her kid sister,

Emily seemed to understand though and nodded. "I think you're wrong, Britty. I think Sanny likes you too." Brittany smiled down at Emily. "What do you know about that, munchkin?" She asked as they turned the corner.

A deep blush fell over the smaller girl's cheeks. "Do you like Hugo, Em?" Brittany asked with her usual grin in place. Emily's face burned, as she said, "No Boys are icky." Brittany was still chuckling as they pulled up to the house and walked inside. Of course their mother-Julia Pierce- was standing there when they walked in.

Brittany glanced at the clock and saw that it was already nine o'clock. Emily let off a sleepy yawn and Brittany walked the tired child up to her room. As she tucked Emily in she mentally prepared herself for the battle that was about to commence.

Walking down the stairs she saw that her mother had an empty bottle of wine with her. Fighting back a groan Brittany picked the bottle up and began to walk into the kitchen. Her mother's voice made her stop.

"You must think you're some pretty tough shit, walking around here like you own the place. Brittany fought the urge to give her some smart remark and continued on to the kitchen. She could hear her mother's footsteps following after her. She let off a sigh and turned around to face her mother's wrath.

She felt a hand go to her throat choking the life from her.

"You don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you," her mother hissed dangerously. Brittany's eyes bugged out of her head as she tried to breathe. The wine bottle hit the ground where it shattered. If Brittany wanted to she could have escaped her mother's grasp. She was taller and stronger than the woman but she didn't dare. She knew what would happen if she tried to outmatch her mother.

She snarled in disgust and threw Brittany to the ground. "Clean this mess up you little slut," she growled before spitting at her daughter and walking out the room.

Brittany felt the glass cutting into her body but she couldn't care less. She was too busy fighting the stinging in her eyes. She would not cry. Not over this. She had gotten off easy today.

After she managed to get her breathing under control, Brittany went to the sink and began to wash the glass from her palms and pulled a few bits out of her calf muscle.

Once she was all cleaned up she got the broom and swept up the rest of the glass, before going up to her room and laying down on her bed. In her sleep the tears slid down her face.

"Britty, wake up! You gotta take me to school!" Emily's voice woke her up the next morning.

Shit! She overslept. Grabbing her phone she saw that she had five new messages from Santana. She was going to get it when she got to school. Racing into the bathroom, she took one of the world's shortest showers before putting her clothes on and racing downstairs to find Emily finishing up her breakfast.

Grabbing the smaller girl's hand she raced out the door and probably broke the speed limit getting Emily to preschool. As soon as she walked out she finally checked her messages.

Santana: Are you coming to get me?

Santana: Are you coming to get me?

Santana: Hurry up!

Santana: Are you fucking coming or what?

Santana: You know what! Fuck it I'll walk!

Brittany couldn't help but smile at how easily the Latina got angry.

Hopping into her car she sped down the street toward McKinley. She was about to head in through the front door when she heard Mr. Shuster's voice calling out to her. "Don't forget about football practice, Brittany, and I'll see you in Glee club later."

She gritted her teeth at the reminder and stormed over to the football field.

Coach Bieste's whistle could be heard all the way from the parking lot. She walked up to the large woman and cleared her throat. The coach turned her eyes to Brittany and a smirk appeared on her face.

"Alright, Pierce, let's get you suited up with pads and have you out there on the field."

They walked into the boy's locker room and were immediately met with loud protest.

"Whoa, Coach, she can't be in here! She's a girl!" David said, covering up his flabby chest.

"Yeah, she's the one that beat up, Noah," Finn added sending Brittany a threatening glare. The blonde easily returned it making the taller boy turn away.

"Can it, Finnocence. And Karosky, you shouldn't really worry about me being in here. I think you should be more worried if Lady Hummel came in here. Don't you have a thing for him?" David made a move to attack the blonde but Mike and Finn held him back.

Brittany laughed enjoying taunting the bigger man.

"Enough," Coach Bieste growled, "Now whether you like it or not, Pierce, here is joining the team on Figgins orders! Since she's joining the team I expect all of you to accommodate her." There were a few 'Yes, sir's thrown here and there before the coach turned back to Brittany.

"Now, let's get you suited up with some pads."

Standing out on the field Brittany felt the sweat trickling down her neck as she stood in the sun. She had done all of the running that the other guys did and wasn't even sweating as bad as most of them and she had shown Coach Bieste how well she could throw the ball. Impressing most of her soon to be teammates. She had even caught the ball while Karosky and Azimio were trying desperately to tackle her.

She took her helmet off and accepted the bottle of water that Mike offered her. Out of everyone on the team, he seemed to be the only one that didn't have a grudge against her. She thanked him before taking a long drink from the bottle and pouring the rest over her head.

From across the field they could see Coach Bieste approaching and Mike quickly said goodbye to the blonde.

"You ever play football before?" She demanded with her hands on her hips. Brittany shook her head. "The only sport I've ever done is boxing and that didn't last long. They said that I was too violent." The bigger woman chuckled. "Well, I can't make you a wide receiver, even though you can catch and weave pretty well, I don't think that you getting sacked would be in our best interest so how about I boost you up to first string as our new quarterback."

There was a gasp from the group of players that had gathered around them.

"What?" Finn snarled in disgust. "You're going to make her quarterback? That's my job!" Coach Bieste turned to him with a snarl in place. "Well, not anymore! This girl can through better than you on her worse day! You're second string or you're off the team!"

Brittany tried to keep the grin off her face. Finn looked like he was about to cry as he walked away with most of the team following him. Coach Bieste turned back to Brittany and gave her a wink. "Go get changed and make sure that you're here every morning on time." She said, dismissing Brittany.

She went to the girl's locker room and slipped out of her football gear. She went into one of the stalls to take her shower. The warm water helped to loosen her muscles. The door opened in the locker room and she could hear the sound of the Cheerio's coming in from practice. Brittany couldn't really care less about who found her in the locker room. They probably had already seen her football gear still lying on the bench. She continued with her shower before toweling off and walking out with one two covering her body and another going through her hair.

There were gasp from all the girl's that were half undressed as Brittany stepped in. "What the fuck are you doing in here!" Some of them screamed, trying desperately to put their clothes back on.

Brittany rolled her eyes. "It's not as if I haven't seen most of you naked at one point or another. All of you were begging me not to stop," Brittany said as she walked over to her new locker. She managed to get hers right next to Santana's who seemed to be the only one that was not reacting to having the blonde in their mist.

The girl's glared at Brittany and the blonde glared right back giving a wave of her hand to indicate for them to continue changing. They all glared at the cocky blonde.

Chuckling Brittany simply went back to her locker looking through her clothes and finding her beautiful leather jacket. She dropped her towel; unashamed of her amazingly toned body. She pulled on a pair of boxers since she refused to wear anything else. Next she pulled on her black jeans. They fit her perfectly showing off her amazing ass as well.

It took all of her will power not glance over at the changing Latina beside her. Instead she glanced over her shoulder at some of the other girls and noticed that they were all staring at her. Some of them with distrust and even anger but most of them were full of lust.

Another chuckle and Brittany turned back around to find a pair of mocha eyes staring at her. Santana quickly looked away but Brittany could see the blush creeping onto the Latina's face.

All of the other girl's went into a stall to shower leaving Santana and Brittany alone.

As soon as they walked out Brittany turned to Santana and pulled the shorter girl against her bare chest. She breathed in the Latina's scent and let off a soft moan. Santana found herself leaning into the touch and wrapping her arms around Brittany's neck as Brittany's arms wound around her waist.

"Dear god, I've wanted to touch you since the first second you walked in here," Brittany murmured. Santana sighed contently. It felt so amazing to be in Brittany's arms. She momentarily forgot about the blonde annoying her the day before or that she didn't come pick Santana up this morning. She only thought about being in Brittany's arms and how perfectly they fit together.

She felt Brittany place a soft kiss to her shoulder and memories of the other day spread through her mind. Hot arousal coursed through her body and she tried to pull away from the blonde but Brittany held onto her, not ready to lost contact with the Latina.

"Britt, I gotta put the rest of my clothes on. And what if someone sees us?" Santana asked, pushing a little harder on the blonde. Brittany pulled back so that she could look down at the shorter girl, still pushing on her shoulders. What? She was still shirtless.

"I thought you wanted everyone to know about us," the blonde muttered. Santana's eyebrows rose. "What did you say?" She asked, fear shooting through her.

Brittany realized what she said and her arms immediately dropped away from Santana's waist and she took a step back. A blush settled over Santana as she got a better view of Brittany's chest and she had to force her eyes upward.

"You called me Britt," the taller girl grumbled, her face burning red as she realized her mistake. Santana's own face began to heat up as well.

"Do you not want me to call you that?" She asked, dreading that the answer would be no.

Brittany shook her head. "No, it's fine. Actually, I like when you call me that," she said. A sly smile spread across Santana's face as she stepped forward, wrapping her arms back around Brittany's shoulders, she whispered, "Britt-Britt." Between the nickname and the Latina's hot breath on her ear, Brittany could barely stand.

Santana pulled back and just as Brittany leaned in they could hear the sound of voices approaching. They jumped apart just as the first group of girls walked in. All of them oggoled Brittany's bare chest until the blonde put her bra and T-Shirt back on.

"I'll see you in class," she whispered, before grabbing her jacket and heading out of the locker room.

The day passed by in a blur and in third period they got to watch a movie about meerkats way of life, or something like that. Brittany wasn't paying attention. She was too busy focusing on Santana's skirt covered ass.

Her thoughts went back to her slip up in the locker room. The thought of why Santana was even talking to Brittany in the first place made the blonde wince and her insides twisted angrily. If the Latina wasn't so damn interested in her fucking reputation she wouldn't have given Brittany the time of day.

With that thought Brittany's eyes moved away from Santana's backside and she played Angry Birds for the rest of class.

Brittany quickly handed her note to Ms. Crowder excusing her from dentition for the rest of the week and walked towards the choir room. Several people were already there. Among them were Mercedes Jones, Tina and Mike Chang- no relation-, Artie Abrams, Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, and Finn Hudson.

At the sight of the tall blonde walking into the classroom, the room grew very quiet. There were even more gasps as two more unexpected people walked in.

"Okay, guys I'd like you all to welcome our two new members," Mr. Shue said as he came in, but stopped as he saw the third person. "Uhm, Santana, are you lost?" He asked. Brittany turned around at the Latina's name and found said girl and Puck standing behind her.

A smile spread across her face as she noted his jaw and she would have bet money that he had his ribs taped up.

Santana's voice shook her from her daze. "No, I'm not lost. I'm here to join Glee club."


"We have no choice, Mercedes. The rule of Glee club is that anyone who auditions gets in," Mr. Shue said cutting the enraged girl off.

Brittany's interest peaked at this. "Wait we have to audition?" She demanded. Mr. Shue nodded. "You don't have to today, but before the end of the week I expect you to have a song ready to perform for us," he said.

They all nodded in understanding before taking their seats. Santana sat in one of the middle back row chairs, expecting Brittany to take the seat next to her she was disappointed when the blonde took a seat in the far corner of the room away from both Santana and Puck, she crossed her arms and tuned out whatever Mr. Shue was saying.

When the last bell rang she was the first one out the door and racing for the parking lot.

A hand reached out and grabbed the back of her jacket throwing her to the ground. She quickly rolled over and found herself facing almost the entire football team glaring down at her. The only one that didn't seem to be there was Mike.

Smirking Brittany looked at all of the fuming men until one in particular came forward. Puck glared down at her and she smiled up at him sweetly. It was moments like this that really made her happy that she could still kick Puck's ass.

"Gentlemen, what do I owe the privilege of your company?" She asked in her usual taunting voice. Finn kicked out at her ribs making Brittany cry out in pain.

"Shut up, you little whore. You took my spot on the football team and you messed up Puck's face. We should kill you," he snarled. Brittany managed to chuckle at his remark, but another kick to the ribs silenced her from making any comments she was going to make.

Puck put a hand on his friends shoulder as Finn brought his leg back to kick Brittany again. He indicated for Brittany to get up. With a bit of difficulty she managed to stand and look at her supposed teammates.

She spit on the ground. "Oh, Finn, what would your dear hobbit say if she saw you fighting a girl. I mean she must know that you're too much of a pussy to fight a guy. Still…" Not even Puck could hold Finn back as he charged forward and punched Brittany square in the jaw. The blonde fell to the ground and than the others pounced, pounding on every piece of flesh they could get at.

She could feel herself breaking. It hurt and she cried out. It felt like they were beating the life right out of her and just when she was about to let go it stopped. Instead she felt someone lifting her up and slowly walking to the car with her arm wrapped around their shoulder.

She knew only by the perfume coming off of the mysterious figure next to her that it was Santana.

The Latina put the barely conscious blonde in the passenger's side and walked over to the driver's side, hopping in she drove them to her house. She once again helped Brittany to stand and walked the blonde into the house, laying her down on the couch.

Brittany could feel her eyelids getting heavier and their couch was so comfortable that she was out in a matter of seconds.

She awoke to the sound of someone shuffling around the room. Her eyes immediately shot open. Santana froze as she saw Brittany's brilliant blue eyes looking at her.

"Hey. How are you doing," she asked coming up to sit beside the blonde. Brittany shrank away from Santana, making the Latina's brow furrow and her heart hurt.

"What's wrong, Brittany? Does it hurt," Santana asked. Brittany's eyes turned cold and she got up, moving away from the Latina. "I'm fine. I should probably head home. Emily must be worried sick wondering where I am," she said about to head towards the door.

Santana's hand on her wrist made her stop, but the blonde only jerked her wrist away leaving a very hurt Latina. "Actually, your sister's upstairs. Apparently, she comes over here everyday after preschool now."

Brittany's brow furrowed and she began to walk towards the kitchen, Santana quickly following. "She's already asleep. I tucked her in two hours ago," she said, making Brittany look at the clock on the stove. It read 11:30. Letting off a groan Brittany rubbed the sleep from her eyes and found that her wrist was wrapped in a bandage. She winced as her other hand came forward to prod the wounded hand.

"Don't do that, Britt," Santana said trying to catch hold of Brittany's fingers. The blonde immediately backed away from the Latina, her eyes flashing dangerously. "Don't tell me what to do!" She growled. Santana stared at the taller girl, opened mouthed. Brittany had never said anything this harshly to her before.

Brittany snarled and attempted to unwrap her wrist again, but whimpered as soon as her fingers made contact with her injury.

"Britt, please, don't," Santana, whimpered again, this time staying where she was. "Stop telling me what to do!" Brittany yelled, shoving past the Latina and walking back into the living room, just anything to escape the Latina's piercing mocha eyes.

Santana was angry now and she followed Brittany with a vengeance.

"What the hell is your problem, Pierce," she demanded. Brittany whipped around so fast that Santana fell back on her butt.

"You're my problem! I want to love you, Santana, but you only want to use me for your own selfish gain! Why do you do that to me! I love you and all you care about is your stupid reputation! I know! I can see it in your face! You only want to use me so that you can become more popular! I get it! So, I'm going to go! You don't have to worry about me anymore! I'll come back tomorrow for Emily!"

Without another word, Brittany stormed out of the house leaving a still stunned Santana behind.

Sometime later, Marie came out and found her daughter sitting on the floor sobbing quietly. She didn't ask any questions just hugged the crying teenager close to her and let Santana let go.

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