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"Ikuto~! Where are you?" Only age 9, Amu had called out, her wings were so small, almost small as cupids, though, cupid wasn't real, but her wings were still small. She couldn't fly yet.

"Ikuto? Where are you?~" Amu 'hmph-ed' she wanted to show him the butterfly she had caught.

The 13 year old smirked, he was in the tree, too bad he didn't know that one of his black feathers had fallen before Amu's feet.

Amu had looked up, and, Of course, he was in the tree.

"Ikuto! Your so mean! You know I can't fly! Or climb a tree..." Amu whined.

Ikuto had came down from the tree, smirking, of course. Ruffling her hair. "Well, Its not my problem that your wings aren't big enough." He taunted.

Amu had crossed her arms and looked away in embarrassment, forgetting about the butterfly that was now flying away. But now that she had noticed, she ran after the butterfly. "Now look what you did, the butterfly is gone! I'm going to get it!" Blowing a raspberry at him, she chased after the butterfly. Ikuto had smiled at her retreating figure.

Nearly Ten minutes later, Amu had came running back with butterfly in hand. "Ikuto!~ Look! Isn't it pretty?" Stopping in front of Ikuto, she had slightly opened her hand for Ikuto to see.

"Its beautiful," Ikuto had smiled looking at the butterfly, "Just like you, Kid."

Ignoring the blush on her face, Amu stepped onto her tippy-toes and topped the butterfly on top of Ikuto's nose. She giggled as she watched Ikuto go crossed eye as he looked at the butterfly on the nose. His nose twitched before he swatted it off onto his hand and on Amu's shoulder,making Amu giggle.

Later on that night, Ikuto couldn't stay as long as he usually would. Since Amu couldn't fly her self yet, He usually took her for a fly with him. They would usually fly about 30-40 feet in the air. Amu disliked hte fact that Ikuto had to go home early to his fathers requests. So, today, he could not have taken her for their daily or every-other-day fly. Only 15 feet in the air of 5 minutes back home. Amu started whining and protesting that Ikuto should stay longer. "Please~! Ikuto! Stay a little longer, staying a little bit longer wouldn't hurt a fly, would it? Please! Ikuto~!" Amu whined, tugged down at his arm. "Amu,-" Amu continued to protest to this, whining and tugging at his arm.

Ikuto chuckled nervously, "Amu, I'll see you tomorrow, you know that." Ikuto kissed her forehead and ruffled her hair.

"Bye, Ikuto-kun!" Amu Mom, Mindori, called out happily. (A/n Thats how you spell it right? D:)

Ikuto waved back, without another word, he flapped his black wings before descending high in the air. Amu angrily stomped her feet. "Its not fair! It's not fair that Ikuto already has his grown wings and I have these stupid puny wings!" Amu exclaimed, touching her white feathers. Amu's mother sighed, knowing Amu would keep going on.

"Honey, Ikuto is a Dark Angel, and, He is older. No matter, He is apart of the Dark Angel's royal family. Amu, You still nine years old and he's going to turn fourteen soon, You know he won't always have time for you. He's growing up, and in the 6 years he's inheriting the crown. Calm down, Honey, You'll wings were grow, and someday, you will have you big sparkling white wings."

Amu grumbled, crossed her arms, and looked away. "Fine, whatever, I'm going to my room."



"Amu, What are you doing?"

Amu looked up, Ikuto-15 years old of age know.

"Nothing, just bored." Amu-11 years old of age- her wings have grown a bit. Still not big enough she could fly yet.

"Whats on your mind, Kid?" Ikuto ruffled her hair, once again, and sat down next to her.

Amu leaned on his shoulder, sighing. "My friends left me cause I hurt my ankle. They went off to play some stupid game."

"Well, Then they aren't really friends If they would do that." Ikuto noted, looking at her ankle.

"Or maybe they didn't want to drag me along, cause I couldn't fly yet."

Ikuto looked at her like she was crazy, but ruffled her hair and shrugged it off. "Stop being like that, You're fine."

"You all say that." Amu murmured.

"Amu, It'll be fine, trust me."


"Well, Have I ever let you down?"

"...No." Amu whispered.


Without any response from Amu, Ikuto wrapped his wing around Amu a she softly drifted asleep on Ikuto's shoulder.

Ikuto looked at her with sorrow. "I'm sorry...Amu."

"Amu-Chan! Ikuto's here to walk you!" Mindori called out.

Amu Hinamori-6 years old, came hoping down the stairs. At this age, Her wings weren't visible yet. Or, Not growing. But unlike Amu, Ikuto's wings has grown semi-full at age 10. But, He still couldn't fly.

At the first sight of seeing Ikuto, she jumped into his arms. "Iku-Kun~!" Amu cheered. (A/N Don't Judge. I've never had a little siblings. I'm the little sibling. I have no idea!) Ikuto ruffled her hair. It's been a habit a past Two years. "Amu-Chan, Happy birthday." With a smile on his face, knowing that she had already knew that it was her birthday today, expecting candy from him.

But Instead, Ikuto took out a jewelry case. and gave it for Amu to open up.

Opening the case, Amu's eyes glistened with happiness. "Iku-Kun~! You're so nice. Put it on for me, please?" Amu asked, turning around so he could snap the Diamond Heart shaped necklace on.

"Ikuto-Kun~ That's so pretty, Amu-Chan. Say thank you." Mindori swooned.

"Thank you Ikuto! Come on~ We'll be late if we don't catch up with Nagihiko and Rima!" Amu tugged at his Arms, leading them two out the door.


"Yes Hunny?" Mindori looked down at her daughter.

"Where's Dad? He's not home from work then he usually is." Amu questioned.

"...Amu, He'll be home. Probably not as early." Mindori lied. He wasn't coming back.

2 Year later.

Amu sighed. At age 13, Her wings has grown into the ones that Ikuto had when he was 10. She couldn't fly, sadly. She looked down at the glistening heart-shaped diamond necklace. She got it for her sixth birthday from Ikuto, exactly seven years back. He hasn't visited her for the last two years. The last time she saw him was at her twelfth birthday, exactly one year and seven months ago. Well, It wasn't two years. But it was pretty close. They had phone calls here and there, but he was seventeen now. Only one more year till he has the crown. One more year till he is king of darkness. One more year...till he no longer has time for her.

"One more year..." Amu started.

"...And he won't be able to be by my side no longer." She let out a heartbreaking laugh.

"Ikuto! Read this book to me please!" Amu jumped into twelve year old Ikuto's lap, handing him a Princess story book. He smiled, and started reading aloud.

"Once apon a time..." Ikuto started.

Amu leaned back onto his chest, as he flipped through the pages. Holding out the pictures for them to both see, mainly for Amu though.

"She was locked in a tower by an evil witch..."

Amu nimble fingers pointed at the pictures of the princess locked in the tower.

"The prince heard, and came to save her from the evil witch..."

Amu clapped her hands happily.

"He defeated the evil witch and became his bride..."

"..And Happily ever after."

And the storybook closed.

Amu grabbed her mobile from the side-table, and scrolled down her contacts.


With a sigh, Amu pressed 'call' and waited for him to pick up.

I'm sorry, the caller is unavailable right now you have been sent to voice mail-

Amu slammed her phone down, fury running through her.

"I can't believe he just sent me to voice-mail. Damn him..."

Amu sighed and got up from bed, and went down the stairs.

"Mom? Do you mind making me a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich, please?"

Ikuto sighed.

He slammed his head on his desk.

He threw his glasses on the floor.

"Ikuto, quit doing that, you're going to break them!" Utau scolded her older brother.

"I couldn't care less..." Ikuto mumbled.

"I think your over-stressing yourself, Ikuto. Don't be so harsh on yourself, I know you inheriting the crown soon, but, don't be so worried to get all this stupid paper-work done."


After she left, he pulled out his mobile.

"Maybe I should call Amu back..."



Amu ran down the stairs, but, she felt her feet sweep out from under her, and her fell down the steps, groaning when she landed at the bottom.

"Amu-chan! Run!" Her mother yelled from the kitchen.


"M-mom?" Amu ran to the kitchen, she widened her eyes.

Her mothers wings were tied up with chains, her feathers were all over the floor, blood dripped from them. Two big-boulder sized dark angels stood there behind her, keeping the struggling woman on the ground. Amu heard the chains tighten around her mothers wings, earning another cry from Mindori.

Amu took a step back, sudden fear overwhelmed her.

Mindori struggled more, and the chains tightening around her wings and around her body, earning another cry of pain from the mother.

One of the Dark Angels eye landed on her features, and got up and started walking up towards her. She took three steps back, trying not to get in-hold in the Dark Angels cold grip, so he couldn't tie her up like her mother. She head him 'tsk' under his breath before going after her more.

Right now, Amu was now frozen in spot. Her small, skinny nimble fingers shaking and twitching slightly next to her side.

The Dark Angel started walking towards her, her face was paled out, her eyes looked distant, and her Mother pleas were drained out from her ears.

Amu-Chan, Run!"

Now, she could feel the Dark Angel was inches away from her, just from grabbing her. She didn't flinch, her body melted into the ground.

"Amu-Chan, go!"

She didn't get out of her haze, her mothers constant pleas for her to run. The Dark Angels finger tips brushed against his skin, about to grasp around her arm.


Finally she snapped, her eye widened before stepping back even more before she could into the grasp of the Dark Angels hold. Grabbing her mobile off the table next to her, and stepping into her flats which she didn't have time to put of right, so her heals were standing on the back of the shoes.

She dashed to the door, and fumbled with the lock, before twisting the cold handle, and running out the door, before stepping dead in her tracks.

Cries, Cries everywhere. From every house on the street. Woman, Men, kids, girls and boys, teenagers, were all being dragged out of their houses. Each child, adult, or middle-age teenager, each had chains hooked and wrapped around their wings.

Amu could hear glass shattering, doors breaking down, hysterical crying. blood droplets covered the sidewalks. The cold misty air shot up her nose, causing her to get red-nose. Goosebumps clouded her skin, of fear and coldness.

She felt a presence behind her. Without looking behind, she dashed off into the woods behind her house. Her feet crackled against the leaves and the sticks were breaking.

Panting, she slowed down, she was in the middle of the forest. It was dark. Mist was low to the ground. The trees were thin and skinny. She panted. Her cold breath coming out in front of her.

She fixed her flats on her feet before collapsing to her knees and bawling her eyes out.

She was 15 now. Her wings has fully grown. She has moved on. Her mother, father, and Ami were dead.

She no longer had communication with Ikuto anymore.

She found out in the newspaper she scouted out a year ago that Prince Tadase, White Angels royal family, had knocked down the Dark Angels precious monument and caused the two opposites to go at war.

Amu took clothes from stores and a backpack to carry her things in. She didn't have to pay. Everything crashed down in her kingdom.

Ikuto was king for the past two years now. Hes got everything under control, and had apologized to the last survivors of her kingdom of everything that has happened.

He was 19 now. Hes moved on. He has his kingdom to take care of. He didn't have time for her.

Nothing no longer mattered.

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